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doc ✓ Global Warming ↠ Ian Plimer Rth ice water and air Importantly in a parallel to his 1994 book challenging creation science Telling Lies for God Ian Plimer describes Al Gore's book and movie An Inconvenient Truth as long on scientific misrepresentations Trying to deal with these misrepresentations is somewhat like trying to argue with creationists he writes who misuote concoct evidence uote out of context ignore contrary evidence and create evidence ex nihi #1 book to give to a greeny friendConvinced me that Al Gore global warming alarmism is nothing but a lie and is motivated not by a concern for welfare or resources but for political manipulation and revenueIt carefully answers the true aspects of climate change which by themselves can be proven but disproves the popular stringing together of these in the familiar mantra of 'man made catastrophic unprecedented Co2 emissions triggering a runaway greenhouse effectThe bulk is very heavy on scientific jargon if you have done at least one science class in yr 11 and 12 you should be able to follow otherwise there are good historical reasons given as well as modern data manipulation

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Download mobi Þ Heaven And Earth 360 pages ✓ Climate sea level and ice sheets have always changed and the changes observed today are less than those of the past Climate changes are cyclical and are driven by the Earth's position in the galaxy the sun wobbles in the Earth's orbit ocean currents and plate tectonics In previous times atm Climate sea level and ice sheets have always changed and the changes observed today are less than those of the past Climate changes are cyclical and are driven by the Earth's position in the galaxy the sun wobbles in the Earth's orbit ocean currents and plate tectonics In previous times atmospheric carbon dioxide was far higher than at present but did not drive climate change No runaway greenhouse effect or acid oceans occurred To be honest I uit on this book From what little I actually read at the beginning I just didn't believe the rest of the book was going to be any accurate than the beginning By accurate I mean that the author a geologist and director of several mining companies had made several statements purportedly according to the mainstream science which was contrary to what the science actually showed I only know that because I've taken several college classes on climate change and was familiar with the findings of the IPCC and major scientific bodies So I did a uick google search on the author and the book and found that most reviews were consistently negative Those reviews were was enough to convince me to put the book down and instead look for books written by people who do actual climate science and without links and conflicts of interest with coal mining operations For example one review from Sourcewatch ref pointed out and documented numerous errors and misrepresentations in Plimer's book They noted that Plimer's denialist book on global warming was published in 2009 and sold about 20000 copies in Australia and a similar amount in the USA The book was universally panned by scientists as full of errors and even accused of plagiarism One reviewer Ian Enting compiled an extensive list of errors for the book Ian Plimer’s ‘Heaven Earth’—Checking the Claims which makes for an interesting review for anyone interested in proving the pointAfter the publication of his book met with harsh criticism from The Guardian's George Monbiot who derided the book saying that Since its publication in Australia it has been ridiculed for a hilarious series of schoolboy errors and its fudging and manipulation of the data Plimer and Monbiot eventually crossed swords on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation program Lateline in December 2009 The video showed Plimer obfuscating refusing to answer uestions and clearly discomforted when his erroneous scientific statements about global warming were directly challenged Peter Jackson of the Canadian paper The Telegram summarised the debate as follows For Plimer it was an unmitigated disaster He fudged and distracted at every turn like a senile old goat In the end he refused to answer a single uestion put to him by Monbiot or the moderator His credibility and that of his book withered away into oblivion

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Heaven And Earth Global Warming The Missing ScienceDuring times of excessively high carbon dioxide During past glaciations carbon dioxide was higher than it is today The non scientific popular political view is that humans change climate Do we have reason for concern about possible human induced climate change This book's 504 pages and over 2300 references to peer reviewed scientific literature and other authoritative sources engagingly synthesize what we know about the sun ea As a student of geology I find this book hard to take seriously The very arguments Plimer uses against the global warming paradigm he also uses to back up his own case Selectively choosing data from academic studies where it is often misinterpreted Claims such as Carbon in the atmosphere constitutes 0001% of the total carbon in the upper crust found in the opening chapter may be true and can be backed up by the literature but is the kind of sensationalism undermines the essence of science Yes there is a lot of carbon in the crust but it is atmospheric CO2 which causes the greenhouse effect and carbon in the crust makes no differenceI found the book to be easyish to read although some of the most powerful and interesting parts of planetaryclimate science are ignored I would suggest people do not draw their conclusions from this book but let it be a warning to show how someone can manipulate evidence provided by the scientific community and arrive and wildly different interpretations I also actively refute what Plimer claims in the final chapter about the majority of studies not supporting the general theory that human induced warming can or does exist The overwhelming scientific community agree the the effects of increased CO2 from anthropogenic sources will cause large effects on the oceans and the climate Scientists are interested in finding out the truth and nothing else