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Never Desire a Duke kindle ´ 375 pages Download ´ A secret from his past holds the key to their futureA Marriage Beyond HopeLady Sophia has long been estranged from her husband Lord Vane Barwick the Maruess of Claxton whose rud list of amorous conuests includes almost every beautiful woman of the ton Yet a shocking encounter with hEformed rogue vows to win back the only woman he's ever truly loved He'll do whatever it takes to prove he can be the honorable husband she deserves and the passionate lover she desires As the snowdrifts deepen outside their ancestral home can they rekindle the flame that burned so bright and find a new path to forever? To read reviews by me The Book Wranglers visitThe Book WranglersRating Sophia the Duchess of Claxton is tired of being married to a ghost After a wonderful first few months of marriage to Vane Barwick aka The Duke the couple suffered a terrible trial in the form of a miscarriage of their first child But that's not all the miscarriage was caused by Sophia accidentally reading a letter addressed to the Duke of a torrid nature that was obviously from a lover Having already suffered rumors of infidelity Sophia rushed from the house and fell on the front steps miscarrying their baby Afterwards while lying in bed distraught she turned Vane away from comforting her still upset about the supposed adultery and a separation began to form between them Without anyone to talk to about the horror of losing their child Vane turned to alcohol and gambling and begins to be seen in the company of other women around town Sophia meanwhile is left to deal with her own grief alone accompanied only by rumors and gossip about her husband Shortly after that Vane leaves London and goes abroad on a diplomatic mission for 7 months Now as Christmas approaches Vane arrives back in town hoping to reconcile with his wife while Sophia is so frustrated with being abandoned that she contemplates a separation She plans to ask Vane for a separation using the bargaining chip of another child as a reason for him to give in to her demands since they both want another child But from the first moment they see each other again the heat is still there Sadly their marriage cannot sustain itself on lust alone though wouldn't that be nice? By happy accident they both wind up in their country home of Camillia House where they are forced to face their issues together while stuck in the town due to a winter storm With villagers running around people from Vane's boyhood showing up left and right and a scorned ex wannabe lover of the Duke's all in town will they be able to repair their relationship in time for Christmas? The Best Thing by Liz BNever Desire A Duke was my pick for a Holiday read and I couldn't be happy with it The relationship between Vane and Sophia is full of a tension that drives the book forward leaving me pantingfrom how fast I sprinted through this story Get your minds out of the gutter I swear I especially appreciated the layered uality to this narrative because despite how hot and heavy some of the scenes got it was a true love story The authentic view of human emotions especially Sophia's doubts that she can trust Vane and Vane's doubts that Sophia just wants another baby and not him made this book impossible to put downBut then Dalton also intermixed issues from the near and far past for The Duke revealing of his childhood with his mother his poor relationship with his father and other experiences that made him into the man he has become By doing this the author reveals of Vane's character and motivations and we get to see both he and Sophia grow a lot throughout this book Each struggles to forgive and let go Vane can't forgive himself and Sophia can't let go of his past and isn't that what Christmas is all about? It all came to a satisfying conclusion on Christmas day that though perhaps a tad predictable is nonetheless heartwarming and sweet The Worst Thing by Deidre DOverall I really enjoyed this Christmas story though it was so much than just a story for Christmas Still though I enjoyed the overall story there were aspects that just totally irritated meThis entire story developed and spiraled out of control due to a lack of communication Sophia refusing to communicate with Claxton right after their unfortunate loss left him feeling miserable and so he fled the country for 'work' Claxton deciding not to broach the subject of his past and not defending himself when things begin to get rocky also created drama The most dissatisfying part of this book was watching Sophia and Claxton attempt to rebuild their relationship only to have Sophia continue to listen to the rumors and decide to guard her heart despite Claxton's several attempts to show his love and fidelity So communication was the major culprit that agitated the characters and myself in this bookThen you have the characters While I really did enjoy the characters personalities throughout the story Countess Meltenbourne was one character that not only needed a good shake but a nice slap to go with it Now I understand that during this time in history women rarely raised their voices and never slapped a soul however if they ever decided to start she should be the first to experience it Not only was this character rude up to the last two chapters but her actions were the catalyst for the horrible rumors spinning about Claxton and caused a huge spectacle with Count Meltenbourne in addition to her being just plain graceless and reckless I don't think she actually learned anything from the fallout around her other than how she needed to communicate with her husband Hopefully that will curb her appetite to cause trouble amongst the tonAgain the overall story was perfect for our Christmas reading but one of us had to accept 'The Worst Thing' I believe that complaints for certain aspects of the book is what makes the story all the better so well done Lily Dalton Overall Though we thought the story was a bit one sided because Vane had to keep jumping through hoops to prove his love to Sophia we really enjoyed the Christmas spirit evident throughout and by the end we were completely won over by the growth each character showed except maybe Lady Meltenbourne But we suspect she'll never change 455

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Touch are all it takes to reawaken her furious passion for him But how can she trust the man who crushed her dreams and took away the one thing she wanted most?A Love Beyond ReasonLord Claxton has never forgiven himself for the youthful mistake that ruined his marriage to Lady Sophia Now after nearly a year abroad the r So I didn't realize until I started reading this one that is was a Christmas themed story The blurb does really give that away in any way so you don't expect it but as I was reading I found that the Christmas theme really added a flair to the story This story is about Lord Claxton and Sophia who fell in love and got married But things went downhill very uickly mostly judgements and miscommunication and making presumptions Which can happen in any relationship especially in a romantic relationship Then the book starts off after they have been estranged for almost a year At this point the author does a bit of background information on the couple so that you aren't at a total loss Then they end up stuck at a manor in the country while they get snowed in and they are forced to resolve differences Claxton wants to reconcile with Sophia he loves her and is willing to do anything to get her to soften toward him Sophia is a bit stubborn like a mule and doesn't believe there is any hope for them All she wants is a child and then be separated for the rest of their lives We see the ways that Claxton goes about to convince Sophia to listen to reasonWhat I really enjoyed about this story was seeing Claxton and Sophia interact with each other They tend to get very intense with each other and boy do they tend to say hurtful things no wonder they are estrangedyou see why they have been separated for a time But you also see the sincere feelings that they have for each other I found that I liked the hero way than the heroine in this story I found Sophia to be a bit full of herself at times as the story progresses you see how much she has gone through but so has Claxton they both have been hurt but she does have some good ualities but I didn't really like her all that much through the story She rubbed off me the wrong way which was a little sad since she seemed to have great potential in the beginning Claxton now he was so great I adored his character He is a fighter especially when it comes to keeping his marriage together I loved how he refused to give up on it no matter how Sophia could be about itAll in all though this was a charming and romantic story that drew my attention The writing is engaging and pulls the reader the story line is simple yet complex at times and the plot gives you some sexy twists and turnsa tender love story with a holiday twist

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Never Desire a DukeA secret from his past holds the key to their futureA Marriage Beyond HopeLady Sophia has long been estranged from her husband Lord Vane Barwick the Maruess of Claxton whose rud list of amorous conuests includes almost every beautiful woman of the ton Yet a shocking encounter with him in a crowded ballroom and a single I've given this a C at AARThis second chance romance in which an estranged couple are stranded together following a snowstorm was for the most part an enjoyable and well written début from Lily Dalton The novel has lot going for it – an attractive and devoted hero to die for a lovely underlying sensuality and a real sense of relationship progression but a couple of rather large flaws prevented me from rating it highly Sophia and Vane Barwick Duke and Duchess of Claxton have been estranged for some months following the loss of their unborn child Instead of taking comfort from each other the loss tears the couple apart and shortly after the tragedy Claxton leaves England to resume his diplomatic work in Europe During his seven month absence his wife hears not a word from him and feels certain he must be having a whale of a time and not sparing her a thought With this in mind Sophia determines that it is time for her to move on with her life and she is going to ask her husband for a formal separationOn the night of a party which is being held to celebrate her beloved Grandfather’s birthday she hears that Claxton has come back to England and is both annoyed and upset that she seems to have been the only person to have had no idea of his returnBecause Claxton had a reputation as a bit of a ladies’ man before their marriage Sophia now has it in her head that he’s been sleeping around since too He admits that in a drunken binge after their loss he did escort a few women around that he probably shouldn’t have and that he also didn’t conduct himself with particular discretion – but he never slept with any of them Sophia doesn’t believe him – a situation not helped by the fact that her gorgeous husband has to continually fight off the unwanted attentions of numerous women The fact that he isn’t interested in any of these other women seems to have passed her byHer reuest for a separation catches him completely off guard as he had hoped to be able to set things right between them and resume their life together It’s true that his running off to Europe to escape his grief wasn’t probably the best thing he could have done and he does admit that he should have stuck around and fought for her and their marriage But – and here is the first of those big flaws I mentioned – it’s Sophia who refuses to see him and sends him away following the miscarriage Claxton is the one who believes they should unite in their grief and console each other for their loss but she withdraws from him and yells at him to stay away from her This is the premise for their separation and it’s rather weak Sophia needs time to think and to work out what she wants – so after the party she heads off to Camellia House Claxton’s childhood home knowing that he never spends any time there But unbeknownst to her her husband has discovered her intention and arrives before her walking into the midst of a situation that could have come straight out of a French farce and which only serves to worsen his relationship with his wifeSophia always spends Christmas with her family so she doesn’t intend to be away too long but the onset of a severe snowstorm means that a return journey is impossible and is likely to be so for a few days So she and Claxton have no alternative but to wait out the weatherThere were some very well characterised secondary characters in the story most notably the flirty Lady Mellenbourne who really just wants to be loved and Mr and Mrs Kettle the house’s old retainers They worked there when Claxton’s mother was alive and are very fond of him despite his long absence He had a happy childhood there – until his mother died when he was ten and he and his brother were removed from the house by their tyrannical father who up to that point they had never even seen Claxton harbors no love for the man who believed his young heir should be taught all the things necessary to grow up a real man such as drinking gambling and whoring Especially the whoring which Claxton admits probably accounts for the rather large number of females who shared his bed before his marriageAnd this leads me to major flaw number two At the beginning of their stay at the house Sophia asks Claxton to write her a list of the names of all his previous lovers – not because she wants to hold it over him but because she doesn’t want to find herself blindsided in the future by an encounter with an ex mistress Naturally he is completely averse to the idea and tries to talk her out of it but it’s the only way he can get her to agree to abandon the idea of a formal separation so he capitulates and writes itOf course it’s just about the worst idea imaginable – even though he’s been faithful to her since he asked for her hand and the women he’s named are all in his past Sophia is still hurt and angry even though he did exactly what she asked after advising her against itAnd as if that’s not bad enough Sophia rather than destroying the list instead keeps it and wears it like a talisman tucked into her bodice She uses it to remind herself not to let herself fall in love with him again because while she is someone who loves whole heartedly he clearly isn’t If he was then he wouldn’t have slept with so many other women – and because he didn’t love any of them he therefore can’t love her eitherHuh?By this time I was losing patience with the woman She believes the worst of her husband for no reason other than gossip and rumor and the fact that women find him attractive She’s insecure uick to condemn and freuently self righteous – and all the while Claxton is showing her in as many ways as he can think of that he loves her True he wants to seduce her as well but he’s also considerate kind and doing his best to meet her than halfway in trying to mend their marriageOn the plus side I thought that the way their relationship progressed was very well written indeed with some lovely moments of domestication like the cooking scene and interaction with the local villagers Claxton has not been to Camellia House for than a decade and because the house and estate has been closed up there is no work for the locals and the village is becoming rather run down as a result I liked that Sophia helped Claxton to see that the estate and surrounding area needed him and his patronage and the way that they were bonding over their shared interest in the local communityIn the end this really was a book of well if not two halves then two parts A large chunk of it was very enjoyable indeed – the parts which followed Sophia and Claxton as they began to open up and say the things they needed to say to each other as they took the first steps towards repairing their fractured marriage Their interactions were humming with romantic tension and awareness and the love scenes were well written and sexy But the initial premise for their separation was weak and I found Sophia’s insistence on retaining an emotional distance from Claxton got annoying very uickly She justified it by telling herself that it was because she was accepting his limitations when it came to loving – that he would never love her as completely as she did him so she was protecting herself from future hurt But there was no real basis for this assumption on her part and I had a huge problem with the fact that Sophia just couldn’t let go of what is a rather ridiculous determination to protect herself against a husband who shows her over and over again that he is utterly devoted to her Towards the end keeping the list of exes leads to some unforeseen and for Claxton heart breaking conseuences – and at that point I really wanted him to tell her he’d had enough and she could have her bloody separationFor a début novel this was well written and the characterization was strong with Claxton probably being the most well drawn of all the characters I think Lily Dalton has shown real potential in this novel as it’s clear that she is capable of writing with flair and emotion and that she has the ability to tug at the reader’s heartstrings But I would have enjoyed the book if the conflict between the protagonists had had a sound basis and if the heroine had been less sanctimonious and in the end deserving of her husband’s devotion