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Free download ↠ Wait for You É PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ú Some things are worth waiting forTraveling thousands of miles from home to enter college is the only way nineteen year old Avery Morgansten can escape what happened at the Halloween party five years ago an event that forever That forever changed her life All she needs to do is make it to her classes on time make sure the bracelet on her left wrist stays in place not draw any attention to herself and maybe please God make a few friend. 15 starsDrinking game Every time something cliche happens take a shot Warning alcohol poisoning is a real risk and you should consult your doctor before reading Cliche #1 Avery trips on her first day of school and is saved by a cute guy aka Cam He's also kind of a douche Very shoujo manga ishCliche #2Avery and Cam are in the same classCliche #3Did I mention they're also partners for a school projectCliche #4And are neighbors in their dorm I live hereI gaped at him The whole half naked thing sort of made sense now and I guess so did the tortoise but it couldn't be Way too many coincidences Cliche #5Avery is harassed by a guy at a party and Cam pins the guy up against a wall Just your regular NA damsel in distress scenarioCliche #6Slutty mean girl throws herself at Cam every chance she getsCliche #7Avery gets sick and Cam takes care of her Changes her shirt tooThis genuinely pissed me off One because a similar scene happens in Onyx and it's just goddamn lazy Two fucking consent I don't find it sexy when a girl is feverish and dead to the world and a random guy removes her clothes Her best friend was there Even if she is covered in vomit which we don't know for sure he should've covered her with a blanket so she doesn't get cold and wait for her best friend to come back and change her Cliche #8Mysterious threatening texts and emails view spoilerSeriously Molly could've written I was raped by Blaine too in the subject liner and the whole book would done in a hundred pages hide spoiler

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Some things are worth waiting forTraveling thousands of miles from home to enter college is the only way nineteen year old Avery Morgansten can escape what happened at the Halloween party five years ago an event. I am conducting what I'm shelving as a New Adult NA Experiment I'm going to work my way through some of the popular New Adult books and see if I can weed out the crap and hopefully find some surprising gems Here's hopingI'm almost tempted to just give Wait for You 5 stars because I haven't laughed this much at a book since I don't even remember when I'm laughing while writing this review there's no one else in the house so that's kinda creepy I guess and it's really not funny to be honest I just can't This book And this author It's too much On every level It makes all the usual cheesy mistakes that a NA contemporary romance tends to do it uses characters I've seen too many times to count good girl reformed bad boy gay best friend evil slut who wants reformed bad boy but it also does something that I don't see too often Something that brought back memories of a book I read a couple of years ago A book called Half Blood So when I discovered that Ms Lynn is actually the same author using a new name I couldn't help letting out something halfway between a laugh and a choking sound at the sheer lack of originality in her booksHalf Blood is I don't feel unfair in saying a complete rip off of Vampire Academy Please be my guest read it if you don't believe me Tell me that you can't spot all the main characters and scenes being regurgitated with different names Tell me that the whole pure bloods and half bloods thing isn't taken straight out of Mead's work and planted in another I would not make this claim lightly because it's a serious thing to accuse someone of or less plagiarism But I believe that's what it is And plagiarism is not okay I don't think uite as serious a claim can be laid against Wait for You but yet again I see evidence of recycled scenes and characters that tells me on some level originality has failed to surface in her work once Avery Morgenstern is a new arrival at a college in a town far away from her home She enters on her first day and walks literally into the hottest guy in school The reformed badboyplayboywhatever Everyone wants him He could have any girl in their college And yet for some reason I have been unable to fathom he only has eyes for Ms clutzy new girl They naturally find themselves paired together for a class project astronomy class which offers much in the way of star gazing material He wants her She says no because she has issues She's not like other girls Needs saving constantly Blah de blah I've seen this all in a million different things I don't think I need to point out the glaringly obvious oneOh yeah and did I mention that she meets him and starts going loopy over his muscles on page 2 And I really wish she wouldn't blush so much What's with so many YANA heroines being so prudish I'm not talking about Avery's personal issues with sex here I'll get to those later it doesn't take anywhere near sex to make her blush I understand it when she walks into Cam hot dude I would have blushed in school if I'd walked into the hottest guy there But I don't understand it when she's talking to her friends and they ask her if she thinks a guy's hot I would have talked shamelessly with my girlfriends about the hotness of guys at twelve years old never mind nineteen Some of the things being thoughtsaid in this novel are ridiculous Hilarious for a while but ultimately ridiculous Cam lays it all out straight away with I'm used to having girls throw themselves at me and Jacob flamboyant gay friend bursts onto the scene with lines like this I don't want my fine ass to be tainted by sitting on that floor They're all like caricatures and I can't take a single one of them seriously I also wish someone would inform romance authors that petnames suck I don't care if it's sweetheart or sunshine or baby or kitten vomits they all suck and infantilise women in a way that just irritates meBlood drained from my face and rushed to other parts of my body in a really odd and confusing wayWhat exactly is odd or confusing about that Are you twelveWhy is this hot I'm a lot to handle but I can assure you you'll have fun handling me I've met drunk perverts in bars with better lines than thatThere's some crazy wish fulfillment thing going on here with Cam He's one of those obscenely beautiful male figures with an arrogant personality that I assume we're supposed to find sexy and clearly from the ratings many people do But I just found the lines he came out with either cringy or hilarious Or both He walks around shirtless most of the time with his perfect muscles rippling oh my god I will not miss the endless descriptions of his perfect muscles A beautiful woman called Steph spends her time hanging all over him with her breasts bursting out of her clothes and yet he never notices He says things like Avery Morgansten we meet again eye roll We have to stop meeting like this eye roll And I don't know whether this was for me the best or worst bit of the novel Cam took a bite of his cookie and closed his eyes A deep sound emanated from his throat a growl of pleasure My heart jumped and my cheeks heated even as I stared at him He made the sound again and my mouth dropped open A row down a girl turned in her seat her eyes clouded over I laughed so much It's a cookie It's a fucking cookie Can't Breathe For LaughingMost of what I've said so far has been on the funny side of bad but now I'm going to move onto a couple of things that really bugged me One was the treatment of Steph's character I know I sound like a broken record and that fact makes me very sad but I think it's important to keep pointing out the way women are categorised by their sexuality in so many books The way flirtatious and sexual women who wear revealing clothes are automatically evil and given no further character development Steph is that character here She's the one who Cam hooked up with before Avery ever came on the scene and she's also the one that gets brushed aside like an old rag who can't possibly have any feelings when Cam decides Avery is a special kind of girl who's worth than being screwed and dumped It's okay to screw and dump Steph because she's that kind of girl This is Avery telling Cam how she's different from Steph I'm not like thatLike what he askedSo he was going to make me spell it out Of course Why not I'm not like herI don't just hook up with guys for fun okay Thankfully Cam calls her out on it Well he calls her out on the fact that she doesn't even know the girl she's talking about and so she shouldn't jump to hasty conclusions Fair point But then there's also that bit where she shouldn't place girls into categories based on how sexually active they like to be whether she knows them or notThe other thing that really bugged me was when Jacob asked Avery are you gay because she didn't want to have sex with Cam It really bothered me that someone was made to feel like they had to be attracted to a certain type of guy because he was soooo pretty And the only other explanation was that she must be gay StupidI have one last comment and it's about the dark secret of Avery's past are we really not supposed to know what's going on We know she's running away from something Something a guy called Blaine did to her Something that makes her have issues with sex and physical contact Something that made people call her a whore and a liar Oh what could it possibly be Er no I can't be the only one who had her dark secret pinned from the start rightBlog | Leafmarks | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Tumblr

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Wait for YouS because surely that would be a nice change of pace The one thing she didn't need and never planned on was capturing the attention of the one guy who could shatter the precarious future she's building for hersel. 5 StarsWait For You is one of books that I just couldn’t put down Once I started I was a goner The main reason for that This guy CAM Sweet baby Jesus Blue Eyes wasHe was gorgeous in all the ways that made girls do stupid things Wait For You was a story about a girl named 

AVERY Whoever came up with the saying you can’t escape your past really knew what they were talking about Avery has not had an easy life She is nineteen years old and living away from her family Away from the pain of her past the secrets and things she keeps to herself She doesn’t really have any friends from home when she was fourteen years old something traumatic happened to her It changed everything She doesn’t let people get close to her but she has managed to make a few friends while starting at a new school Jacob and Brit She still keeps everyone at an arms length On her first day of classes she runs into him Cameron Hamilton “I’m used to having girls throw themselves at me Trying to jump on my back is new though Kind of liked it”
“I wasn’t trying to jump on your back or throw myself at you”
“You weren’t Well that a shame If so it would have made this the best first day of class in history” Cam and Avery get paired together in their astronomy class And she finds out he is her neighbor He starts turing up everywhere and it is unnerving for her Cam and Avery become friends They hang out eat breakfast together on Sundays she has an easy friendship with Cam Cam wants from Avery and he is persistent He asks her out constantly and she is constantly turning him down But there is something about CamCam was different He’d always been differentEventually after a lot of flirting and chemistry brewing Avery decides to say yes to a date Eventually she realized Cam means what he says “I’ll be available whenever you want me to be”For the first time in a long time Avery feels safe Loved Cherished But she is holding on to her past her secrets Cam opens up to her but there are things she just can’t tell him One night he discovers one of her secrets and she freaks out She doesn’t realize that Cam still wants her scars and all She spends a while without Cam Missing him Lonely Depressed Eventually they work it out Avery realizes that her heart wants Cam He is it for her And he wants her than anything “There’s not a single part of you that I don’t want you understand I want to be on you and inside of you”“I’m serious about you Avery If you want me for real you have me”
“I want you for real” But she is still holding on to a secret that could tear them apart How can they make a relationship work when she is unwilling to trust Cam and tell him the truthI am going to go start with Cam because he made the book for me What a sweet funny swoonworthy and sexy guy He could be a little cocky at times but I loved him He is attentive hot and he bakes He also says things like this that made me melt view spoiler “I have hope because I love you I’ve been in love with you Avery Probably before I even realized I was” hide spoiler