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Free Unbound AUTHOR Cara McKenna kindle Î eBook ✓ Cara McKenna · An all new novel from the author of After HoursShe set out to find herself and discovered the darker side of desire Merry’s lost a lot recently first her mother then close to a hundred pounds Feeling adrift she strikes out in search ofHe nurses her back to health Rob can’t resist his guest’s sweet demeanor or her flirtatious advances The igniting passion between them rouses a secret appetite Rob has long struggled to keep hidden But Merry craves nothing than to help Rob surrender to his desires and the journey draws the lovers into an entirely different kind of wilderne Why Why haven’t I read something like this before It’s like the opposite of what made me turn my back on mf a few years back This is fucking great No fucking gender stereotypesI really really loved that and I needed to read something like this something relatableA confident woman or even better a woman that hasn’t always been confident but is nowI understood both Merry’s and Rob’s fears and struggles I think what happened between them felt natural and real although we still have this fairy tail feel to the story as wellThis book is scorching hot Also totally my kink I found out Not only can I relate to Rob’s sexuality because I do relate to it on a mere fantastical level but over I could see myself in Merry’s dominant role I especially loved how the wish to submit and be humiliated arose from Rob’s side and not the other way around Merry indulged him and realised how much she was into it herself without losing her own sexual identity That was really well doneDid I mention this was hotI loved the pacing the advance and retreat in the beginning I liked the secluded Scottish setting I think I liked everything RecommendedGenre contemporary romanceTags fm Scotland eremit submission addiction weight loss hiking new beginningsRating 45 stars

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An all new novel from the author of After HoursShe set out to find herself and discovered the darker side of desire Merry’s lost a lot recently first her mother then close to a hundred pounds Feeling adrift she strikes out in search of perspective A three week hike through the Scottish Highlands was supposed to challenge her new body and ref 375 starsReview completed October 20 2013 May I hold your handHe unlinked his fingers and offered his hand Merry took it in her own on the edge of the cushion She let her body's awareness swim in the warm strong weight of him the softness of his palm the roughness of his knuckles the heat where his fingertips had touched his mug Here when I'm alone there's nothing in there Just silence and a sense of what my next task is based on the simplest human needs It's very peaceful Very Zen Don't be offended if I don't invite you to come deer stalking thenFine I'll stick to tree stalking Easier to chaseThe chase is the best partThat gave her pause Merry watched his face as he fiddled with the straps thinking he was the rarest kind of handsome the sort of male beauty that could too easily be overlooked hiding behind his beard and untamed hair But when he smiled there was no mistaking it Like the way shadows fled behind the trees and buildings when the sun burst through the clouds view spoiler LikeLike a narrative Like some sense that I've been tied down for a reasonFor sexYes Or like I'm being held hostage Or punishedOr exploitedI just want to feel used he whispered hide spoiler

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Unbound AUTHOR Cara McKenOcus her priorities but when disaster strikes she’s forced to seek refuge in the remote home of a brooding handsome stranger Rob exiled himself to the Highlands years ago desperate to escape his own self destruction Haunted by regrets he avoids human contact at all costsbut when Merry turns up injured he can’t very well run her off And as 4 grinning stars HOLY CRAP See that huge grin on the star Well that was me in during the kinky part of this book Thank you Momo For pointing me to this book or at least uttered the words male characters likes to be tied upWhat the fuck happened I read a MF book And I fucking loved it She’d picked up the end of an old rope that had been tangled by the side of the cottage As she toyed with the fray she looked pensive She said something but Rob didn’t hear His entire world had shrunk small enough to fit in her fist— the same fist clasping that length of coarse hemp She drew it through her hands meter by meter working out the knots “ free will” she was saying the words reaching Rob’s brain through a dreamlike fog thin and watery“True” he said at a loss for anything else All the blood had left his head surging southward Thank goodness he was kneeling— his cock was hard pounding hot and angry Fuck Merry kept talking but he lost the thread She wandered closer With the knots banished she gripped the tail of the rope in her fist making an L of her arm and winding the length around her elbow in uniform loops Rough rasping rope against that smooth perfect skin And Rob on his knees watching as she coiled coiled coiled Put it away put it away If she didn’t he’d be stuck kneeling here scouring until he scrubbed straight through the basin He fidgeted the hard ground punishing his sore knees And that rope in her hands spooling A word broke through “Rob” He stared at her face avoiding her hands willing her features and words into focus “Sorry What”As she hung up the rope and dusted her palms on her trousers the spell broke Jesus fucking Christ He gulped a breath Awesome awesome awesomeI liked the writing I loved that it was alternate POV between Merry and Rob Getting to know Rob's thoughts and desires and Merry's response to them Some of the book was a bit blah blah blah but the kink was sooo good Cue happy dance UNFI'm actually a bit flabbergasted for actually liking a MF book It's been ages since I've actually enjoyed one and I stopped reading them because it was all the same the same the sameWell this wasn't the same as the rest of them The setting and the characters were very different from a lot of MF books I've read before Scottish highland and bit of bondage I'll have mine double please I want my own Rob Can I have a Rob on my own pleaseI want to be Merry Can I be Merry I am Merry Kind of Or want to beDon't judge 'CussnickersWhaaat ;