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In the vampire servant relationship the vampire holds all the power Being Lord Brian’s research assistant as well as his servant Debra accepts that but she craves her Master’s heart When Brian notices You know what this book isIt's not in your face sexy though like satisfying sexy Except for that last water play scene THAT was in your face sexyIf you're not familiar with the Vampire ueen series the story of Debra and Brian will not pack as much punch They have been secondary characters from the very beginning and Brian has been awful to her Just awful I'm not going to go into the vampirehuman dynamics in this world Suffice to say Brian being a born vampire of very traditional parents has made him extremely entitled and fuckknucklish to the extreme I'm not sure I buy Brian's transformation but I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt for two reasons 1 it's Joey Hill She could sell ice to Eskimos2 Brian is and always has been staggeringly intelligent if a bit daftIt took Jacob's Come to Jesus talk to convince him he was missing the big picture From then on he makes a concerted effort to actually get to know his servant and met her needs beyond the lab And it was sexy as hell The way he dominatescontrolsmasters her was very satisfying Add to that some very intriguing on the scientific front that have me coming up with all sorts of hypotheses for future booksI always love catching up with previous characters but I did NOT appreciate the DaeganGideon chain yank Don't let me see their names and know they're in the room and get all esssssited and give them no dialogueDo Not Like The writing is pure Joey and divine as always My eyes didn't even get juicy Well maybe once What I would really like is a book with Tucker Balen and Reed HHHHHHHEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOTwo vamps together is titillating enough since all vamps are dominant so you know Reed is getting spit roasted on the regularRecommend for Vampire ueen fans

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The Scientific Method Vampire Queen #10Be read as standalone the author suggests familiarity with Vampire ueen world to enhance enjoyment Chronologically the story takes place around the same time as events in Book VIII Bound by the Vampire ue I read this in one day and it was so satisfying Exactly what I needed and wanted I expected so little and got so much in return totally the kind of female I love to read and Lord Brian turned out to be a sweetheartLord Brian was the perfect dominant vampire I needed him to be He really plays geek very well but I love him better as sexy vamp She plays hurt and submissive so well Her suicidal thoughts were so sad I even cried The writing was poetic and Lord Brian brought everything to the table he held nothing back he just rose to new heights in my opinion Jacob OMG Jacob he heated up every moment on the page between him putting her on his lap making Lord Brian jealous and the cookies I could eat him upThe water Velcro raft thing was sort of strange but didn't take away and there was a vampire dinner orgy lol Overall just simply perfect ❤️ The kind of perfect couple I like

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PDF Ç BOOK The Scientific Method FREE æ NATURALTREATMENT ô In the vampire servant relationship the vampire holds all the power Being Lord Brian’s research assistant as well as his servant Debra accepts that but she craves her Master’s heart When Brian notices his servant’s unhappiness he uses methods they bHis servant’s unhappiness he uses methods they both understand to prove just what belonging to him fully meansThe Scientific Method is the tenth installment in the Vampire ueen series While this book can still reeling from post reading hazeSo good So so goooood First of all if you are familiar with Ms Joey W Hill's books and the Vampire ueen's V series you would probably be like me dancing a jig when finally finally the story of Lord Brian and Debra his servant is out It's been a long time since i last read a V story and i miss the engaging storytelling of Ms Hill I just do not know where to start with this bookLord Brian is the euivalent to a brilliant science nerd in the Vampire community and his servant Debra is the female human euivalent of that He is always engrossed in his scientific matters and is respected as a genius in his society However since he is a vampire he would not look like your stereotypical genius human scientist he would be hot and sexy Debra is also a genius and serves as his partner in his work She is also his servant so she is subject to his vampire master demandsEven with all the fantastic female characters in the V series my heart always goes out to Debra the beautiful gentle scientist I love her uiet strong character as a third marked servant to Lord Brian she's uiet rather shy has a brilliant mind and is very devoted to her Master because she loves him unconditionally The only problem is that her master has been blind to this as he is always thinking of his work seeing her as a work colleague and his servant and neglecting to protect and care for her as a person And to top it off he had once thwarted her declaration of love for him forced her to see where she stands in his life and did one of the the cruelest way to break a woman's heart leaving her to deal with her feelings and her fate on her own As years go by she goes into deep despair although in the outside she maintains herself as the dedicated scientist and devoted servant And as usual it had to take a situation that risked the loss of Debra to make Brian realize and understand that he cannot afford to lose her in any way Coupled with the subtle verbal reality check given by Jacob Brian realizes what a horribly ungrateful and neglectful master he has been all these while and sets about redeeming himself to Debra Yeay1 The story made me feel so many things sadness sympathy frustration and heartache as Debra's heart breaking thoughts are described She was hiding her depression to a point where she even contemplated dying I felt angry with Lord Brian for not taking care of Debra and left her to handle her way into the vampire servant society on her own to be victimized by other predatory vampires He had his head in his experiments and his need to prove himself to the vampire world overcome his responsibility as a vampire master 2 Lord Brian's revelation that he has been the undeserving one I love it when the male character realizes that he's had his thick head in his a all this time and is thoroughly remorseful 3 The effort made to regain her trust is so sweet4 Characters from the series namely Jacob 5 Bittersweet moments between the two 6 Seriously hot sexytimes that may give you ideas to try out Ehem after all this is a JWH V seriesnothing less is expected7 A really slimy creepy villain that you would love to hate His character does make your skin crawlMeh1 I can't think of anything other than the fact that i didn't want the story to end And that i want to read it again soon after and relive the deliciously sad moments in the story