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Read & Download The Finishing School Ü PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ↠ Justin Stokes would never forget the summer she turned fourteen nor the woman who transformed her bleak adolescent life into a wondrous place of brilliant color In the little pondside hut also known as the “finishing school” eccentric free spirited UrsKnown as the “finishing school” eccentric free spirited Ursula DeVane opened up a world full of magical possibilities for Justin teaching her valuable lessons of love and loyalty and encour. My history with this book has been well oh maybe tenuous I bought the book shortly after it came out and had been remaindered The coming of age aspect was appealing as were the references to Jane Austen and Ford Maddox Ford in the blurbs And then the author had grown up in the Asheville area a place to which I had just moved But it sat on my shelf I may have cracked it open and given it a start once but maybe not Eventually in one of my book pre BX purges I gave it away Then a little over a year ago I saw the copy at our church's used book store; the money goes to support various women's charities I regreted never giving the book a chance the first time around so I bought itAnd now I have read it All I can say is it is okay It certainly did not wow me I would recommend to to some friends ones who will like this particular sort of book the coming of agementor book It lacks the irony or the wit of Muriel Spark's The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie and is a bit of a limp thing with an overwrought suspense element The big betrayal turns out to be pretty bland The most sympathetic characters are not as well developed as they might beI liked the book but I did not love it Would recommend it but without that urgency with which I have recommended other books In short a good entertaining and intelligently wrought book that just didn't set a fire to my imagination I can see how others would love it though Godwin is a fine writer; I think this story just wasn't the story for me Too many shades of all ready done to death stories from The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie to Hellman's The Children's Hour I look forward to reading her other booksIn short just another book well written but only moderately engaging The main feeling was I had been down that street already and had a better time before

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Justin Stokes would never forget the summer she turned fourteen nor the woman who transformed her bleak adolescent life into a wondrous place of brilliant color In the little pondside hut also. This is the book that The Chatham School Affair wanted to be We know from the beginning that a tragedy occurred in the life of the narrator when she was 14 and while we are reminded of it throughout the book the foreshadowing feels natural to the story and not tacked on When we finally do get to the end we realize that it was only a tragedy in the mind of a very young teenager and things were not uite as we had been led to believe There is much here about the projections we put up for others and the projections we cast onto others and how both kinds of illusions can be dangerous I really enjoyed this one probably the best Godwin I’ve read so far Plus the fact that my beloved Mohonk Mountain House plays a peripheral role in the story didn’t hurt either

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The Finishing SchoolAging her to change to learn to grow But the lessons of the finishing school have their dark side as well as Justin learns how deep friendship can be shattered by shocking unforgivable betrayal. I borrowed this book through the online library Overdrive I've never read a book by this author so this was fresh to me It was a novel about a woman who is recalling a time in her life when she was 14 The story would spend brief amounts of time with the woman in the present but most of the book was about her fourteen year old self as she navigated through some serious life changes The author engaged in considerable foreshadowing so you knew throughout the book that there was unpleasantness on the way This book caused me to spend time thinking about my own teenage self and the arrogance and insecurity that comes with that time in life I could mostly identify with the main character I could clearly visualize the characters and the scenes from the author's descriptions I could empathize with the fourteen year old and her helplessness against fate and grownups This is likely to be a book I'll remember for a while I read a lot and some books just don't leave a strong impression and I'll think about my own memories growing up and contrast them with where I am today I recommend this book The characters were interesting and the plot moved along well