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READER ë DOC The Earth Girl and Queen Eliza ´ 9781484058572 ↠ NATURALTREATMENT ´ My name is Adeena Frias Don't laugh Back in 2143 when I was 19 it was a fairly common name for young women This story is my take on the big events of that year; it was the year that we humans as weN it over in my mind a lot mostly I wonder if we humans have really learned anything after the tumultuous events of that time It was a fun time too I met my friends and I learned to love a lot of people Dave I will love you foreve I received this book from the author for review With apologies to her and respect for her work I have to say DNF just couldn't do it I'm not one to keep going if a story doesn't grab me within the first 50 pages It reads like a newspaper article reporting an event Not for me

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My name is Adeena Frias Don't laugh Back in 2143 when I was 19 it was a fairly common name for young women This story is my take on the big events of that year; it was the year that we humans as well as the Rooninans were changed I won this book through Goodreads First Reads giveaway In no way has this influenced my rating or opinion of this bookI really wasn't sure what to think of this novel when I received it I think I've read maybe one or two books that were sci fialien related It's not usually my genre of interest But it looked different and caught my interest And I really enjoyed this book It takes a look at what would become of human religions and belief systems if we lost our planet And as I read it I saw the whole does the past repeat itself symbol present when the remaining humans are on another planet One that was better and well clean from humanityBecause as humans we mess everything up and are stupid enough to repeat our mistakes I mean seriously?? And what happens is very realistic I think But I swear when it started to all go down no spoilers I was likeI mean honestly humans LETS THINK ABOUT THESE DECISIONS This review is also available on my blog along with many others

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The Earth Girl and Queen Eliza Forever Looking back on it all I have a lot of emotions about what happened to the gentle Roonians I also find myself thinking about the Yadans their message to humanity the gravity of that message and the enormity of it all I tur This book was given to me for an honest reviewOk so I gave this book 3 stars because I loved the concept of this book The way the author described the planets and satellite were great I found I kept wanting to learn and thought it a fascinating idea Especially since our own planet is trying to colonize on a different planetHowever there were a few things that bothered me about the book Her first description on planet earth starts in 2114 As Im reading her description gave me a feeling of that I was going back to 1950 instead of a future of 2114 Everything seemed very old fashioned and while maybe to the characters time it could be it felt old fashioned to her I couldn't imagine life being like that in that year which is supposed to be so advanced that things would defiantly not be like the 1950's The other thing I had a problem with was the title ueen Eliza really isn't relative to the story She could've skipped the chapters describing the life of that species all together and had the Alien come to the satellite and take them explaining everything and it would be fine Being as that part in the book was very short livedWith all the things that are going on in this novel it could've been broken up into three different books and given a bit depth in the novels instead Like one reviewer said there is no hero in this book I did enjoy the characters but there was nothing extraordinary about any of them they just went from place to place with nothing really happening The whole cause with the PA's where they were causing friction with humans could've turned into a story with a hero but it's like you had this group fighting and killing people and no conseuences Really??Like I mentioned tho the author did an amazing job of describing life on the satellite and life with the Roonians I would've liked to have of a description of Earth It felt like Earth changed to protect cities but put bubbles around these cities to do that I wanted to know why The book could've been described half from Earth and half on the planet The author has an amazing imagination and has a way of taking her readers to where they need to go but she just needs something a bit I always felt like I was waiting for something big to happenBeing that this is the authors first book I felt she did a good job and I would try reading another one of her novels Thank you for sharing your book with me I would love to read of the planet they're now living on