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Secret of flirting Read & Download ↠ 9 ↠ Hail to the king and watch him reign this game was somewhat fun until the finale cameNow we’re here with carnage and despair and the only uestions left to answer are the ones that do not appearA king loses a war and a swan sheds her wings chaos collides with peace as the crows begin to singEnter iNswer are the ones that do not appearA king loses a war and a swan sheds her wings chaos collides with peace as the crows begin to singEnter if you dare becau. It's finally hereThe long awaited conclusionI m in this kinda heightened statevery itchy from expectationlolyeah I sounded like that before reading somewhat during the readingBUT then it hit me this is NOT a conclusionat allHow fucking wrong was IThe answers I needed and were hinted at the end of book 2 were just pulled on repeat during this read and after just 60% I realized I havent 'learned' anything new while I was blindsided by the steamy and exillirating sex scenes some unnecessary actions that were supposed to provoke angst but instead they only brought annoyance towards the heroine Madison the Silver Swan the girl I loved right up until this third book in the series sighyes some secrets were revealedyes truths or lies were handled each in their own wayyes the expressive emotional segment was highly intensified between Madison Bishop which actually ended up with me LOVING Bishop than Madisonso yeahBut all in all I felt like nothing essentially was actually 'revealed' until the last 15% of the story when I was bombarded with vivid gore of explicit and highly adrenaline pent up scenes that made my pulse rush on its own agenda building me towards another expectation of another lingering secretSo while that part was fuckin awesome Amo Jones stayed in the realms of excellent captivating writingbut it also made me wonder what was actually happening while I kept spinning in circles of lies secrets and lies and awesome sex and then BAM it brought the unexpected notion that there was to comeSo fuck itDammiti kinda wished it all got its closure with this installmentARC kindely provided by the author in exchange for an honest review

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Se I swear the end is near but nothing is as it seems and everything is so bareSo what the fck is going on at RiversideI think I think everyone is about to di. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ STARSARC BOOK REVIEWRelease Date 14518Tacet A Mortuis What can I say about this mind altering piece of fictionI actually felt like I had entered an alternate reality here; so great was my confusion at timesBut despite this I still loved this book like so so muchI felt like I had been waiting for this story and answers for like absolute foreverSo my first item on the agenda was to re skim book two The Broken Puppet to reacuaint myself on the whole silver Swan enigmaThen being in the right head space I dived in crossed my fingers and hoped for the bestAnd boy it didn't take long before I was back there immersed in this confusing tale of obscurity and lifelong secretsA mystery shrouded in aeons of tradition where the Kings are the pivotal players and every move is a calculated riskAnd at the very centre of all this confusion is our Silver Swan Madison MontgomeryAnd where in previous books I have given her a bit of a free pass in regards to her sometimes immaturity; here I really just wanted to totally lamp her arseHer behaviour at the beginning of this book was abysmalThe fallout from what Madi perceives as a betrayal from Bishop was harsh man and really didn't catalogue Madi in a very good light at allI found myself totally switching from Team Madi to Team Bishop; so great was my disgust at her immature actionsit's just a bloody good job she does manage to redeem herself at a later date; that's the only thing that saved her from my steaming wrathSo book three is actually told in a slightly different fashion than previous instalmentsInstead of just Madison's POV this time we are treated to the inner sanctum of what is Bishop's cold calculating psyche And as an added bonus; an occasional cameo from Madi's twin bro DaemonAnd this I found really added an extra layer to proceedings; giving us a much in depth and sympathetic profile of Bishop the man and what ultimately makes him tickYou get to see such a different side to Bishop here; loving and protective overall but still a complete bad ass to outsiders or anyone he perceives as a threat to his girlAnd after the initial fallout from book two the dynamic established between Madi and Bishop is the best to dateMaybe because we are getting a much rounded perspective of them bothWe do get some of the uestions that have been rattling around our heads finally answered here; thank godBut in true Amo Jones style we are still not let in on the whole entire pictureThere is still so much to discover and yippee another book to bootWas so stoked to discover that titbitI'm just hoping we stay with Bishop and Madi Please god Bishop especially; I beg of youTacet A Mortuis is as usual with this series; red hot in the sexual departmentAnd I'll say it again; where were these gods of sexual prowess when I was a girlMmm nope not seeing any; move alongBut suspending disbelief slightly; Bishop and Madi really spark flames here with there combustible energy and sizzling chemistrysetting the pages on fire with there anticsBucket of water needed pleaseThere was also a great supporting cast to compliment the A team; all really well developedSome old faces and some new playersAnd as I said earlier some closureBut damn it I was hoping for all the answers here and I'm still left somewhat confusedOh well onwards and upwardsSo despite me wanting to drop kick madison throughout Tacet A Mortuis I'm still giving this Five starsI ummed and awwed a bit and did consider dropping half a star; just on account of MadiI eventually decided against this; I was so hooked and invested in the storyline here that I have to give it its dueI couldn't put t

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Secret of flirtingHail to the king and watch him reign this game was somewhat fun until the finale cameNow we’re here with carnage and despair and the only uestions left to a. NOW LIVE US UK35 StarsUmSo this book isYeah I don't even know It's been almost two days since I finished Tacet a Mortuis and I still haven't been able to come up with any words that I can put into sentences that actually describe this book Honestly though that's pretty much how I've felt since the beginning of this series And the weird part is I somehow like that these books can confuse me so much What I can say about the story is that it was extremely captivating I went into it pretty nervous that I wouldn't remember much about the past installments and would be lost but that actually didn't happen The author didn't really go back and explain anything that had already occurred but this book does start off with the scene that ended the last book so then as the story moved on I fell right back into these characters and a was able to remember a ton of what happened From there it was just one excitement after the next and I didn't want to put the book down However even though I was intrigued by what was going on there was a handful of scenes that I just didn't feel were necessary to the story A few times the book did feel like it was starting to drag and I just didn't understand why certain things were distracting away from the main storyline It was mostly drama between Madison and Bishop that just felt forced into the story and didn't really flow with everything going on They have a very weird and volatile relationship which I've been liking throughout this story but there were parts in this book that I honestly didn't see any connection between them By the end they made up for all that drama but it was still on my mind a little This book definitely leaves us with a ton of new uestions and even older uestions that still have not been answered My head is still spinning trying to figure out what exactly is going on I do like that fact a little that this story has me so involved that I'm just dying to know what is going on but at the same this is apparently going to be a 13 book story and I just don't know if I can go that long with feeling this confused over things For now though I'm hella intrigued and will definitely be waiting to dive into the next book which I believe will follow different main characters but still be set in this world and plot ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review