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FREE PDF ↠ BOOK O Mágico de Oz ¾ L. FRANK BAUM Ë O Mágico de Oz conta a história de Dorothy Gale uma órfã ue vivia com os tios numa fazenda do Kansas nos Estados Unidos Um dia um ciclone arranca do chão a casa onde moravam Os tios conseguem entrar no porão ue usavam como abrigo para tempestades mas Dorothy e seu O a Bruxa Malvada do Leste pois a casa aterrissou em cima dela Dorothy agora é por direito dona dos sapatos mágicos prateados da bruxa má Além disso Glinda lhe dá um beijo na testa para ela ficar em segurança durante as aventuras ue viveria a caminho da Cidade das Esmeraldas onde vive o poderoso Mágico de Oz o único ue poderia ajudá la a voltar para o KansasPara chegar à Cidade das Esmeraldas Dorothy tem ue seguir por uma estrada de tijol Click here to watch a video review of this book on my channel From Beginning to BookendDorothy Gale and her little dog Toto are swept away by a tornado from Kansas all the way to the Land of Oz With a little help from the Witch of the North Dorothy and Toto set off down a road paved with yellow bricks in search of the City of Emeralds and the Wizard of Oz a man said to have the power to help Dorothy find her way back to Kansas The cyclone had set the house down very gently for a cyclone in the midst of a country of marvelous beauty There were lovely patches of green sward all about with stately trees bearing rich and luscious fruits Banks of gorgeous flowers were on every hand and birds with rare and brilliant plumage sang and fluttered in the trees and bushes Along the way Dorothy makes some unusual new friends each of which desire something from the Wizard of Oz Do you think Oz could give me courage? asked the cowardly Lion Just as easily as he could give me brains said the Scarecrow Or give me a heart said the Tin Woodman Or send me back to Kansas said DorothyThen if you don't mind I'll go with you said the Lion for my life is simply unbearable without a bit of courage In the late eighteen hundreds children's stories often featured familiar mythical creatures and were written with the express intent to deliver a moral lesson L Frank Baum took a different approach when he began writing The Wonderful Wizard of Oz He intended to write a children's book with new fantasy creatures in a realm yet unexplored and his efforts were a marvelous success Dorothy's journey through the colorful and peculiar Land of Oz reveals an array of creatures like winged monkeys talking china dolls and bearlike Kalidahs The Wonderful Wizard of Oz is not the technicolor film known by millions but rather a surprisingly grim tale that is absent of ruby slippers and cities with emerald green structures As it came nearer the Tin Woodman saw that running before the beast was a little gray field mouse and although he had no heart he knew it was wrong for the wildcat to try to kill such a pretty harmless creature So the Woodman raised his axe and as the wildcat ran by he gave it a uick blow that cut the beast's head clean off from its body and it rolled over at his feet in two pieces With uirky illustrations an amusing sense of logic and delightful characters The Wonderful Wizard of Oz is a gratifying start to a well loved series

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O Mágico de Oz conta a história de Dorothy Gale uma órfã ue vivia com os tios numa fazenda do Kansas nos Estados Unidos Um dia um ciclone arranca do chão a casa onde moravam Os tios conseguem entrar no porão ue usavam como abrigo para tempestades mas Dorothy e seu cachorro Totó se atrasam e ficam na casa ue foi levada durante muito tempo pelos ares até chegar à Terra de OzLá Glinda a Bruxa Boa do Norte explica a Dorothy ue ela havia matad Ah such fun I don't think I'll read the rest of the series but I did really enjoy this

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O Mágico de Oz Os amarelos Durante a caminhada ela encontra o Espantalho o Homem de Lata e o Leão Covarde Os três se juntam a Dorothy pois também uerem encontrar Oz e pedir algo para ele o Espantalho uer um cérebro para pensar como os homens; o Homem de Lata um coração para amar como os homens e o Leão Covarde uer coragem para ser o Rei dos AnimaisA partir daí os uatro encaram perigos vivem histórias fantásticas e aprendem a enfrentar os próprios medos The Wonderful Wizard of Oz is a brief and magical adventure tale filled straightforward prose predictable plot and uninteresting protagonists with a penchant for morbidity self mutilation and decapitation while whimsically traipsing along in a bizarre land chock full of eldritch creatures Whirled by a cyclone Dorothy an innocent harmless little girl and Toto her adorable dog are whisked away in a peculiar land From there they tag along with eccentric beings and eventually meet the stuffed Scarecrow who wished he had a brain except that his head is full of straws the sueaky and rusty Tin Woodman who lost his heart literally and the Cowardly Lion who's always terror stricken Hoping that each of their wishes would be granted they travel to the Emerald City where the wonderful wizard Oz the Great and Terrible is enthroned The great wizard will only grant their heart's desires on the condition that they seek out and destroy the Wicked Witch of the West And so their uest begins My inner kiddo didn't uite approve of this one The magical elements were good but not enthralling at all Was this written specifically for children? I find this story highly disturbing and better suited for mature audiences please refer to my first paragraph A word of caution to parentsguardians kindly read this first before giving it to your children as it might be a bit overwhelming and horrifying for sensitive young readers Honestly I prefer Dahl's and Carroll's stories because illogical as it might seem the whimsical and hilarious elements fuse well together to create an entertaining comical narrative whilst masking the macabre portion of the book ie children will interpret it as tommyrot and will laugh at it while adults will see it as ghoulish if they analyse the text further The first few pages were wonderful to read especially when Dorothy's house unfortunately landed on a despicable victim The ueen of the Field Mice was a delightful character Others belong in town dullsville There's educational value here but the moral lesson that Baum wanted to impart the children can be found in other interesting novels out there There's no doubt that it was successful in its own time but I find this a dated fantasy tale in the present I have to congratulate Michael Sieben for his remarkable illustrations as well as Anne Hathaway's stupendous narration though However the aforementioned works didn't save this novel from my dismal rating of 25 stars rounded down Audiobook rating narrated by Anne HathawayNarrative voice style ★★★★★Vocal characterisation ★★★★★Inflexion intonation ★★★★★Voice uality ★★★★★Final verdict ★★★★★