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No More Secrets Blue Moon #1“I can’t wait any” His mouth claimed hers in a storm of heat and power Carter Pierce is a man who believes in signs He just doesn't know what to do with this one In the small town of Blue Moon Bend where everybody is a matchmaker Carter wants to be left alone to tend the family farm After returning from Afghanistan with scars his only goal is recovery He doesn't need any distractions and definitely not one with silver b. Sweet and light read The conflict toward the end was slightly underdeveloped IMO It came from nowhere fortunately it was solved without unnecessary dramaAMAZING HERO Muah 💋💋💋Very likable heroineSafe

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Mehow bringing him closer to being whole again Summer has secrets of her own but she never planned to open up to anyone let alone the scowling secretive farm owner whose story she's after But as she gets drawn into the community she starts to realize that she can't stay closed off forever And what's she doesn't want to As Carter and Summer grow closer will they be able to push past the secrets that are holding both of them ba. I enjoyed this book for the most part It wasn't uite what I was expecting which was good but I found myself growing a little bored past the halfway point The start was promising if not cliche but somewhere along the way the spark fizzled out The writing was very engaging and the end was sweetWhat I liked1 The dual povs written in the third person I liked hearing from both MCs Carter actually sounded like a guy until things got sappy I really do enjoy Lucy Score's writing This needed another edit but the mistakes weren't so bad that they disrupted the flow of the story2 The H He was so sincere and sweet As far as an NA romance H goes Carter was too good to be true He wasn't a manwhore He was a war veteran and a honest to goodness down to earth treat his lady right kind of guy What's not to love3 The secondary characters are well developed It didn't feel like they were included in this story with the sole purpose of selling a spin off book Although I know that the other brothers are getting their own books I enjoyed reading about them in this one 4 Absolutely no cheating or owom drama So great5 The community described in this book It was just so sweet if not a little nosyWhat I didn't like1 No epilogue2 The h is a runner Boo Hiss3 I would have liked this story even if the relationship between the MCs had development It felt a little rushed to me Other than that I like how they got along and were friendly before they got down to business4 The end just devolved into a huge sapfest

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Free download No More Secrets Blue Moon #1 ä PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ´ “I can’t wait any” His mouth claimed hers in a storm of heat and power Carter Pierce is a man who believes in signs He just doesn't know what to do with this one In the small town of Blue Moon Bend where everybody is a matcLonde hair and lips that beg to be kissed Summer Lentz is a journalist from the city sent to interview Carter and his family She's out of place in the small town with her designer wardrobe and workaholic lifestyle She asks too many uestions and doesn't take no for an answer threatening to destroy the peace and balance that Carter has been working towards She thwarts every attempt Carter makes to retreat back inside himself so. I feel like Lucy Score was playing with a story filters app and forgot to remove cliché before hitting publish on this one Or maybe she felt pressure to make it longer than it ended up so she dumped extra things in to draw it out I dunno This ended up being a mess and I kind of hated myself for feeling the need to skim to the end even after the last vestige of my enjoyment died I lasted a long time on just how yummy Carter is He's my favorite type of hero—the strong and capable guy who loves deeply is fundamentally kind and does his best to help and support those around him Seriously adding wounded war hero is just a particularly decadent icing on the top of that sinfully rich cakeAnd for a while I rather liked Summer too I loved that she could tease back and that she was willing to let herself be charmed by him and his family She rolled with the weird and showed up with her own twists and that was fun in the first third or so of the story Which is when I started worrying because it was pretty clear that they were attached and probably in love that early on and I wondered what Score was going to do to extend this story outAnd I was completely right to be worried Because what she did was add a bunch of stupid things to clutter up what should have been a really straightforward story I had forgotten the hints of a secret that came in early but I really shouldn't have Because as it went on it turns out that Summer not only indulges a secret keeping idiocy but then it leads to a completely stupid dark moment with my very least favorite tacked on nonsense of unilateral action for their own good So Summer became a stupid cliché and that's when my brain started picking apart all the other dumb things that don't actually work Like the super hippie free spirited community that is completely free of freeloaders bad feelings jealousy or vindictiveness all while being self sustaining and full of whacky businesses that magically thrive because it's a super hippie free spirited community and an author is there to say so Or that Carter could ramp up the family farm operation in just a few years with no training or preparation beyond being in the army Or that he just stopped eating meat years ago for sentimental reasons with no mention of adjustments or accommodations to keep his fine athletic and richly muscled form yes it is possible to do this but it takes care and planning and the kind of intentionality that seeps into the rest of your lifestyle and should have been visible to an outside observer like Summer supposedly isAnd can I say how deeply stupid it is to make the title No More Secrets when you have Summer keeping her stupid secret all the way to the climax And how lame it is that she didn't so much trust Carter with her most painful secret as that she blasted it online for all to see because it stopped mattering to her suddenlyAnyway this held onto a second star on the strength of Carter being so very much my jam and because I skimmed rather than subjecting myself to reading the last uarter or so just to find what the stupid secret actually was I'm sad it ended so badly I really liked the start all the way up until I got antsy that things were going too well Sigh I should have listened to my instincts and stopped to make up my own story from thereA note about Steamy There are like sixty or seventy explicit sex scenes in this story making it to the high end of my steam tolerance Well okay The high end of my steam tolerance is true I exaggerated the actual count by a factor of 10 It just felt like so much