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Bridget Jones's DiaryMangia troppo beve troppo fuma troppo ha una madre troppo invadente e incontra solo amanti egoisti o sgangherati Bridget Jones è una donna appassionata in guerra contro c Prepare yourselves it's about to get personal up in hereSo I've never seen the movie of Bridget Jones's Diary so I thought I would read the highly acclaimed book before doing so and to my great surprise I ended up hating almost everything about it I 100% understand why people like it it's funny and relatable and reminiscent of the great decade that was the 90's but because of a purely personal problem this book made me feel like garbage and therefore made me absolutely loathe my reading experience Bridget is always writing down her weight and saying she's fat but the thing is it's not just herself saying this Friends family and other characters also call her fat throughout the novel and then I look at me who weighs over 15 kilos than Bridget and it honestly made me feel like crap I have already been struggling with confidence and self loathing because over the past couple of years I've put on 25 kilos due to changing medications for my mental health so this book honestly just made it worse Is this what people on the street think about me when I walk by Do my friends and family secretly discuss how much weight I've put on behind my back It honestly took me back to when members of my own family were making snide remarks about my weight or offering suggestions for how exercise and dieting could benefit me thinking they were helping when really it made it ten times worse I was 34 of the way through the book when I thought to myself has anything plot wise actually happened Nope Just a bunch of damaging self hatred that triggered my own I get that a lot of people love the book and that's fine I totally get it but for me it ended up being a damaging and destructive novel that ended up being uite triggering for my depressionLet me know any thoughts you guys have on this book or any of the things I've discussedAround the Year in 52 Books Challenge Notes 20 A book with a first name in the title

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To nel 1996 è diventato subito un fenomeno di culto e oggi a uasi vent’anni dalla sua pubblicazione si è guadagnato un posto tra i classici della letteratura femminile Get up and make sensible plan Will work hard on journal paper during day then go for well earned picnic at open air movie theatre Tonight's movie Bridget Jones's Diary v good Make salmon florentine for picnic will eat half there and save rest for tomorrow Feel v organizedHard to concentrate thoughts on journal paper After lunch go back to bed need to recover energy Wake up again mid afternoon Decide to postpone working on paper until tomorrow have to tidy apartment since guests coming for picnic and place looks like tip Pack picnic Guests arrive walk down to water and find good spot to pitch camp While waiting for movie to start eat all salmon florentine followed by large serve of chocolate mousse and most of two bottles of wine Halfway through movie stretch out hand to grope girlfriend and spill remaining wine over brand new picnic rug v bad Girlfriend not happy Arrive back home pissed at 1 am Must do better tomorrow

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EBOOK Ì EPUB Bridget Jones's Diary ä µ HELEN FIELDING µ Mangia troppo beve troppo fuma troppo ha una madre troppo invadente e incontra solo amanti egoisti o sgangherati Bridget Jones è una donna appassionata in guerra contro cellulite lavori frustranti e principi azzurri inaffdabili il prototipo della sEllulite lavori frustranti e principi azzurri inaffdabili il prototipo della single pronta a difendere il proprio diritto di essere “uasi” perfetta Un romanzo che usci Read as part of The Infinite Variety Reading Challenge based on the BBC's Big Read Poll of 2003Let me introduce you to the Béchamel Test No not the Bechdel Test that's different And not the sauce eitherThe Béchamel Test is a very simply checklist to see if you should read a book or simply set fire to it Here's how it works1 Is There A Gay Best Friend2 Are There Moments When The Main Character Would If The Book Was Set In The Current Time Period Do Something Awkward and Say Awkward Out Loud Afterwards In An Incredibly Irritating Faux American Accent With A Hint Of Irony But No Clue As To What Irony Actually Is3 Is The Protagonist Selfish Deluded Thinks 9st Is Overweight Doesn't Think Maybe A Bit Of Exercise Would Help Pretty Much Every One Of Their Problems Not Care About Anything Except Men And Thinks That's Fine But Can't Stand The Idea of Marriage And Kids But Secretly Wants That Hates Anyone Who Is Happy Thinks Feminism Is Just Acting Like A Man Wouldn't Want To Be Thought Of As Delicate Now Would We4 Is The Book Purported To Be Funny But Isn't And Is Just A Weird Way For People To Be Mean About Past Generations Without Actually Saying Anything SpecificIf you answered Yes to any of those then the book has failed the Béchamel Test and should be burnt At once Don't bother leaving the bookshop; ask them to helpAnd go and spend your money on some actual Béchamel SaucePS Also failed the Bechdel Test and the one that uses a needle on a metre to determine whether a noise was heard after a joke was madePPS no noise was heardPPPS Read as part of the Infinite Variety Reading Challenge based on the BBC's Big Read poll of 2003PPPPS Just watch the filmBlog | Reviews | Instagram | Twitter