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I’m in love with a man who tried to kill me At least that’s what they tell me Six weeks ago paramedics found me unconscious in my apartment Beaten Bruised Hardly breathing When I woke up I couldn’t remember the last three years or anything about my life in Jackson Harbor They tell me my fiancé Colton McKinley is on the run for what he did to me They tell me I’m saf. 45 STARS Wow Wow Wow This book was so ridiculously good I went into Dirty Reckless Love expecting Lexi Ryan's signature style of steamy romance and delicious angst What I absolutely was not expecting was a masterfully crafted suspenseful storyline that would completely consume me with its twisted secrets and stunning revelations I could not put this one down guys This book had me eagerly turning the pages desperate to see the shocking truths reveal themselves as the memory of our heroine painstakingly returnsI was so thrilled with the way this story was layed out for the reader Something tragic and shocking has happened a violent attack that steals the memory of Ellie Coudrey and through alternating sections of past and present we're taken right along on the wholly captivating yet brutally frustrating journey of trying to put the pieces of this mystery together Lexi Ryan impressed me over and over again with her storytelling in this book The meticulous weaving together of romance and mystery a heart wrenching love triangle a manhunt for a criminal drug addiction family bonds longing heartache and fear further complicated by amnesia it's all tangled together so SPECTACULARLY I was gripped The romance in this book is addictive and emotional and it kept me just as captivated as the criminal investigation and the search for the truth Levi Jackson will melt your heart The longing and adoration he feels for Ellie both before and after the traumatic events that shake their world is just everything She's his best friend's girl and their story is so complicated so sweet so unpredictable I was hooked This book is unlike any that came before it Dirty Reckless Love is edgy and refreshing an edge of your seat page turner from beginning to end Lexi Ryan slays with this book an intoxicating story rich with twists and turns suspense and romance Whether you're new to this series or have read every single book that's come before this standalone in the Boys of Jackson Harbor series is going to blow you away 

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Dirty Reckless LoveFar dangerous than the man I was engaged toI return to Jackson Harbor to search for answers and find myself running from a faceless boogeyman and seeking refuge in Levi’s arms And in his bed I can’t deny my feelings for Levi But as the pile of lies between us grows I realize that sometimes the truth can’t set us free Sometimes it’s the very thing that can destroy us. Its been a while since I have been so desperate to get my hands on a book I even put this one in my kids appointments calendar and when I woke up this morning to the reminder I created my hubby an Australia account and read it on my phone And it was totally worth it Bring on the rest of the series please Lexi

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Read & Download Dirty Reckless Love ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ´ I’m in love with a man who tried to kill me At least that’s what they tell me Six weeks ago paramedics found me unconscious in my apartment Beaten Bruised Hardly breathing When I woke up I couldn’t remember the last three years or anything about my lifeEr if I stay away I don’t care if my memories ever come back I want nothing to do with those missing years until a sexy stranger with angry eyes shows up on my doorstep and demands I stop ignoring him Levi Jackson is my fiancé’s best friend but seeing him sparks something inside me As the truth unravels in my mind I know they’re wrong about Colton My own secrets are. I have been waiting for this book since the very first time I saw Levi and Ellie together I started reading it as soon as I could but I had to stop at some point because I couldn't take it any It's rare but I was willing to move past the scene where Ellie and Colton are having sex because it happened in a flashback but still who wants to read that right I was willing to accept all the pointless flashbacks and just keep reading Around 60% I gave up because I realized that Ellie was in love with Colton Even without all her memories the feelings were there And there was a scene where she confused Levi with Colton in her sleep that I didn't like The flashbacks range from the first time Levi and Ellie met 3 years ago to the day Colton beat her They took up precious space that could have convinced me that Ellie and Levi could have a good relationship because 90% of the book Ellie is all about Colton and she is always trying to protect him I realized that I wanted a big time jump where Ellie was away from Levi and on a journey where she was trying to find who she truly was That could have convinced me that she had real feelings for Levi and she wasn't just in love with him because he was there I was very disappointed with this book and I do hope that the next will be better Molly and Braden already have some history and I want to know what their journey will be I hope we won't waste too much time on other people this time