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Izi açılış sayfalarından yakalayıp gizemler kanatlanana kadar bırakmayan bir kutsal gerilim kitabı yazmış”Keith Donohue Çalınan Çocuk’un yazarı“Asi Melekler neredeyse halüsinasyon etkisine sahip Yozlaşmış psikolojik ve dini öğeleri zengin ve tuhaf bir tabloda kaynaştırıp okuru gerçekliğin şokuyla yüz yüze getiriyor”Time“Danielle Trussoni’nin Asi Melekler’i heyecanlı harika bir okuma Nefes kesici aldatıcı ve –benzetmeyi bağışlarsanız– şeytanca iyi”Raymond Khoury Son Tapınak Şövalyesi’nin yazarı Dare I say it? Yes I dare say Angelology by Danielle Trussoni is the heir to Elizabeth Kostova's The Historian Angelology is a breathtaking story of ambitious scope good vs evil man vs fallen angels Nazis Greek mythology the Bible Milton Angelology owes much to Paradise Lost And the heroine is a nun gotta love it Sister Evangeline is leading a uiet life of prayer in a convent situated in Milton New York when she receives a letter from Paul Verlaine asking for access to the convent's archives With this one reuest Evangeline and Verlaine set off a dangerous chain of events that are connected to the secret society of Angelologists those who have made it their lives' work to study and defeat humankind's oldest enemy the fallen angels The Society of Angelologists go back many generations claiming as its members Sir Thomas Auinas Roger Bacon Milton of course They are scholars of theology scientists men and women of the cloth who throughout the years have waged a secret war against the Nephilim the evil offspring of the fallen angels who pass as humans The darkest periods of human history such as the Inuisition and the Nazis' rise to power are attributed to the machinations of the half human half angel Nephilim However some of the Nephilim are falling prey to a degenerative disease and they have become desperate to find a cure For many years now the Angelologists and Nephilim alike have been searching for a hidden fabled treasure from the Archangel Michael himself which if the Nephilim were to obtain it would be their instrument to unlimited power on earth and also cure their mysterious wasting disease Within the forgotten archives of Sister Evangeline's convent lies the key to its location From Bulgaria to Paris to New York the Angelologists race to find this precious artifact before the Nephilim Angelology started off slowly as it opens with details of the uneventful meditative life of a nun; however once it hits the Angelology part it just takes off and soars Much like Lucifer in Paradise Lost the Nephilim are mesmerizing figures so than the human characters in Angelology The vivid passages describing them leap off the page The angelologists examined the body It was intact without decay the skin as smooth and as white as parchment The lifeless auamarine eyes gazed heavenward Pale curls fell against a high forehead and sculptural shoulders forming a halo of golden hair It should not have surprised them to find the angel in that preserved condition The fingernails nacreous as the inside of an oyster shell; the long smooth navel less stomach; the eerie translucency of the skin everything about the creature was as they knew it would be even the positioning of the wings was correct And yet it was too lovely too vital for something they had studied only in airless libraries All their professional lives they had waited to see it Although not one of them would have admitted so they secretly suspected to find a monstrous corpse all bones and fiber shreds like something unearthed from an archeological dig Instead there was this a delicate tapering hand an auiline nose pink lips in a frozen kiss The angelologists hovered above the body gazing down in anticipation as if they expected the creature to blink its eyes and wakeAs diabolical and soulless as they are the fallen angels are seductive; I would love to have majored in Angelology I love that all the Angelologists have angelic names Seraphina Gabriella Raphael Celestine Angela Evangeline To give Angelology a scholarly feel Trussoni weaves Biblical passages letters journals and historic esue accounts within the fantastical plot hence the comparison with The Historian I just could not stop reading this book and raced without break to the thrilling yet unexpected ending I'm further excited to find out that there's a planned seuel the ending certainly begs for it called Angelopolis I hope Trussoni finishes that one soonMy enthusiasm for Angelology has me wondering Are angels are the new vampires???

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Angelology“Bir kez Asi Melekler’in büyüleyici dünyasına girdiniz mi diyeceksiniz ki ‘Vampirler mi? Vampirler kimin umurunda?’’’PeopleEvangeline 12 yaşındayken annesi öldü babası onu New York’ta Azize Rose manastırına bıraktı Şimdi 23 yaşında yeminine sadık bir rahibe Dünyada en nadide melek resimlerinin ve “melekbilim” konusundaki en zengin kitap koleksiyonunun bulunduğu kütüphaneden sorumluRockefeller ailesinin sanat etkinliklerini zengin ve tuhaf bir adam olan Percival Grigori adına araştıran sanat tarihçisi Verlaine’ Over the years I've received student papers so awful I'm tempted to just write Nice font choice and move on For Trussoni's sad book my comment is Nice cover Fetching isn't it?However what a surpriseNot one of my GR friends has any mention of this book not a review not a to be read and definitely not a wishlist pick Gee I wonder why Several reasons come to mind Overall the book is a half witted concoction clearly written in the hopes that it would become a movie or rather the first in a series of movies given that the book's end signals a seuel The Nephilim or fallen angels who live in the midst of a somewhat Victorian feeling society apparently elude the notice of most mortals despite their immense power and influence Just how this is possible is not explained nor is angelology which could have been somewhat fascinating if pursued in any depthAnd just as Maureen Dowd coined the term baldenfreude for men losing their locks we could probably use the term wingenfreude to describe the loss of wing breadth luster and thickness that some of the angels are experiencing And if the dilemma of Percival the key male angel sounds a bit phallic it should The description of Percival's former wings in contrast to his mother's flawless appendages is rife with envy and Freudian implicationsHis mother's wings were gorgeous shimmering healthy full plumed A gradation of soft color radiated from the tips where the feathers were tiny and roseate and moved to the center of her back where the feathers grew large and glittering Percival's wings when he'd had them had been even larger than his mother's sharp and dramatic the feathers precisely shaped daggers of brilliant powdery goldThough a major character Percival our emasculated and evil angel is not the main character That spot is reserved for Sister Evangeline a remarkably flat and undeveloped character whose destiny is evident by perhaps page 10 or so of this 458 page bookThe only remotely compelling sections were those in Bulgaria particularly concerning Celestine and Gabrielle Just why in the hell I read this whole godawful mess can only be explained by major funkdom when I read continuously including some awful literature and eat a lot of bubba mycin chicken soupPlease view this review as a public service message Save yourself from this book and its likely incarnation as a movie imdbcom indicates that it's in development aaargh

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FREE EPUB õ MOBI Angelology ò Ø “Bir kez Asi Melekler’in büyüleyici dünyasına girdiniz mi diyeceksiniz ki ‘Vampirler mi? Vampirler kimin umurunda?’’’PeopleEvangeline 12 yaşındayken annesi öldü babası onu New York’ta Azize Rose manastırına bıraktı Şimdi 23 yaşında yeminine sadık bir rahibe Dünyada en nadide mDen gelen mektup Evangeline’in hayatını kökünden değiştirecektir Verlaine ve Evangeline Tanrı’nın lanetine uğramış asi meleklerin soyundan olan Nefiller ile Melekbilimciler arasında yüzlerce yıldır süren kanlı bir savaşa katılmak zorunda kalacaklar Bulgaristan’da bin yıl önce bir melek cesedinin bulunduğu gizemli Rodop Dağları’ndan Paris’teki Montparnasse mezarlığına kadar pek çok cephede sürmektedir bu savaş“Asi Melekler düşmüş eski melekleri modern dünyaya salıveriyor ve sonuç yıkıcı Trussoni dikkatin When you read as much as I do it is rare to come across a totally uniue story Angelology is that rare gemThis book has almost every element a great book should offer multi faceted fascinating characters an exciting complex layered plot and really excellent writing The story is a tapestry of interwoven storylines that includes history religion philosophy art puzzles and scavenger huntsThe story revolves around Sister Evangeline a young nun who has been part of the Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration convent since the age of twelve left there by her father after the tragic and mysterious death of her motherThe Convent has a well known archive and library with information on Angels When an art historian asks permission to visit and access the archives Sister Evangeline as the nun responsible for correspondence prepares the usual polite denial And yet she is intrigued by the reuest which contends that Abigail Rockefellar corresponded with a previous Mother Superior of the conventCurious Evangeline searches the archives and finds a letter from Mrs RockefellarThis sets off a chain of events which show Evangeline that she is not the person she thought she was and that her mother and grandmother were keepers of an exceptionally special calling Angelologists who have hunted and attempted to exterminate evil rogue angels called Nephilim who are living among us to this dayBut Evangeline soon realizes that her own life may be in danger because of events set in motion hundreds of years in the past and that she must discover the truth of her heritageAt the same time Percival Grigori son of one of the premier Nephilim families is suffering from a debilitating crippling disease that will kill him unless he can unravel a mystery and obtain a cure which he believes is being hidden by the AngelologistsIt isn't possible to do this book real justice in a review It has so much to offer you have to read it to appreciate it and I recommend you do if you like thoughtful well written fascinating historical fiction with a number of psychological thriller twists and turns Definitely one of the best books I've ever read This is the author's first book and I really hope she has stories like this one in her