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Epub ↠ Ambition Eventing #1 ï 368 pages Download Þ Natalie keller reinert Í Jules Thornton didn’t come to Ocala to make friends She came to make a name for herself Young determined and tough as nails she’s been swapping stable work for saddle time since she was a little kid and Good horses but will the eventing world agree?On her own at last Jules is positive she’s poised to become eventing’s newest star but soon finds she’s making enemies than friends in the close knit euestrian community Little mistakes cost big her students are losing faith in her; her owners are starting to pull their horses And then there’s the small matter of Peter Morrison the ha I listened to the audio version of this book while driving my daughter cross country for a working student job This was my first book by this author and we loved it Immediately started the second book

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Jules Thornton didn’t come to Ocala to make friends She came to make a name for herself Young determined and tough as nails she’s been swapping stable work for saddle time since she was a little kid and it hasn’t always been a fun ride Forever the struggling rider in a sport for the wealthy all Jules has on her side is talent and ambition She’s certain all she needs to succeed are Review Natalie Keller Reinert's AmbitionJuliet Jules wants most of all to beat the big riders in the dangerous and highly competitive world of eventing Working herself nearly to death on a shoestring she's furious to be shut out for a prestigious grant by rich guy Peter Morrison Life keeps getting worse as her working student abandons her a promising horse turns out to be suffering from an apparent psychosis and a disastrous show experience starts sucking her clients away—and sending them to Morrison The major chip on Jules's shoulder doesn't help The stage is set for a battle that doesn't turn out to be uite the one Jules has been training forIt's with great relief that I can give Ambition three stars and wish I could give it three and a half I was worried for a while For the fact is this book starts at Chapter 13I did need a lot of the information in the first 12 chapters the source of Jules's maniacal drive for success where she got the money for her farm what her days were like Obviously I needed to see the meeting with Peter and to learn about Jules's first disaster and I needed to meet Mickey the horse of course I didn't at all mind being taken back to some of the atmosphere of an outdoors working life in Central Florida having ridden and taught riding in Tampa for 23 years But by Chapter 13 I was skimming the text muttering I know this already I was thinking When is something going to happen in this book?Fortunately it did Peter showed back up Jules went to a show we found out a little of the challenge she faced in Mickey and we saw just how ferociously she sabotaged herself I got caught up in Jules's struggles even though I kept wanting to give her a body shake and shout Girl get a read on yourselfDespite my impatience with her I found Jules well drawn believable I had a little trouble with Peter who comes across as flatter of the Good Looking Guy Who Is Misunderstood reuisite in romances than a flesh and blood person I couldn't understand why he kept coming back to someone who treated him so brutally He wasn't painted as a masochistic type The writing is lively capturing the train wrecks so often characteristic of a life with horses with humor and insight I know whereof Reinert speaks when she takes us through a horse person's learning curves For example like Jules I somehow internalized the idea that it was my job to place the horse's feet at exactly the right take off spot The day the trainer I'd found late in life too late said to me Your job is to set the tempo pace and frame; it's his job to jump the fence was the beginning of one of the most unsettling psychological leaps I could imagine As a confirmed control freak letting the horse make his own decisions? Really? Reinert knows her stuff; all the horse handling in this book rings trueI did raise an eyebrow once or twice Two people taking full care of 13 horses riding 9 a day? A trainer as far along as Jules not recognizing a bad shoeing job and a sore footed horse? On the former point I'll have to cede to Reinert; she's been around a lot than I have and maybe people can manage that schedule The latter point I attribute to poetic license; it gives Peter a chance to show his stuff But still That said the completion of Jules's character arc was fitting and worked well Anybody who has been where Jules and I have both been watching other people ride while we clean stalls trying to negotiate personal relations when differing views of what ought to be done with a horse intervene hanging on to a precarious dream without the basic wherewithal it reuires will have a lot of fun with this book As will those who dream of being rescued by Peter—not a bad fate

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Ambition Eventing #1Ndsome on the rise event rider who keeps showing up when she least expects himJules is convinced that all she needs is good horses not friends not romance not anyone’s nose in her business But it’s just the beginning of the long hot Ocala summer and as Jules tumbles through the highs and lows of a life with horses she might find she’ll need help after all to weather the coming storm Fun read for horse loversThis is a great book for the horse lover who grew up but still loves to read about horses It’s a great fiction story of a young female trainer trying to make it in the eventing world