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Crow Lake review È 0 ✓ Crow Lake is that rare find a first novel so uietly assured so emotionally pitch perfect you know from the opening page that this is the real thing—a literary experience in which to lose yourself by an author of immense talentHere is a gorgeous slow burning story set in the rural “badlands” of northern Ontario where heartbreak anCur offstage Centerstage are the Morrisons whose tragedy looks immediate if less brutal but is in reality insidious and divisive Orphaned young Kate Morrison was her older brother Matt’s protegee her fascination for pond life fed by his passionate interest in the natural world Now a zoologist she can identify organisms under a microscope but seems blind to the state of her own emotional life And she thinks she’s outgrown her siblings Luke Matt and Bo who were once her entire world In this unive. I feel like I’ve just been hit by a truck—this book blindsided me and despite the impact I adore it This may be because it ticks so many of my personal boxes but I’ve been wandering the house since I finished it ploughing my way through laundry dinner dishes trying desperately to find my footing again while I’m processingWithin the first few pages of the book Katherine’s parents are killed in a car accident sending the four children on a confusing agonizing struggle to put their lives back together again Katherine is only seven years old—I was 34 when it happened to me and my life was blown apart and has never fully recovered “You make it sound like it was centuries ago” Daniel said “If you parents died when you were seven it’s barely twenty years”“It feels like centuries” I said Lawson nails it with that tiny bit of dialog Although it’s been 18 years since my parents’ car accident some days it feels like yesterday—other days it feels like I never had parents And I completely relate to Katherine’s numbness the reluctance to feel anything about anyone—if you care there’s a good chance that they will get yanked away from you Not caring seems like your only defence against heart wrenching pain The only problem is that is doesn’t work People like Katherine’s boyfriend Daniel worm their way into your life and you reluctantly begin to care about them all the while struggling to see them as temporary and frustrating the hell out of them as they wonder what is wrong with youI clearly remember the day that I put my emotions on ice—it was about a year and a half after the funerals and I remember thinking “I’m so tired of crying” So I uit It has taken years to thaw that permafrost and I’m still unsure that the process is finished Still a bit freezer burned I guessIt’s taken me eighteen years but I’ve finally been able to engage with my family again—they’ve been very patient they waited and I’ve been accepted back without reservation Knowing this makes me love them fiercely—after being emotionally frozen for so many years the strength of that love surprises me on each and every occasion that I spend time with themI also have a farm background like Katherine and used university as a way to do something different—I even started my university career as a biology major until I was seduced by so many other interesting subjects and wandered away into the arts and social sciences But I have so many fond memories of wandering the coulees of home identifying wild flowers scooping snails out of the pond and studying the ground suirrels as I emulated my personal idol Jane Goodall chimpanzees were in short supply but ground suirrels were plentiful on the prairiesSo I may have been predisposed to love this book—still I cannot recommend it highly enough It is worth than 5 stars to me

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Rsal drama of family love and misunderstandings of resentments harbored and driven underground Lawson ratchets up the tension with heartbreaking humor and consummate control continually overturning one’s expectations right to the very end Tragic funny unforgettable this deceptively simple masterpiece about the perils of hero worship leapt to the top of the bestseller lists only days after being released in Canada and earned glowing reviews in The New York Times and The Globe and Mail to name a fe. It's a strange thing that I came across this book I found it wedged into the back of a shelf downstairs It seems I read it at the perfect time It came to me in the midst of serious physical grief the kind where your body is taken over by sadness and is simply a vessel for your shaking and sobbing and wailing Oh the wailing You will wail And not in the Wayne's World sense Its the kind of thing that you can't let anyone else listen to because what the wailing is is the pain leaving your body That pain floating about untethered can do serious injury That's why you do it alone So the same day I'm holding my cousin's 14 hour old baby in my arms and the knowledge that my own mother won't be there when I hold my children in my arms for the first time or any time comes searing through my blood I find this book Kate's parents are both killed in a car crash when she is seven years old on a day that had begun like any other As an adult Kate returns to the year following her parents death when to prevent the family from being broken apart Luke the oldest then 19 decides to raise Matt 17 Kate 7 and Bo 1 on his own Perhaps it is hardest for Kate Losing both parents at seven years old Such a vulnerable age Her fear is palpable If one of her brothers is late coming home she is certain until she sees his face that he is dead too It's heartbreaking When you think about it how often do you get a window into a grieving seven year old Though the book is fiction it has the vividness of an autobiography Amid the complication the arguing and the desperation among them all love is present it is clear and pervasive and strong and nothing short of miraculous While this poor child is swallowed by fear she loves her brothers And they love her Grief is a lifelong plague but the love she has for her family is continually extricating her from it even into adulthood Its a fascinating look at time It is fascinating to see what she carries with her because its all the right stuff As a younger sister as a victim of parental loss as someone who is seeking to define herself as an adult in the face of grief and as someone who has a family albeit a broken one I found this book to be enormously powerful perhaps because it is so relevant But the writing is simple and beautiful It is a stunning portrait of familial love we take its potency for granted The story is phenomenally complex but eually simple Love simplifies things By the end of the book I was struck dumb totally overcome with one truth the story brought to light No love is ordinary

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Crow LakeCrow Lake is that rare find a first novel so uietly assured so emotionally pitch perfect you know from the opening page that this is the real thing a literary experience in which to lose yourself by an author of immense talentHere is a gorgeous slow burning story set in the rural “badlands” of northern Ontario where heartbreak and hardship are mirrored in the landscape For the farming Pye family life is a Greek tragedy where the sins of the fathers are visited on the sons and terrible events oc. This was a simply told and captivating family drama with a northern Ontario setting I’ve never been there but the author’s observations of that area in Canada established such a powerful sense of place that the story came alive for me I grew up in the high plains of eastern Colorado Kent Haruf “territory” and there were parts of this novel that echo my own rural background – especially her description of life for farm familiesThe story details the struggles of four siblings who were orphaned when their parents are killed It’s told through the eyes of the adult sister Kate who was seven years old at the time of the deadly car accident She reflects on her childhood as she reluctantly prepares to return for a family gathering Her account slowly reveals details of the broken dreams and sacrifices that they all made in their efforts to keep the family together Nothing very dramatic happens yet it elegantly portrays events that affect most families – hopeful aspirations misunderstandings missed chances and sibling rivalryI have several brothers and sisters of my own so parts of this story provoked reflections of my own life I thoroughly enjoyed this finely crafted and bittersweet tale of survival and love of family