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A Conjuring of LightThe precarious euilibrium among the four Londons has reached its breaking point Once brimming with the red vivacity of magic darkness easts a shadow over the Maresh Empire leaving a space for another London to rise Kell‐ once assumed to be the The reason I am giving this book a 2 stars is because I expected so much from both this book this series overall and I am not very satisfied with the development or the ending Schwab had so much potential going into this series but ultimately I find myself very let downI honestly don't know how to review this book without spoilers and so from this point on there will be unmarked spoilers for the entire series SPOILER ALERT TURN BACK NOWI feel as though this final installment was very disjointed We've got✔Perspectives tossed in here and there that ultimately amount to nothing✔Unnecessary emphasis on characters who haven't mattered at all in the first and second books✔A plot that takes almost 400 pages to really get going✔uestions raised without answers given✔A villain who feels neither scary nor provides a real reason for his being a villainSo the story begins right where A Gathering of Shadows leaves off Lila runs off to save Kell and immediately kills Ojka What was the purpose of creating this neat character giving us a glimpse of her background just to kill her off immediately It felt rather pointlessThen we spend the next almost 400 pages listening to Kell brood Alucard jab at Kell while he broods Rhy float around from room to room after he avoids death again and being incessantly reminded that Lila is a cool chick If you guys don't already know Kell and I don't get along I don't sympathize with his plight and I find him unnecessarily mopey in most of his scenes especially in the second book I don't mind Alucard but I find his character to be a bit static Even by the end of this book he doesn't grow into anything new and he doesn't really participate in the action scenes in a meaningful way His sole existence in this story is to create drama for Kell Rhy and Lila Rhy though not one of my favorite characters undeniably experiences the most growth of the four over the course of the book He evolves his perspective on being given a second chance at life and ultimately comes to understand what it means to be king SO bravo I guess on that frontLila Ugh I want to like Lila so much but she's basically the same Lila we met on the streets in Grey London all those pages back Lila's character on her own doesn't bother me as much as the way the Schwab handles telling us about her I got weary of reading phrases like thief soft footsteps and she was a mystery used to describe her Like I get it She's interesting capable You don't need to keep reminding meOutside of the main cast we get chapters devoted to random one time characters that don't really add up to anything and we get chapters about King Maxim ueen Emira Tieren that don't really add up to anything Throwing in perspectives like Nasi a little girl from White London who admired Ojka did absolutely nothing for the plot or the world building This character appears two times around page 140 and around page 520 but her existence bears no conseuence on the storyUsing this character to explain about Ojka's background could have worked but since ultimately Ojka didn't end up mattering either it amounted to nothing than a waste of timeAdding perspectives like Ned Tuttle King George IV was so incredibly boring since once again nothing of conseuence happens in Grey London while this plot unfoldsWriting about Maxim and Emira was too little too late for me For the first two books we've known these two to be side characters This sudden shift to semi main character status was joltingWe only scratched the surfaces of the King's and ueen's lives and there simply wasn't enough there for me to connect to I felt completely unattached to them so their eventual deaths were reduced to plot devices for Rhy's development instead of being meaningful on their ownAfter a huge stretch of monotony the plot finally gets itself going when the crew arrives at the floating black market Here is where I started to become interested in where the story would go The Inheritor was an interesting solution even if its existence felt very tailored for defeating Osaron For the last 200 pages I was engaged but pretty disappointed that the resolution of the plot played out exactly the way it was supposed to Hell it played out better than it was supposed to really seeing as Holland survived to see the plan through to completionNo twists No surprises Our four main characters all survive The endNow I'm left wonderingWhat about Kell's past Sure he decided he was better off not knowing about his true parents but what about me as the reader Resolving this uestion with Kell deciding he doesn't need the information was lazy on part of the authorWhat about Lila Where did she come from How did an Antari originate in Grey London How did she lose her eye and why No we are too busy being reassured that Lila is sly and mischievous and special to worry about her past I supposeHow did the original tokens get into the different Londons Can we know a little history so that these worlds don't all feel like cardboard What exactly caused Osaron to manifest into Vitari Shouldn't we be looking for a solution to this problem since this is the second time it's happened Maybe a way to eliminate the threat that Black London poses by just existing as a magical black hole that spits out perilous villains every so oftenAnd that brings me to Osaron himself He just doesn't scare me When I read A Darker Shade of Magic for the first 100 or so pages I was totally and completely enticed by the threat that Osaron presented His unwanted presence felt menacing and dangerous in Red London and I was intrigued But by A Conjuring of Light he's still just possessing people Sure they're chanting some creepy shit Sure he's killed a couple unimportant side characters But Is that all you gotOh and he creates an obsidian replica of the palace for posturing Intimidation Once all the citizens of Red London are asleep he's back to being a temperamental smoke bitch until he's defeated at the end which wraps up nicely and neatly and uickly in the last 50 or so pages of the bookI'm not impressed by OsaronAll three of these books suffer severely from pacing issues on both a microcosmic and macrocosmic scale Each book begins with a slow to medium pace then concludes in a rapid whirlwind of events which is jarring to say the least The series takes place over the course of what a couple months Maybe 4 Sometimes this can work but in this case I don't feel it did I wish Lila had been gone for two years instead of two months It would've made much sense for her to come back after two years of studying with Alucard to feel confident enough to enter the Essen TaschIt would've given all of these characters time to grow into people I cared aboutNow perhaps you noticed I have been neglecting to mention Holland That's because Holland was undoubtedly the star of the show Holland's moments were such a treat for me I was immediately entranced by him and I drank in every one of his stories that Schwab graced us withWe get his backstory We understand his motivations We glimpse the events that have shaped him hardened him softened him Holland's development causes the others' to pale by comparisonHe possessed a depth I could sink my claws into His death in the Silver Woods was beautifully tragic and wonderfully appropriate I just wanted to wrap him in my arms and die with him If this series had been about Holland I would likely be giving it 5 stars right now Aside from Holland Schwab's writing once again is absolutely stunning This is an author who always impresses me with her writing style She is whimsical in her descriptions uniue in how she conveys emotion to her readers I am truly a fan of reading her wordsBut this series just did not deliver for me I craved intensity I needed unpredictability I wanted meaningful characters that danced their way into my heart a rich world that beckoned me to keep turning the pages What I found here was a superb concept with a less than superb execution

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A Conjuring of Light eBook µ Paperback Read ¶ The precarious euilibrium among the four Londons has reached its breaking point Once brimming with the red vivacity of magic darkness easts a shadow over the Maresh Empire leaving a space for another London to rise Kell‐ once assumed to be the last surviving Antari begins to waver under tLast surviving Antari begins to waver under the pressure of competing loyalties Lila Bard once a commonplace but never common thief has survived and flourished through a series of magical trials But now she must learn to control the magic before NO FAULTSAMAZINGI LOVED ITIM CRYINGanoshe ANNNNOOOOOOOOSHHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEi hope she does a spin off

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It bleeds her dryMeanwhile the disgraced Captain Alucard Emery and the Night Spire crew are attempting a race against time to acuire the impossible as an ancient enemy returns to claim a crown and a fallen hero is desperate to save a decaying wor No one is stunned by this rating than me For a series in which I was neutral on the first book and hated the second this is one of my favorite finales I am confusion Pleasant confusion but confusion