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Stories of Suspense Mobi ↠ 220 pages ✓ Mary e. macewen ✓ A moron turns genius and foresees his own doomThousands of deadly birds stalk men then attack with suicidal furyA lonely man wins a chance for new happiness and loses it through split second doubtNone great stories by masters of the macabre Tales of sJohn CollierFlowers for Algernon Daniel KeyesTaste Roald DahlTwo Bottles of Relish Lord DunsanyCharles Shirley JacksonContents of a Dead Man's Pockets Jack FinneyThe Perfectionist 0 Margaret St Clair I don't usually enjoy short stories but I was trying to complete a task on the Next Best Book Club seasonal challenge and stumbled across this little collection Fantastic Of them all my absolute favorite was Taste by Roald Dahl I did not even come close to guessing the ending what a joy

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E great stories by masters of the macabre Tales of shock and suspense of strange twists hidden in a shadow world of fearContentsThe Birds Daphne du MaurierOf Missing Persons Jack FinneyMidnight Blue Back growing up I remember the tv shows 'Circle of Fear' and wasn't the other one called 'Sixth Sense'? Good spooky stuff and it was in the spirit of that sort of suspenseful interesting fun that I picked this up long ago They are suspenseful but endings are often curdling than I would have preferred But I seem to have re read it a number of times even so

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Stories of SuspenseA moron turns genius and foresees his own doomThousands of deadly birds stalk men then attack with suicidal furyA lonely man wins a chance for new happiness and loses it through split second doubtNon I came across this at the annual library book sale for fifty cents It's an odd little collection of stories in that they cross genres but cover the cream of the crop of some famous fiction authors including Shirley Jackson and Jack Finney They really can't be summed up as pure suspense though a lot of them end in a twist or a clever ambiguity The Birds by Daphne du Maurier The short story on which the famous Hitchcock adaptation is based really blew me away It's not often enough that uiet apocalyptic stories get told The kind of slow open to interpretation seuence of abnormal events or signs that only a select or singular group of people take note of and by the time the world at large notices its far too late The arctic chill of the winter season throws off the flight pattern of multiple species of birds causing them to go hungry and act violently out of character The ending was the perfect you know enough about the narrating character's fate for the short term but the fate of their future and humanity is left open even if bleakly soOf Missing Persons by Jack Finney This tale of there being underground knowledge of the way to a real utopia was a nice touch of magical realism I'm going to feel really stupid if this has already been made into a legendary Twilight Zone episode but honestly I haven't seen every episode of the original series but anyhow this should be if it isn't It has that tone of bittersweet hope mixed with loss all brought together by what would look like on the outside to be a common meeting with a travel agent The ending is perfect and brings you full circle to the painful sweetness of having tasted a fleeting picture of utopia or escape from the mundane unsatisfying existence you knowMidnight Blue by John Collier Kind of a dud in the group It's pretty brief even by the standards of a short story so you don't waste too much time at least A husband hesitantly hears out his wife's story of a nightmare she had about him and realizes there may be ominous foresight to her dreams than she initially figured The story hangs on one detail but I didn't find it very clever or worth the dialogue train it pulls you through Flowers for Algernon by Daniel Keyes I've read the full length novel but I think I prefer the original short story It makes great use of its few pages and the lack of subplot stuffing makes the swift elevation and devolution of Charlie's intelligence arc even dramatic and tragic Taste by Roald Dahl Very comparable to Midnight Blue where it all hangs on a detail in the dialogue but again not funny or compelling enough to be worth the set up A man bets his daughter's hand in marriage on a man's inability to guess an obscure wine Two Bottle of Relish by Lord Dunsany Classy yet wickedly gruesome A relish salesman convinces his smarter roommate to try to solve the Scotland yard confounding disappearance and potential murder of a woman Smither's perspective was uniue and charming I will definitely be looking into the Smithers series of stories Dunsany wrote after this Charles by Shirley Jackson I saw the twist coming from a mile away but that was due to my exposure to psychological duality characters in the media my whole life than the story being shallow This is another story that hangs on the impact of the twist so if you don't like the twist the story seems kind of meh Points for creepy kids though You can't go wrong scaring people when you're depicting children that may be manipulative and conniving than their sophisticated guardiansContents of the Dead Man's Pockets by Jack Finney I appreciate the message of this story but the action heavy descriptions did get a bit tedious A man follows a wind blown set of project notes nearly to his doom outside his study window Jack Finney has a special affinity for the oppressed working man with a heart of goldThe Perfectionist by Margaret St Clair How fitting a title since this was by far my FAVORITE of the collection An out of work down on his luck young man gets what we all hope for a letter from a distant relative promising rent free living and money in exchange for company and minor chores and learns during his short seasonal stay with his aunt that she has a very peculiar ocd about her drawings This had a southern gothic flair but with way immediate horrific menace