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Download Õ Sexy Bea Spelling 102 Å Andrew pulled her close and leaned down to find her mouth with his own He kissed her softly yet thoroughly “I will always reach your lips” Bea needed sex and intimate human contact She normally lived in overdrive every day never heeding her deep feminine desires But on vacation in the tropics she fulfilled herOpics she fulfilled her hopes to escape her daunting lifestyle for a few days of wickedness Fascinatingly Andrew was there waiting to seduce her and surprised her with Tessa a ménage fantasy piuing Bea’s lurid curiosities Beautiful Tessa used her tongue to moisten Bea’s barren cravings. This story had so many elements while keeping the pages turning We start at a tropical resort where Bea accepts dinner and with Andrew and his friend Tessa which includes a menage Bea doesn't want to share any of her life in Texas with Andrew when she leaves to go back home to her job But fate and work bring them back together Then mysterious things happen at Andrew's job site Bea's place of work and even at their homes Someone is stalking one or both of them I like the way the story flows the characters in this story and the element of suspenseI think that my constructive criticism would be that in the dialogue the overuse of saying someone's name when they are talking to each other was over the top Normally you would not say a person's name each sentence you speak it was like a car salesman trying to over use your name trying to be familiar In normal conversations you just don't repeat names that often

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Andrew pulled her close and leaned down to find her mouth with his own He kissed her softly yet thoroughly “I will always reach your lips” Bea needed sex and intimate human contact She normally lived in overdrive every day never heeding her deep feminine desires But on vacation in the tr. Sexy Bea Spelling was a contemporary romance with erotic and intriguing elements contained within the story Bea Spelling and Andrew Goode meet in a tropical paradise and engage in a sexy tryst that includes a menagé encounter with Andrew's friend Tessa Tessa's departure allows Andrew and Bea to experience each other one on one But their tryst has an expiration date Soon reality encroaches and they have to return to their respective lives and responsibilities alone But fate has something different in store for the pair and thrusts them back together again Bea and Andrew must come to terms with their desire for one another But it's not so easy to do that in a reality where people and situations conspire against them Only time will tell if love has the power to conuer adversitySexy Bea Spelling does contain erotic elements but they don't overpower the story because Jones incorporates a healthy dose of intrigue throughout the real world portion Both Andrew and Bea have an interesting encounter with a stalker; Tessa's presence in the real world isn't as sexy as it was on the island; and the dawn of new days shows everyone in a different lightI really and truly wanted to love this story It contained solid elements and a healthy storyline However the story flow felt oddly frenetic and the dialogue felt mildly unnatural at times Irrespective of those things the story was not bad and other readers may not even notice either of the things that caused me pause Jones has a vivid imagination and the story weaves together many elements that make for a sexy and entertaining read A little polish and this story would have really shined brightly in my eyes

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Sexy Bea SpellingRekindling fire deep inside Energized Bea slipped into a short affair with an eager Andrew ready to feed her every yearning But when Bea returned to reality she wanted to leave Andrew behind An odd coincidence led her face to face with his masculinity again and this time she had nowhere to r. “Sexy Bea Spelling by Davee Jones3 out of 5 starsIf you are looking for light summer reading then this book could be for you It's a uick and fun read that you can easily enjoy by the pool in one sitting Bea Spelling needs a break from her rather conservative life On a much needed vacation to a leave your inhibitions at the door resort she meets a man who blasts her out of her comfort zone Throwing caution to the wind and a whole lot of modesty she enjoys her time with Andrew and laments the end of her holiday Upon returning to her rather staid life circumstances throw her back together with the man she thought she’d left behind Will she be able to open up and let him in or will her brain overrule her heartBea was a bit of a contradiction In her daily life she's buttoned up and somewhat straight laced If it weren't for her relationship with her best friends you would almost think she is a prude On the flip side her scenes with Andrew have a wild uality that have you second guessing who Bea really is I enjoyed the banter she had with her friends Craig and Tammy They were like a walking advertisement for TMI but it made them fun and very entertainingAndrew was an atypical male lead He wore his heart on his sleeve and was very open about his desire for a relationship with Bea I enjoyed his slight alpha male leanings mixed with the sensitivity that is sometimes lacking in male characters His pursuit of Bea was refreshing and fun to watchI only have a couple of critiues There is a scenario at the beginning of the book that felt completely unnecessary to the plot of the story I won't spoil it for future readers but I will say that it felt gratuitous and a little too out of character Also Jones' dialogue is a little stiff at times I never really felt like the book hit a groove and started to flow I would even go so far as to say it was choppy and unpolished I would have liked character development which would have helped the ending seem a little in line with the story instead of out of left field Overall it's a very on the surface sort of book that will do nicely if you are in the mood for a little light readingI was given a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest reviewShannon My Secret Book Spot