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Read Sex and War doc ☆ Hardcover ✓ Malcolm Potts â As news of war and terror dominates the headlines scientist Malcolm Potts and veteran journalist Thomas Hayden take a step back to explain it all In the spirit of Guns Germs and Steel Sex and War asks the basic uestions Why is war so fundamental to our species And As news of war and terror dominates the headlines scientist Malcolm Potts and veteran journalist Thomas Hayden take a step back to explain it all In the spirit of Guns Germs and Steel Sex and War asks the basic uestions Why is war so fundamental to our species And what can we do about itMalcolm Potts explores these uestions from the frontlines as a witness to war torn countries around the wor The big idea of this book is that human evolutionary biology helps explain why human beings almost alone in the animal kingdom organize groups that go out and intentionally kill other members of our species But this doesn't mean we are condemned to fight each other endlessly; in fact there are a few major things we could do to stop global violence such as giving people access to family planning all around the worldThe authors one of whom is my husband journalist Thomas Hayden draw on evidence and examples from history animal behavior studies and personal experience to make their case and the lively broad ranging nature of their discussion is the real strength of the book The authors visit all kinds of places in world history from chimpanzee raids in Africa to family planning clinics in Bangladesh and the battlefields of ancient Greece They use their case studies and examples to argue that human males have a genetic predisposition to engage in what they call team aggression the destructive behavor that can lead to war and terrorism But the authors are not genetic determinists; they do not believe this means men must always behave this way They acknowledge that men inherit other competing drives as do women and that by giving women a larger voice in society we can moderate the violence That's the link to family planning; without the ability to decide when to have children the authors argue it's difficult for women to play an eual role in their families and communities It's an interesting and provocative argument And I found some of the book's examples of the destabiliing effects of unchecked population growth very telling for instance in the recent eruption of violence in Kenya But whether you agree or disagree with the authors' ideas the book is a fascinating read thanks to its wealth of examples and its engaging reasonable tone I wish there were books like this adventurous and well written integrating all kinds of information from so many areas of human knowledge and applying them to seemingly intractable problems I know I'm biased but Tom is a seriously talented writer and he has done a beautiful job with this book And his coauthor Malcolm Potts is venturing into territory broached by far too few scientists by trying to synthesize his own expertise with other types of human knowledge to better understand the world Together they have written a far reaching and engrossing work that will change the way you think about humanity

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Ld As a scientist and obstetrician Potts has worked with governments and aid organizations globally and in the trenches with women who have been raped and brutalized in the course of war Combining their own experience with scientific findings in primatology genetics and anthropology Potts and Hayden explain war’s pivotal position in the human experience and how men in particular evolved und Sex and War is about wait for it wait for it sex and war In this book the authors attempts to prove that all our violent tendencies were inherited from way back yonderI really enjoyed reading this book It was a fast and interesting and as such I feel rather bad at giving it three stars I couldn't give it because the research was just terrible It's so utterly terrible that it makes the read of this book so fun I kept thinking what batshit crazy thing are they going to throw out nextThe authors never really explain the stances they take They'll start a topic of discussion and throw out really random and useless bit of information that everyone probably knows already such as men are violent than women Really Didn't know that That's for informing me and then they'll say really off the wall before moving on There isn't a whole lot of actual scientific information in this book It's almost totally anecdotal information It's mostly a authors state what they believe b give proof in random and generally known stories c throw in some really wild idea that is not supported by the above and never discussed again afterward before they d give you such an extreme and insane example of this crazy theory that it makes your head spinOff the top of my head in a section about male violence they tell the tale of two friends at the bar A police officer comes up to the lady and annoys her The trio run into each other later on and finally the cop pisses the woman's friend off The man beats the cop into unconsciousness and then flips him onto his back straddles his chest and sucks the cops eye ball out He popped the eye with his teethThis is a billed by the authors as a typical example of male aggression I couldn't help but think really Well there are now men than women alive today and yet I almost never see a person that doesn't have a eye

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Sex and WarEr conditions that favored gang behavior rape and organized aggression Drawing on these new insights they propose a rational plan for making warfare less freuent and less brutal in the futureAnyone interested in understanding human nature warfare and terrorism at their most fundamental levels will find Sex and War to be an illuminating work and one that might change the way they see the world I read this for an essay on new books about violence This one left me underwhelmed The authors argue that violence is the result of male efforts to reproduce; women of course are empathic and peaceable Unfortunately Potts and co author Hayden seem not to have read some important books about violence eg Dave Grossman's On Killing or fully digested certain lines of research into male violence as a result they make some sweeping and debatable generalizations about the roots and persistence of violence For example at one point they looking at rising firing rates through fifty years of US warfare and suggest that this is the result of the increasing otherness of America's enemies but that fails to take into account the evolution of the American military's training techniues Plus were the Vietnamese actually other to black white and Latino US soldiers than Japanese They also seem to have missed the main thrust of research by Robert Sapolsky and Sarah Blaffer Hrdy and they totally ignore research that might contradict their case such as work by Douglas Fry Joan Roughgarden or Frans de Waal All in all a weak effort