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Download à Sacred Ground Holy Water: Travel Tales of Enlightenment Î PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free à Sacred Ground and Holy Water One Man's Adventures in the Wild is the critically acclaimed debut work by writer and professor Lyn Fuchs This collection Eyes For me the needed enlightenment was to see how absolutely beautiful the world is in its natural state so that I would also be able to accept the harsh primal realities that operate in much of this world Many sweet people have good intentions but don’t have the guts to face much less address some global realities Even glowing reviews of my book have recoiled at my use of politically incorrect language While we claim to value other cultural perspectives we rarely acknowledge the fact that people in many places are justifiably given desensiti. Media Buzz about Sacred Ground Holy Water•“Gonzo razzle dazzle verbal fireworks” Robert Martin Editor of The Dalhousie Review•“Like the narrative euivalent of channel surfing” Matt Scott Matador Travel Network•“Five Stars a story that shouldn't be missed” James A Cox Editor in Chief of Midwest Book Review•“Please sir I want some ” Shweta Ganesh Kumar CNN Correspondent and Travel Journalist•“Fuchs is a deft raconteur” Gary Klinga Reviewer at ForeWord•“I loved how raw and honest this book is” Mystee Blackwood Reviewer at GoodReads•“Pacey witty insightful stuff Travel writing as it should be” Jack Barker Editor of Travelmag•“If you should read just one book of travel essays in your life this is the one” Barbara Conelli Author of Chiue Secrets of Dolce Vita and Chiue Secrets of Dolce A•No one since Hunter S Thompson has loved the wild and woolly world with as much intensity insight passion and gusto” Tony D´Souza Author of Whiteman The Konkans and Mule•Alternating between profundity and lunacy Lyn Fuchs delivers a highly readable romp” Sean O'Reilly Founder of Auriga Distribution Group and Travelers' Tales•“An eccentric and amusing travel book” Rick Skwiot Author of Sleeping With Poncho Villa Death In Mexico and Memoir of a Sensual uest For Spiritual Healing•“It's fascinating sort of a social anthropologist but only the interesting stuff I loved this book” Andy Hayes Director of Hayes Media Group Travel Websites•“An ideal traveling companion who brings lingual acuity historical perspective and razor sharp irony along for the ride” Tom Dooley Editor of Eclectica Literary Journal•“The humor of Twain the alpha adventure of Hemingway and the romantic sensitivity of Steinbeck Just wish I was the one publishing it” John Kemmerly Editor of Bluefoot Publishing

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Sacred Ground and Holy Water One Man's Adventures in the Wild is the critically acclaimed debut work by writer and professor Lyn Fuchs This collection of travel stories is filled with humor tragedy adventure sexual innuendo and spiritual insight Barbara Conelli bestselling author of Chiue Secrets of Dolce Vita and Chiue Secrets of Dolce A says If you should read just one book of travel essays in your life this is the oneAuthor Lyn Fuchs says The first editon was called Sacred Ground Holy Water Travel Tales of Enlightenment because travel opens the. If memory can be relied upon Lyn Fuchs first came to my attention in 2011 when he was soliciting guest blog posts for his website I had recently launched a blog of my own concerning a completely different topic but thought I might have at least one travel adventure worthy of sharing He accepted my recollection of visiting Alishan a mountainous retreat in Taiwan Partially in gratitude I ordered a copy of Sacred Ground and Holy Water and read it too perceiving in some of the pieces an improbable melding of Ernest Hemingway and poet turned mystery writer Ed Lynskey but with a brand of humor possessed by neither of those authors The I read the in sync with the author I felt and the I appreciated his uniue styleBut I neglected to post an online commentary which is unusual for me At the time I was consumed with efforts to promote my own book That's my excuse and I'm sticking with itSo this is a belated attempt to make amends prompted by my having randomly plucked SGHW from the shelf one morning opening it and realizing it's delightful than I'd previously grasped I began carrying it around with me to chuckle andor meditate over snippets like the following I once asked a wise old lady 'Which is better coffee or women' She retorted 'Both are delicious but the coffee won't cause you much trouble' What could the oracle at Delphi have possibly offered to top that The highest form of angling catch and release into a skillet full of butter Some folks think death is a termination Others expect promotion or demotion I'm thinking lateral transfer Civilization abruptly ended The road line on my map was apparently someone's promise 'If you come we will build it'Sometimes the meandering is primarily within his mind as when a visit to Montreal sparks thoughts on globalism or an ascent to the top of a crumbling Mayan pyramid prompts commentary on religion's ongoing demands The somewhat heavy handed nature of such observations may be the book's weakness That said I tend to agree with many of his views especially when he says we moderns congratulate ourselves too often on being enlightened or tolerant than our forebears of a couple centuries agoInevitably given my scattered frame of mind even when going about the most banal routines I lost my copy left it in the barbershop where another patron immediately grabbed it Annoyed with myself but otherwise undaunted I ordered it again and then read it again So here's a further reaction prompted by additional time spent with this interesting writer's thoughtsDespite occasional tips such as encouragement to see a small scale model of the Mississippi River in Memphis this book is not a travel guideIt's much closer to the personal travel writing to be found in say classics by HV Morton or the personal Blue Highways by William Least Heat Moon That is it's about the experience of travel per se than about specific destinations But I recognize what he calls that common traveler's sentiment on checking out a new place I could probably live hereAnd at times it feels like a disaffected commentary on life as it's lived in this and other cultures past and present bringing to mind Tom WolfeLet's not worry too much about the genreIf you are curious about the world outside the circumscribed little groove most of us choose to inhabit; if you're capable of awe for the intermittent sweetness discomfort danger and sheer improbable variety life can serve up if you appreciate irreverent and self deprecating humor in the face of all that you'll probably agree this book's a keeper

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Sacred Ground Holy Water Travel Tales of EnlightenmentVity training so they stand a chance of surviving a brutal existence Sometimes hypersensitivity isn't very sensitiveI often write from places where Rosa Parks couldn’t even buy a ticket to sit on the back of the bus yet when you sound the alarm that black children are being enslaved or retarded children are being raped some people safely ensconced in their breakfast nooks are bothered by your vocabulary than such injustice This travel book aint no summer in Tuscany It invites readers to think outside the cultural box For me that’s enlightenmen. The book delivers enlightenment so much that I plan to reread this one because there are a few spots I want to recover particularly Belize the Bulgarian orgy and the politico rant The puns wouldn't let up which in conjunction with the clever writing covering plane crashes boats tipping dojo blades bears cougars border crossings and the copious metaphors and sarcasm my eyes were all over the place The Booze Blues Bible bangers was most memorable one of my favorites Wasn't too happy about Graceland but the opening was touching and then amusing at the end of Sacred Ground when Howlin' Wolf got to schooling Fuchs on God lol `who he don't be' I suspect readers who come upon Sacred Ground Holy Water will find many of the stories beguilingly funny and intellectually absorbing They sure had me going for a full whole day