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Deadly Amish Reunion reader ê ebook ✓ Dana R. Lynn ✓ Separated by amnesiareunited by a lethal holiday threatJennie Beiler’s husband was supposed to be dead so she’s shocked when he rescues her from an attacker Although Luke has no memories of his Englisch wife it’s up to him to protect her from someone whMeone who won’t stop until she’s dead Can the peaceful Amish community he returned to after losing his memory shelter them and their son this Christmas when danger strikes again?From Harleuin Love Inspired Suspense Courage Danger FaithAmish Countr Danger courage and Faith is throughout this novelI finished this book in one afternoon because of the wonderful characters and awesome plot this amazing author has writtenI liked the many challenges that Luke Jennie and LJ were presented with The twists and turns had me turning the pages and before I knew it it was overLJ is a sweet little boy and he's managed to win my heart I liked how he managed to adjust to any situation that came along I found myself rooting for him and his parents I also found myself shouting at them tooLuke and Jennie were perfect examples of when we should put God first in our lives I know it don't always happen like that because we are human after all and God expects that I'm glad He's a loving God For that I'm ever so gratefulI recommend this bookMy thanks to Just Reads ToursI was NOT reuired to write a positive review All opinions are my own

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Y JusticeBook 1 Plain TargetBook 2 Plain RetributionBook 3 Amish Christmas AbductionBook 4 Amish Country AmbushBook 5 Amish Christmas EmergencyBook 6 Guarding the Amish MidwifeBook 7 Hidden in Amish CountryBook 8 Plain RefugeBook 9 Deadly Amish Reunio This is a romantic suspense that will keep you up until you’ve read the last word This beautiful story is interweave with suspense romance finding renew faith and peace Deadly Amish Reunion is a winner by Dana R Lynn Jennie Beiler and her young son LJ are on someone’s radar Levi Beiler is seeing a glimpse of his past The twists and turns that happen with Levi and Raymond Beiler meeting Jennie unexpectedly made this a compelling suspense The realistic drama of escaping and discovering who is behind the attacks is fast paced with a uniue resolution Thank you to the author for a complimentary copy of the book as part of her street team with no obligation to write a positive review I have expressed my own thoughts

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Deadly Amish Reunion Amish Country Justice #9 Separated by amnesiareunited by a lethal holiday threatJennie Beiler’s husband was supposed to be dead so she’s shocked when he rescues her from an attacker Although Luke has no memories of his Englisch wife it’s up to him to protect her from so I have read uite a few romantic suspense books but I’ve never read an Amish suspense one I have to admit that I was a little bit thrown off because while there is crime everywhere most of the Amish books I’ve read have been uite fluffy Even though this was a new genre for me I really enjoyed this book It’s the first book I’ve read by Ms Dana R Lynn and I will definitely be reading by her Deadly Amish Reunion is the ninth book in the Amish Country Justice series I’m not sure if this is a standalone series but I have only read this book And other than a really strong desire to read Aidan’sJennie’s brother’s book I was not at all confused Jennie believed that her husband was dead so she’s shocked when he saves her and their son Luke has no memories of his Englischer wife but he’s determined to protect her and his newfound sonIt was really sweet and hard to watch Jennie and Luke work things out They did love each other but they had no idea how to make it work I loved how Ms Lynn showed Luke falling in love with Jennie all over again and Jennie falling for this older mature version of Luke It was especially adorable because they had their son LJ to think about I loved all of LJ’s parts in the book He was such a cute character and it was sweet to see Luke step up to the plate And while Luke’s family were understandably shocked they were immediately open to helping Jennie and LJ The suspense also kept me guessing until the last minute There were a lot of different players that I did not at all expect and there were so many twists and turns in the book The action never let up until the very end There are some mature themes though Jennie was raped by her stepfather before but it is not described at all Also Jennie sees someone kill another person and there is uite a bit of shooting at and violence including someone getting beat up However the romance side is very clean and Jennie and Luke really only kiss like twice All in all just a wonderful uick read that I would definitely recommendI voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book which I received from the author All views expressed are only my honest opinion I was not reuired to write a positive review