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L'ArminutaAbruzzo in central Italy this is a compelling story about mothers and daughters about responsibility siblings and caregivingWithout warning or explanation an unnamed 13 year old girl is sent away from the family she has always thought of as hers to live with her birth family a large chaotic assortment of individuals whom she h I read this on a whim after comparing books I could get in Hoopla with the Tournament of Books longlist and loved it It's about a 13 year old who is suddenly returned to her much poorer birth family and has no idea why and forced to navigate siblings work all while feeling rejected and grieving her former life The comparisons to Ferrante are warranted for once and not only that they share a translator I hope we see from this author in the future

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Told with an immediacy and a rare expressive intensity that has earned it countless adoring readers and one of Italy’s most prestigious literary prizes A Girl Returned is a powerful novel rendered with sensitivity and verve by Ann Goldstein translator of the works of Elena Ferrante Set against the stark beautiful landscape of UpdateTHE REVIEW Sunday morning Sunshine in Northern CaliforniaThe year was 1975 A small town in ItalyYetthis story is being told 20 years laterlooking back on a childhood It’s a thin uiet introspective novel Very heartfelt story She was thirteen We never learn her name She didn’t know her other mother the mother who conceived her A distant uncle dropped the girl off with her biological mother and their family The uncle explained that they he and his wife Adalgisa the only mother she knew for thirteen years minus the first two years of her life can’t keep her any and it would be fun living in a house with lots of kids She had been an only child with the uncle and his wife As the only parents she knewthe girl was happy with them Comforts of home security food clothes supported activities friends community school feelings of safety and abundance of needs were met Love flourished between the girl and the only mother she knewSo why was the girl returned to her birth mother Why did the birth mother give her away in the first place The reader is not told many details about either of the two mothers Instead we get suggestive details and eventually specific facts but not everything leaving the reader to contemplate the roles behaviors and actions from all the adultsbut this story really belongs to ‘the girl’The story she most wanted to tell was her experience about being ‘returned’about the new family she lived witha shocking contrast from her old life about her siblingsabout the povertyabout the scarcity for food money hygiene supplies solitary privacy about the family relations and housing dynamicsher loneliness sadness suppression school her teacher about her one close friend Patrizia from her old life with special emphasis about her younger sister Adriana whom she became very close and the older 18 year old sibling named Vincenzo who she tried to distant herself and desireswhom with later a tragic event takes place The girl and younger sister Adriana by 3 years shared sleeping in the same tight bed Adriana wet the bed regularly The mattress was constantly soaked with urination The girls slept in the same room with the 15 and 18 year old brothers My heart sank imagining the living conditions But the girl takes special care to love and protect Adriana Adriana idolizes the girl Truth is they begin to idolize each other for different reasonsbut it’s the most beautiful relationshipThe girl tells Adriana about her past life walking along the seaeating a variety of delicious flavors of ice creams all foreign to Adriana and about her old city life which was only about 50 kilometers from their house Throughout this storythe girl keeps trying to figure out why her mother sent her away Because she was sick Was she dead etc The girl even wrote a letter asking to come back home She told her mother or Aunt that everyone in the family saw her as an annoyance a nuisance not everyone REALLYAdriana adored her Sergio one of the brothers could be cruelas it was his basic personalitytough guy bully typewho was basically eually mean to everyone Vincenzo wasn’t cruel to the girlbut he was ‘potentially’ dangerous sexuallyThere are a couple of adventure daystaking the bus back to the girls old housewhich looked abandonedGiuseppe was the baby One daythe girl and Adriana were to watch the baby while the mother visited someone in the countryside stocking up fruit for jams Wellthat scene brought tears to my eyes Let’s just sayit was a HARD DAYBut when later once Giuseppe was as asleep next to her own bodythe girl said“I don’t think I’d ever felt the pleasure of such intimacy with any creature”Later the girls were scolded when the mother returned because some chores never got done I had to set the book down and walk away at that point for a half hourGiven what those CHILDREN went through that day only to be scolded later we’ll my emotions ‘ached’ I really liked the combination of the smooth and stark writing I loved getting to know the characters So much lifelike uality in the everyday details I found the writing to be both compassionate and merciless I REALLY LIKED THIS SLIM SIZE NOVELThank You Europa Editions Netgalley and author Donatello Di PietrantonioA DAY BEFORE I WROTE THE ABOVE REVIEWReview in a day or two Just finished this small Europa bookIt was sad but I loved the main character and couple of the supporting characters very much Loved the gorgeous stark writingthe feelings the mysterious edge Small tears twice once over a scene with a baby it broke my heart I still want to think about this longer before I write I just finished it here at The Korean Spa great relaxing dayGoing to go home to connect with my husbandBut I’m still sooo inside this Europa Novel I have a ‘thing’ for Europa books Happy weekend all you lovely readers 📚💕📚💕

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L'Arminuta mobi Ë read È Told with an immediacy and a rare expressive intensity that has earned it countless adoring readers and one of Italy’s most prestigious literary prizes A Girl Returned is a powerful novel rendered with sensitivity and verve by Ann Goldstein translator of the works of Elena Ferrante Set against the stark beautiful landscape of AbrAs never met and who seem anything but welcoming Thus begins a new life one of struggle tension and conflict especially between the young girl and her mother But in her relationship with Adriana and Vincenzo two of her newly acuired siblings she will find the strength to start again and to build a new and enduring sense of self In 1975 I was the Arminuta the girl returned A thirteen year old girl once lived near the sea in Southern Italy From my house near the beach you could hear the sound of the waves Fish dinners eaten in the garden and walks to the ice cream shop were commonplace She attended swimming lessons and dancing school Her best friend was Patrizia One day without warning her parents said I'm sorry but we can't keep you any She was whisked away to the country to the chaotic home of her birth mother Her birth mother's greeting upon her arrival you're hereFrom the moment I was given back to her the word 'mamma' had stuck in my throat Behind her a fly buzzed around in midair now and then flinging itself at the wall in search of a way out I would learn to compete for food and stay focused on my plate to defend it from aerial fork raidsDespite the deprivations encountered by the teenager she was able to bond with two of her siblings oldest brother Vincenzio and younger sister Arianabutwhere did she truly belong It seemed that neither the mother who birthed her or the mother who raised her until age thirteen would offer her any explanations for their actions I was twice an orphan of two living mothers This is a heavy burden to be placed on teenage shouldersA Girl Returned by Donatella Di Pietrantonio presents detailed descriptions of our unnamed protagonist and fleshes out many principal and secondary characters This work of literary fiction left me wanting clarity Why did these two mother figures behave in this manner What life path did the Arminuta eventually travel Did her siblings land on their feet This reader felt that there were too many unanswered uestionsThank you Europa Editions and Net Galley for the opportunity to read and review A Girl Returned