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characters Ó PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ✓ Rudolf Höss Die autobiographischen Aufzeichnungen decken die Hintergründe der moralischen und geistigen Pervertierung auf die sich im Deutschland Hitlers und Himmlers bei unzähligen ehrgeizigen »Gläubigen« des Regimes vollzogDas Konzentrations und Vernichtungslager Auschwitz in der Nähe der gleichnamigen Stadt gelegen wurde nach dem deutschen Angriff auf Polen im Zweiten Weltkrieg errichtet Im Mai 1940 wurde der damalige SS Obersturmbannführer Rudolf Höß mit dem Ausbau des Lagers beauftragt das er als Kommandat dreieinhal. Did I give this book five stars because I agree with what he did With the persecution of Jews homosexuals gypsies etc With the slaughter of millions of lives Of course not The book deserves five stars because it gets you into the mind of a cruel man who can carry out cruel actions and still be able to play the martyr In this book you will heard countless times how it wasn't Hoess's fault How he was always striving for the best he could get his prisoners How hard he was done by He even goes as far as to suggest that the work his prisoners had to do day in and day out was good for them; it kept them psychologically sane At times it even felt like he was trying to vilify the prisoners in the sonderkommandoThis book was truly horrific in content and at times I simply couldn't believe what I was reading Was I supposed to just accept that the extermination of millions of people was just your typical job Hoess in clever in the way he builds up his story so that it flows into a logical way of thinking But his little tricks won't work on any self thinking human being He can say as many times as he likes that being the commandant meant that he wasn't directly responsible for the disgusting conditions of prison life or the gassing of prisoners He can blame Himmler all he likes for making the orders nothing but orders He is not apologetic for what he did and the only thing he does regret is getting caught I recommend this book for anyone interested in WW2 in the running of a concentration camp or for those who want to understand what goes through the mind of evil Hoess is a definite liar with his thoughts and feelings but at least he was honest with fact

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Kommandant in Auschwitz Read è 6 Î Die autobiographischen Aufzeichnungen decken die Hintergründe der moralischen und geistigen Pervertierung auf die sich im Deutschland Hitlers und Himmlers bei unzähligen ehrgeizigen »Gläubigen« des Regimes vollzogDas Konzentrations und Vernichtungslager Auschwitz in der Nähe der gleichnamigen Stadt gelegen w B Jahre lang befehligte Auschwitz gehörte zu den größten Vernichtungslagern des Dritten Reiches und bestand bis zum Januar 1945 Höß wurde zum 2 April 1947 vom polnischen Obersten Volksgericht zum Tode verurteilt und am 16 April 1947 in Auschwitz gehenkt Der Kommandant dessen Laufbahn in Dachau begann dann über Sachsenhausen nach Auschwitz führte und schließlich 1945 in der Zentrale der »Inspektion KL« endete berichtet von dem Inferno einer maschinell und »hygienisch« betriebenen Ermordung der Hunderttausend. This alleged human is scary In writing his memoirs he revealed a lack of awareness emotion and responsibility that is breathtaking The SS guards he was assigned the poor medical care lack of supplies and indifferent higher officers all caused the brutal and deadly conditions at Auschwitz He struggled mightily to rectify the situation but could not manage due to everyone conspiring against him There was nothing he could do to stop the sadistic guards from encouraging the mistreatment of prisoners or killing themBut then he admits the Kommandant who followed him fixed the problem of prisoner beatings in no timeThe worst is his reaction to his role in killing perhaps three million or people It was an order like any other He was just the instrument fate put in place to carry it outHe is almost moved when a mother one of the few he witnessed killed who knew her fate ahead of time calmed her children and told them everything would be fine but whispered in his ear as she passed How can you kill all these beautiful childrenHe never answers that uestion as he rattles off his account of unimaginable horror in an almost trivial manner He discusses how his lot was terrible what with no one he can depend on to properly assist him with directives to supply so many prisoners to work as slaves building weapons for the Nazi arms manufacturers and the never ending supply of trains bringing Jews that he has to routinely gas to death and then burn That he doesn't seem to realize the enormity of what he's done and why it should be considered so horrible is the most frighting aspect of it all

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Kommandant in AuschwitzE die mit Transportzügen aus ganz Europa in Auschwitz eintrafen Er schildert Entstehung Organisation und Entwicklung der Konzentrationslager besonders aber seine Tätigkeit in Auschwitz Dabei bemüht er sich um Exaktheit und Sachlichkeit; er zeigt sich keineswegs als sadistischer Henkersknecht sondern vielmehr als ein Mann der Ordnung und Disziplin liebte der in der Freizeit als »anständiger« SS Führer stets beflissen und bereit war auch den unmenschlichsten Befehl zur Zufriedenheit seiner Vorgesetzten auszuführe. I must admit I’m not sure how to rate this memoir On one hand it’s an extremely valuable historical document for everyone who takes studying the Holocaust seriously as it gives the perspective of the perpetrator who was in charge of the biggest extermination camp in history and has literally millions of lives on his conscience On the other hand despite all of his “now looking back I know that it was all a mistake and things should have been handled differently” I never sensed even a remote semblance of the remorse in Höss’s words No he didn’t “realize” anything and no he doesn’t regret anything He only regrets that he is about to get hanged and that he won’t see his family again Now he knows how it felt for the millions of people whom he sent to the gas chambers or sentenced to death in other ways The memoir is extremely valuable because it offers a glimpse into the hierarchy of the concentration camp system shows how the whole system was set in motion starting with the infamous Dachau under Eicke’s command and eventually evolved into something shudder inducing like Auschwitz Höss recounts the history of the concentration camps in general and Auschwitz in particular or less honestly but does get carried away with ideological rantings from time to time which again witness to the fact that he has always been a convinced Nazi and that he hasn’t changed a bit in Polish captivity He proclaims that he personally never had any hatred for Jews and that certain actions of the SS and SA harmed the “scientific anti Semitism” with their brutality He gets conflicted in his views as he writes starting with “prisoners should have been treated fairly” and switching to “I was against keeping too many able bodied Jews since they contributed to the overcrowding of the camp” He calls Eicke a fanatic who considered all of the prisoners “enemies of the state” yet he himself slips and calls Jews “the enemy of the German nation which needs to be removed in order for the German nation to prosper” uite a few times He calls many of his colleagues “narrow minded” and “unable to see the big picture” when he himself displays narrow mindedness of epic proportions in almost every single opinion of his You’ll know what I mean after you read itThis memoir will most likely make you cringe but you will learn a lot about Auschwitz hierarchy of certain men who run the scene starting with Himmler Eichmann and Müller and ending with the Kommandant’s aids and follow the timeline of events told from the Kommandant’s perspective It’s definitely a must read for any Holocaust scholar who wishes to understand the mindset of perpetrators but it’s not an easy read for sure