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DOWNLOAD Ð Insurgent Á One choice can transform you—or it can destroy you But every choice has conseuences and as unrest surges in the factions all around her Tris Prior must continue trying to save those she loves—and herself—while grappling with haunting uestions of grief and forgiveness identity and loyalty politics and loveTris's initiation day shoulOne choice can transform you or it can destroy you But every choice has conseuences and as unrest surges in the factions all around her Tris Prior must continue trying to save those she loves and herself while grappling with haunting uestions of grief and forgiveness identity and loyalty politics and loveTris's initiation day should have been marked by celebration an. I want to give a big old round of applause to HarperTEEN and their insane marketing campaign Bravo That is not mockery but a legit salute I sincerely have to give it up to you for convincing me that I had to own this book I was caught up and boarded the Twitter hype train as it drove me round and round the blogosphere's Factions BTW I still don't know who drives the damn train So by the time I stepped into my local bookstore and laid eyes on Insurgent I happily handed over my 1799 I wasn't thinking logically It was as if I was under a simulation HAHAHA Did you see what I did thereAnd that ending Ugh I I I need a moment Let me just stop myself right here before I end up writing a really negative review and 1 starring one of the most anticipated books of 2012 But know I am displeased VERY Just look at how long it took me to finish the book What a shame The most anticipated book of 2012 is my most disappointing read so far After all the positive reviews I read I knew for sure I'd love it Unfortunately it didn't work out that way I was conflicted on whether to give this book one or two stars In the end Insurgent's saving grace is that it simply doesn't belong with some of my other one starred books So I feel I must warn whoever stumbles across this review If this is one of your favorite series and you love it with the burning passion of a supernova this review might have the potential to piss you off It might be best for both you and I if you just hit the back button now before things get going Go on Spock and I will waitwhistlesOh you're staying huh Well strap yourself in because I have a feeling it might just be one of those reviewsSpock tells me this review must contain mild spoilers in order to logically explain this illogical novel Sorry kids Spock's callThe first big negative right off the bat was that Insurgent picks up directly after Divergent left off There is virtually no recap to the story or characters and if you read the book a year ago well you may be screwed But thankfully Roth wrote up a lovely little cheat sheet for just this purpose Yay However the problem doesn't just lie with remembering names It lies with the connection the reader may or may not have had with the characters in Divergent which was now non existent since I could barely remember who was who What's that you say So and so just got shot in the head I'm sorry I can't find a single fuck to give Then we are introduced to even characters So not only do I have to attempt to remember the old characters but I have to keep track of these newbies too That's just way too much work Obviously this isn't really Insurgent's fault but I thought it would helpful to point this outThe PlotWhat happened here What happened to the action packed dystopian series I was introduced to in Divergent Where the hell was Tris and why was Bella playing her role Why did Four suddenly update his Facebook status to Douche Bag Who's idea was it to turn Insurgent into a Dystopian Romance One thing I loved about Divergent was that the romance took a back seat to the story and action But in Insurgent the action is scattered with a heavier focus on Tris and Four's relationship Look that is not what I signed up for I really don't care if Four loves Tris or if they'll end up riding a unicorn that poops rainbows as they ride off into the sunset Whatever whatever whateverSo the Erudite are trying to take over their world by creating a new serum for those that are Divergent while the Factionless plan a rebellion But all that usually happens in the background with occasional mention to keep the reader up to date Most of the novel we are stuck in Tris' head as she goes into angst mode over Four her parents and Will It was so boring I felt like I was stuck in a throwback episode of As the World Turns On repeat Save me But wait We have a random plot twist at the end right before the battle is about to go down Marcus Four's abusive father decides to enlist Tris to help him retrieve information stolen from Abnegation He tells her it's super secret and that he can't tell her what it is because it's something you have to see that she'll just have to trust him Doing so would betray Four She agreesWait PauseTris hates Marcus Tris loves Four Tris doesn't know what information they would be retrieving She also doesn't know if Marcus is telling her the truth She has absolutely no reason to believe him No real evidence to back up his claim She agrees Without much thought Tris is supposed to have an aptitude for Erudite right She's supposed to be logical RIGHT Tris pack your bags I think Spock has just voted you off the islandThat makes no sense And then when I found out the super big secret guess what He could have easily told her I smell and easy plot cop out folks The secret is kept long enough from the reader just so it can push you off the cliff on the last pageWorld BuildingIn Divergent I let a lot slide and roll off me because I was entertained throughout the entire book I'm known to do that with a lot of books like Wither and Across the Universe for example I could not do it with Insurgent You see I have the attention span of a fruit fly If I'm not fully engaged in the book I'm going to notice things Things I probably wouldn't care too much about if I were enjoying myself Like how the Erudite wear glasses just because they're smart Or how even though Tris is emotionally unbalanced 16 year old everyone still looks to her to analyze the situation Or even how impossible I find these factions How is it that you can put all of these traits into neat little boxes and ask a person to choose one over the others This is the same problem I had with The Hunt In both novels the author tries to pitch an idea of human behavior completely different from what reality is but you can clearly see the flaws with it However the main character fully believes in that world and way of thinking They try to rationalize it convince you of it Yes I realize it's a Dystopian novel but this is a hard concept to sell because it makes it difficult for me to sympathize with the main character their conflicted feelings and understand their world Believability is key for me and I have a hard time believing this world Tris freuently switches back and forth between her Dauntless Erudite and Abnegation sides Other characters comment on her embracing one trait depending on what the situation calls for it But this doesn't work for me Real talk you can't just put logical thinking back in the toy chest when you decide you don't want to play with it any It doesn't work like that At least I don't think so SpockI'm getting no ish vibesTrisThis series gets a lot of comparisons to The Hunger Games and in a way I can see why You have your young girl who one way or another plays an important part in bringing forth change to her society And if I really had to compare the two I'd say that Insurgent is like Mockingjay Tris is depressed struggling to hold it together and fight in the war The difference comes into play when Tris borderline gives up while Katniss kicked ass until the very end I'm not saying Tris didn't have the right to be depressed because I do believe she did But it was really over done for me I felt like I was drowning in her angst This book is over 500 pages long and most of the action doesn't even show up to the party until the last 30 pages So what was Tris doing for the other 500 pages Not a damn thing No scratch that Spock tells me that is inaccurate Tris was in fact doing something She was off being selfless trying to get herself killed so that no one else would die Bella is that you I didn't know you did Dystopias now That irritated me to no end At one point she turns herself into the Erudite because they threatened to kill off people until Divergent started surrendering So of course Tris thinks it has to be her and sneaks off to give herself up before the Dauntless can form a plan Now let's think about this logically Tris knows the Erudite want to experiment on her for a Divergent proof serum Which means people would be enslaved andor killed because of her turning herself in facepalm Then she almost dies but it was too late because I had run out of fucks by then So I had to shake Spock down for some What do you mean you're out of fucks One of us has to care if Tris lives or dies The EndingOkay lots of spoilers here folks Spoilers all around from this point onI didn't like the ending I felt cheated because I had hung on for the ending Everyone said how it made up for the rest of the book and what not but here's the thing The ending couldn't make up for all the angst filled fluff the rest of the book was stuffed with I didn't feel the anticipation throughout the novel and I hate to admit that I was really tempted to skim The villan was killed really fast without much of a fight I always hate when that happens The villan has been giving the characters hell all throughout the story and by the time their number is up they beg for their life and die by a simple stab woundYes if you kill me you'll never find the informationstabby stabinsert blood and stuffUGH I'M MELTINGdies Still no fucks I see That's cold bro And the big secret wasn't anything you couldn't have guessed from Divergent It's revealed that the world is in chaos outside of the fence Murders destruction etc The weird thing is that I actually forgot about their society being enclosed in the fence until it was brought up near the end It totally slipped my mind But I digress The entire point of their society was to be a fresh start to the world Somehow by boxing people in these Factions and waiting for the Divergent to emerge that euates to saving humanity I'm not exactly sure how that works since the book just ends with that revelation and the Acknowledgements rolled But I feel like Roth wrote herself all the way to a deserted island sent up her SOS signal and that cliffhanger fell right out of the sky to the rescue sigh I really hate cliffhangers It was one of the things that I liked about Divergent For the most part things were tied up but with Insurgent It's uite the mess we'll be walking into in book threeWill I read the next book Yes because I've come this far and I'm hoping I will enjoy book three as much as I enjoyed Divergent I think Insurgent suffers from Second Book Syndrome and the infamous Hype Train may it die in a fire the Hype Train not the book But ultimately I'm interested in how Roth will explain away everything Maybe then this whole series will make perfect logical sense to me Until then drink time SpockMore reviews and shenanigans at Cuddlebuggery Book Blog

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D victory with her chosen faction; instead the day ended with unspeakable horrors War now looms as conflict between the factions and their ideologies grows And in times of war sides must be chosen secrets will emerge and choices will become even irrevocable and even powerful Transformed by her own decisions but also by haunting grief and guilt radical new discoveries. FINALLY the book is out After months of waiting I managed to snag this book on the day of its release and thank goodness for thatWarning There will be no spoilers of Insurgent only of DivergentAfter having not been immersed in the Divergent world since the first book came out last year I had ualms about diving headfirst into Insurgent without refreshing myself with the basic events that happened prior to the start of this novel However having neither the time nor the care for rereading a book with this enticing new fresh book lying in front of me I decided to be a Dauntless and take the risk small risk but hey it's the thought that countsMy first thought That rereading Divergent would have been unnecessary in the fact that Insurgent picked up right where Divergent left off and had enough continuity to it that I slowly but surely picked up all the dormant pieces of information that I needed to know for this book The action picks up right away and my worries for this book the middle book of this trilogy were completely blown away with the events that happen Oftentimes the second book of a trilogy slows down and loses some if not a lot of the pacing of the first book only for the climax and the denouement to pick up drastically in the finale Insurgent however did not disappoint me in that wayI loved so many things from this novel many of which I will point out belowSTRONG FEMALE LEAD Tris is a kickass sort of person and there's no denying that truth Not only is she Divergent but she's also a particularly strong type of Divergent which we had all the clues for in Divergent but were not pronounced clearly until now She is inherently strong but she isn't invulnerable; she shows weakness when we expect her to just like any human and regardless of her Dauntless faction She's strong but she's not overly ambitious unlike Jeanine and other people who will rise up to power and take advantage of the chaos What sets her apart from others is that she has all the capabilities of a leader yet she shows enough humbleness and humility to know when to step down I was feeling iffy about the polarization of characteristics between the different factions but Tris's multiple affinities make her well rounded and admirable for what she chooses to do instead of what she can do with the capabilities she hasFOCUS OF THE NOVELCome on I didn't read Insurgent for its romance It's obviously a perk of course but the romance between Tobias and Tris isn't the main focus of the novel not at all The conspiracies the conspiracies within the conspiracies and the struggle between choosing what feels right and what logically is right is oftentimes employed here that makes you want to read further and further to see who's really the good guy And then somewhere along the way you realize that the good guy may not be the nicest guy I think Roth aptly puts this to justice when she writes And while he has done cruel evil things our society is not divided into “good” and “bad” Cruelty does not make a person dishonest the same way bravery does not make a person kind The multilayers to every action and every character makes you stop and think of the macro events which is what I believe books should truly be aboutREALISTIC OUTCOMES AND PLOT DEVICES THAT MAKE YOU WIDE EYED FOR MOREStemming from what I said earlier about events that occur in this book I just want to say that Roth really does know how to set her pacing for the trilogy well Just reading the revelations that each page brings shows the careful thought and planning that was placed into the creation of the Divergent world People you thought you could trust to be on the good side suddenly aren't so clear any; everyone falls into some gray fuzzy area on where their loyalties lie The aptness of the adage the road to hell is often paved with good intentions fits in with this world and many people think that the end justifies the means of their actions This strikes out to me not only for the complexity it brings to the series but also the reality of the situation that no matter how much you're a part of Abnegation in the end human instincts demand that you take a look at the grand scheme of things and figure out how you're going to survive It's not necessarily saying that people are inherently bad or good it's just that everyone takes action for their own survival and that ultimately pits people against each other both realistic and true Who you trust ends up affecting what actions you take and uoted from Roth People I have discovered are layers and layers of secrets You believe you know them that you understand them but their motives are always hidden from you buried in their own hearts You will never know them but sometimes you decide to trust them Roth doesn't hesitate to pull out all the stops with layers upon layers of events that make Tris change her mind about which course of action to take countless times It's the sort of thing that makes your brain freak with the constant flow of new information while it simultaneously processes what it just learnedCHARACTERS'nuff said You don't find multifaceted characters easily and every single one of these characters has something to contribute to the Divergent world as a whole Remember it's a society where things were always a specific way when a huge wave of reform is about to strike violently at you It's a time of strife and war something that most of us in first world countries can't comprehend on a personal level I uote an example from Isabel Allende here Once my daughter said to me that feminism was dated that I should move on Feminism is dated Yes for privileged women like my daughter but not for most of our sisters in the rest of the world who are still forced into premature marriage prostitution forced labor In such a setting chaos is everywhere and I can't stress how good it was reading about the diversity of people who at the end of the day all wanted to just survive ENDINGI would be cautious of reading Insurgent if I were you The ending was the most terrible horrible jaw dropping cliffhanger that I've read in a while We don't even have a specific date to look forward for the third book either I can't well yes I can but you understand my shock believe that Roth would put us through such misery of revealing such a huge closely guarded secret the truth of all truths to Divergent and then end it right when chaos breaks out Such a tease and such a brilliant move That'll keep us fans holding on for sureWould I recommend this book Heck yes without a single doubt It's got action suspense adventure mystery and romance packed into it and it was both cleverly and well executed I couldn't ask for of a novel and I sincerely thank Roth for sharing it with usThe pre review I had posted that gathered all the likes to this reviewWHO REVIEWED IT ALREADY I'm tempted to give death glares to any that did because at this point giving it a rating is just petty hate mail Judging by the average rating for the first book and the FACT THAT THE SECOND BOOK ISN'T EVEN OUT FOR ARCs YET there should be no ratings How can you rate a book based on what you're anticipating it to beWhat it's rated now is by no means true since we don't even know what the book is about


InsurgentAnd shifting relationships Tris must fully embrace her Divergence even if she does not know what she may lose by doing so New York Times bestselling author Veronica Roth's much anticipated second book of the dystopian DIVERGENT series is another intoxicating thrill ride of a story rich with hallmark twists heartbreaks romance and powerful insights about human nature. 45 starsWhen I first read Divergent I was awed I loved it and I really enjoyed it However there was this small part of me that just cannot acknowledge that this series could be like most reviews had said leveled with The Hunger Games I don't know there was something I need to see or feel for me to be completely convinced that it is worth comparing to THG or say that it could be as great as THG And well great job Veronica Roth because Insurgent just had me convinced that this series is indeed fcking AH MA ZING I was floored I can certainly say now that this series could be leveled with not just THG but other really great dystopian novels as well I was so happy this seuel didn't become a filler book or that it didn't suffer on the second book syndrome in which most second novels in a trilogy tend to be I was surprised to realized that throughout the book there were so many things that actually happened so many discoveries and things learned I thoroughly enjoyed the parts where we get a look on each faction It was fascinating and interesting to see how they work and learn their beliefs and principles and ways of living I saw the good and the bad in each of them their issues and flaws and realized how much their world were twisted seeing how it limited their people to have their own individuality With her grief over the loss of her parents and her guilt over Will's death Tris went through an intense emotional roller coaster ride Her regrets and remorse from what had happened drove her to make thoughtless and careless decisions and actions Which made me ache for her but also drove me pretty crazy and frustrated me a bit It was understandable and believable though especially after all that had happened and obstacles they were still facing With all those emotional suffering she'd been through she was still an amazing and admirable character a really brave and strong willed heroine In the end she was able to find her way and realized the right things she has to do TobiasFour I saw a lot of different sides of him in this book His usual 'cold and aloof' facade he wear most of the time was gone He showed a lot of emotions in this one and he'd been open regarding his feelings I saw a frustrated Four a vulnerable Four a regretful Four but also a very loving and caring Four and boy did I fall in love all over againWhat I also loved so much in this book was how Tris and Tobias's relationship was handled It was very real believable and mature I love that it showed how it was to have a relationship in a situation were too many obstacles conflicts emotional baggages were thrown It wasn't easy and it wasn't always beautiful But they were still able to overcome it The downside of it helped established their relationship into a much stronger and in depth one I was touched by them and I just so freaking loved them I found myself dumbfounded by the ending It was mind blowing and I was seriously surprised It wasn't really a brutal cliffhanger but it was a very good cliffhanger I wasn't expecting that and it made me so excited for the next book Overall Insurgent was a very remarkable and impressive seuel Once you read it you'll never have a doubt about his series I highly recommend it Book 3 hurry up This review is also posted at Book OverdoseTeaser He kisses me again insistent this time his hands sueezing my waist His breaths his body my body we are so close there is no difference