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Finale author Becca Fitzpatrick reader ´ Hardcover read ½ Hush Hush serisinin bu nefes kesici Final'inde kader ağlarını örüyorNora ve Patch tüm sorunların geride kaldığını düşünmektedir ve genç kız kovulmuş meleğe karşı hissettiği sevgiden her zamankinden daha emindir Kovulmuş melek olsun ya da olması?zleşmek için güçlerini toplamalıdır Hank ölmüştür ve istemeden de olsa Nefilim ırkının lideri olan Nora onun başlattığı işi bitirmek zorundadır Bu da kovulmuş melekleri yani Patch'i yok etmesi gerekeceği anlamına gelmektedir Böyle bir şeyin olmasına asla izin vermeyeceğinden Patch'le birlikte bir plan yapar Amaçları savaşı daha başlamadan bitirmektirFakat bazen en iyi hesaplanan planlar bile ters gidebilme “I swear to you Nora Grey on this day from now and forever to give myself to you I am yours My love my body my soul—I place in your possession and protection” He held out the ring a single offering a binding promise” “You dress to impress I said approvinglyNo Angel He leaned in his teeth softly grazing my ear I undress to impress” I have so many feelings right now It was perfect There were many unexpected things and I feel happy and sad at the same time view spoiler1 I loved Nora and Patch even though at some points Nora annoyed me as alwaysexcept for 3rd book At the end Nora and Patch declare their love for each other in an Blood Oath I absolutely loved it 2I hate Dante At first he was good and he wanted to help them but it was revealed that he was hypocrite He betrayed his own people and he allied with fallen angels And he killed Scott I fng hate Dante I am glad he is dead 3Why Scott????????????????? He was good I really liked him He died protecting Nora 4I said that before but I will say it again The most unlucky character is Vee She had a relationship with ScottAnd I shipped them a lot And he died and she was alone againOkay after years she married but I wanted Scott with Vee I wanted Scott to be alive 5 I felt sorry for Marcie She died and 5 people went to her funeral 6Vee is Nephilim What the hell? Everybody is Nephilim 7And Detective Basso is archangel Nobody is human 8 In conclusion I would like to say that I absolutely loved Patch hide spoiler

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Ktedir Nora yeni görevine alışmaya çalışırken hiç beklemediği bir şekilde bağımlılık yapıcı bir güce kapılmaktan kendini alıkoyamazSavaş hatları çizilirken Nora ve Patch hangi tarafta yer alacaktır? Aralarındaki farklılıklarla yüzleşirken bunları ya görmezden gelecek ya da uğruna savaştıkları sevginin yok olmasına sebep olacaklardır Nihayetinde aşkın bile üstesinden gelemeyeceği engeller yok mudur? not gonna lie the finale of this series feels a little rushed to me but boy what a finale it is even though this story had its ups and downs along the way its definitely one of the uniue series i have read and one that has gotten me to open up to the paranormal sub genre i am really content with how everything played out i just wish it had better pacing and i am glad i will be putting this book back in its place on my shelf with positive feelings any recommendations for similar books that can fill the void of this series are than welcome D↠ 4 stars

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Finale author Becca FitzpatriHush Hush serisinin bu nefes kesici Final'inde kader ağlarını örüyorNora ve Patch tüm sorunların geride kaldığını düşünmektedir ve genç kız kovulmuş meleğe karşı hissettiği sevgiden her zamankinden daha emindir Kovulmuş melek olsun ya da olmasın hayatının aşkı odur Kökenleri ve kaderleri birbirlerine düşman olmalarını gerektirse de Nora Patch'e sırtını dönmeyecektir fakat ikisi de son bir tehlikeyle y? Seriously Fitzpatrick? Seriously? I justI just can't understand First Adornetto then Kate and now you not only once with your freaking graphic novel but twice? See you're even making Dean my dearest Mocha's husband cry This madness has to end All of the authors I've mentioned so far are not doing this to advance the story in any way shape or form Hell all of these series could have been done in half the amount that there are currently; all of these authors are doing it for one reason only the money I understand that the life of an author is a hard one but whatever happened to the damn story?It just sad Writing books should never be about just the money; it should be about making an impact on society actually furthering your story arc something anything but swindling people out of their hard earned cash on a book that really should never have been published But that's the world we live in today isn't it? Authors that actually have good original stories and put their heart and soul into their writing are turned down just because of today's pop culture; those millions of little idiotic girls screaming for the next Edward and Bella I don't think I've ever been unhappy to see a book published than Twilight; honestly it changed the whole dynamic for YA and that's basically all we've gotten since then Shit tons of TSTL girls overly protective and in some ways downright abusive guys with plots as slow as molasses horrible research skills and characters story arcs that authors just add in or throw out for the hell of it I'm sick Sick and tired of it This is what I feel like doing to all of those authors right about nowOh and some of thisEditSoshe's calling this book a saga? SighI don't even have the energy to be mad about that after my brutal smack down so please let me direct you all to my dearest friend Anila's review that describes my pain over all of this perfectly