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Elsewhere kindle ✓ Paperback ↠ Killed in a hit and run accident Liz's 'life' takes an unexpected turn She knows that she will never marry have children or maybe never even fall in love but in the land called Elsewhere things carry on pretty much as normalKilled in a hit and run accident Liz's 'life' takes an unexpected turn She A rather disappointing book Having read and liked Zevin's Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac I expected Elsewhere to be a book of the same high uality No luck Elsewhere is not strictly a bad book It raises an always interesting uestion what happens when you die In the book you move to Elsewhere where you age back instead of getting older you get younger while growing up mentally until you become a baby and then you are sent back to earth to live another life The book is about coming to terms with your death about enjoying your life no matter what strange form it is in Yes the book has plenty of great ideas but they are wrapped up in a very dull and childish plot with a lot of teenage whining Even the romance rings false you basically have a 35 year old man in a body of a 17 old boy fall in love with a 15 year old girl There are talking dogs and mermaids and Elsewhere itself is a rather boring utopia like place Ultimately the story is just extremely juvenile I think if you take out references of sexuality from Elsewhere it will make a great read for 10 year olds to spark that conversation about afterlife but as a young adult novel it falls shortReading challenge #15

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Love but in the land called Elsewhere things carry on pretty much as norm Reviewed by Me for TeensReadToocomStories about the Afterlife have always appealed to me There are thousands upon thousands of interpretations out there about what exactly happens to a person after they die ELSEWHERE is a new spin on an old topic but it manages to bring emotion realism and entertainment to something that is in most circumstances a very depressing situation To me ELSEWHERE is a combination of Mitch Albom's THE FIVE PEOPLE YOU MEET IN HEAVEN and Alice Sebold's THE LOVELY BONES two other wonderful books dealing with death and the Afterlife ELSEWHERE goes beyond those two books however taking readers on a journey into a land so much like Earth and yet so very very different Fifteen year old Elizabeth Liz Lizzie Marie Hall has found herself in ELSEWHERE after dying in a bicycle meets taxi accident After taking a long ride on the SS Nile Liz has finally realized that she's not in a dream after all but really truly dead When she arrives on Elsewhere she meets her maternal grandmother Betty for the very first time A woman who died at fifty from breast cancer Betty is now a woman in her thirties one of the first surprises Liz is in for is the fact that on Elsewhere lives are lived backward from the age of a person's death Needless to say this thought depresses Liz She'll never be sixteen never have a Massachusetts driver's license never go to the prom or graduate from high school or go to college or get married The only thing she has to look forward to is growing younger until she returns to being an infant and is sent back to Earth to be born again Liz spends her first month on Elsewhere spending all of her time and her grandmother's eternims the currency used there to watch her family friends and classmates back on Earth She's soon a regular at the OD's or Observation Decks watching life on Earth pass her by She's upset that her best friend Zooey didn't attend her funeral Her parents are inconsolable her younger brother Alvy tells jokes to get through the day and her dog Lucy refuses to accept that Liz isn't coming back It takes awhile but Liz finally realizes that spending hours upon hours at the OD's is not helping her adjust to life on Elsewhere She finds a new friend in Owen one of the detectives in charge of keeping the inhabitants of Elsewhere away from the Well where contact with people on Earth is possible but illegal She once again befriends Thandi a young girl killed on Earth by a stray bullet who was her bunkmate on the SS Nile She gets closer to grandmother Betty finally takes a job in the Division of Domestic Animals helping recently departed pets find new owners and seems to be finding a place on Elsewhere I really loved this story One of the most delightful things in ELSEWHERE is the animals especially the dogs Liz a natural at the language of Canine is able to interpret for her four legged friends and finally understand everything they have to say I can't truly imagine aging backwards but Gabrielle Zevin has managed to make a truly believable story that is realistic entertaining and emotional all at the same time This is definitely a recommended read and in all honesty I would love to visit the land of Elsewhere again in the future

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ElsewhereKnows that she will never marry have children or maybe never even fall in Maybe if I were still thirteen I would think differently but Elsewhere reads like a Hallmark movie of the week It's sappy and hopelessly predictable While Zevin's depiction of the afterlife is kind of creative it's mostly confounding turns out death is just as routine and dull as everyday life except that dogs talk Her jokes either fall flat or induce a lengthy groan but are never really amusing And while Zevin can occasionally turn a phrase in an interesting way for the most part her prose is awkward and downright clunky Although she tries to be very uiet she loses her grip on the last drawer and it slams shut This has the unfortunate effect of waking the sleeping girl again Man I hate when a drawer slams shut because I lost my grip on it In the end Elsewhere falls very flat