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Then, Again Read & Download ô 0 · Sometimes you have to lose it all to find what you really needPhotographer Kay Turner is dealt a double whammy when she flies home for her grandmother’s funeral to find her boyfriend with another woman Now with two losses to mourn she retreats to her newly inherited beach house to clear her head Everything at the He irresistible smile of James Margolis The man Kay spent her adolescence pining for is every bit as charming as she remembersJames always thought of Kay as “a nice kid” but he feels something very different for the woman she’s become Especially when he asks if she’d be willing to part with some of her grandmother’s recipes for his new restaurant and they wind up sharing much than culinary se. Amanda‘s review posted on Guilty Pleasures Book ReviewsReview copy provided for an honest review5 Stars I’m in love again I love reading a story of one of my favorite authors and getting lost in her book If you haven’t read a book by Karen Stivali then you are missing out on wonderful writer of contemporary romance She has a way of writing about real life and real people and drawing you in with the hero and heroine’s journey Her latest release Then Again is just that kind of storyKay Turner has returned to the US to attend her grandmother’s funeral and is thrown for a huge loop when she catches her boyfriend cheating on her Realizing her job as a travel photographer is not great on relationships she calls it uits and heads to the shore and her grandmother’s home in NJ Once there she hopes to put her grandmother’s affairs in order and take some time to figure things out with her life Returning to the beach town community where she spent her childhood summers she meets up again with the object of an adolescent crush James Margolis James is opening a new restaurant and is smitten himself with Kay the woman she’s becomeI love reading both POVs from both Kay and Jimmy You get inside their heads and see their thoughts fears and insecurities You see the hope and desire of each of them wanting the other and hope there is a chance the other feels the same What I like the best is when the author takes simple moments and makes them uite genuine for me Her recalling scents of her grandmother when she is getting ready for the funeral comes to mind And when James asked Kay to make love I let out a huge sigh Those moments were totally emotional and heartfelt They deal with family and past relationships and work through with thoughtful conversations and concern for each other I like the scene when she is out of her element taking care of James’ niece and nephew She brings alive the ordinary day and I am so please with the outcome Ultimately it comes down to how they can make it work with his and her jobs That’s when it gets tricky for both of them because they both do the unexpectedThen Again is a story of what happens when you have to decide what you really want out of life It’s not always an easy decision or one you can make with only yourself in mind but it makes you think what your priorities are and what you want in your own future I’m so glad that I was able to read about Kay and her relationship with James I love them falling in love with each other and their desire to want to be with each other A well written book in which you feel the emotion of it come through each scene and one happy ending Kudos for a job well done Ms Stivali

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Sometimes you have to lose it all to find what you really needPhotographer Kay Turner is dealt a double whammy when she flies home for her grandmother’s funeral to find her boyfriend with another woman Now with two losses to mourn she retreats to her newly inherited beach house to clear her head Everything at the beach is familiar the sounds of the ocean the scent of her grandmother’s perfume and t. I remember those petty and shy times during my high school where I use to doodle the name of my crush on my notebooks or book’s side or anywhere I could put it You do you still remember that stage where you go on that same mantra Where you believe that maybe someday that that certain person would bring back the same attention to you and you would both live happily ever after together KimberlyKimmyKay is no different from all of usTravel photography is a job that Kay seriously takes and loves But after returning home sooner than scheduled and finding out that her boyfriend is sleeping around with other girls while she’s away add up to this is the emotional wreck she came into when she heard the news that her grandmother passed away She needs to head back hone – to the place where she spent her summer days just being carefree and comfortable also the place where she met her first ultimate crush James MargolisKay is one of those characters that I wanted to give a warm friendly hug Her only family was her grandmother and her two best friends but despite the trials she faced as she grew she worked hard to achieve her dreams She’s independent and focused on her career But one thing that sways this woman’s confidence is the presence of James – all hot male all time crush of hers It’s really funny to see her reactions whenever this guy was around for it seems like she transform back to the shy and timid girl that she ‘s been during her highschoolDespite his mature age James is one adorable and endearing character I find his ‘what if’ moments so cute She’s all confidence on the outside but on the inside he’s all heap of over thinking This guy could really cook The detailed description of the food he’s planning to serve on his restaurant was such a delish He two was easily swayed by Kay’s presenceJames and Kay are two people that seemed to be cut out of the same cloth Their relationship was simple sweet; passionate and has its roots Though its been years since they last seen each other and during then they haven’t even talked much but the chemistry when they saw each other once again was there Meeting again opens up another set of opportunities for their relationship and the good thing about this is that they already have the history and foundation in it – everything in between would be a simple getting to know you once again or rehash of everything they’ve been too during the past yearsFrom the meeting and getting to know you again parts to the first date movie nights walk on the beach dinners baby sitting family meetings ex’s first fight and misunderstanding and separation – It was all worth the drama and the little tearsThen Again is a cute case story that makes my belief is happy ever after firmer Despite us stepping into a future where good things lies ahead it’s also good to look back to see people that we could bring along to the good future timesAdvanced copy kindly provided for reviewBlog Tour deets posted at Reads and Thoughts

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Then AgainCretsBut as their relationship deepens Kay finds herself caught between the demands of her dream career as a travel photographer and a chance for happiness with the one man she’s wanted for a lifetime Product Warnings This foodie romance contains sensual scone baking a heroine who discovers one bad apple hasn’t spoiled her appetite and a delicious hero you can’t help but crave Blend well serve ho. There was really no point to this book not that I expected a lot given the summary but I had hoped for just a bit than was put out there There is no real conflict so the book reads as a boring unsubstantial romance with no actual story