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Destiny Faraday makes a point of keeping her distance from her classmates at Hedgebrook Academy Her number one rule Don’t get attached But one day unexpectedly finding a car at their disposal Destiny and three of her classmates embark on an unauthorize Something I want?? I want four matching tires I want oatmeal without lumps I want a bed that will be mine not just for a month or a year but for the rest of my life I want letters from home I want my parents to know what it’s like to be abandoned All I want is one day where the good guys win One day where the world makes sense Just one day where the world is fair Where it all adds up to what it should be Just one single fair dayWell I didn’t know what to expect when I picked up The Miles Between as it’s the first book I’ve read by Mary E Pearson Now I’ll tell you up front I’m an easy girl to please well when it comes to books I mean ^^ Give me a road trip an opportunity to spend a few hours with a uirky foursome a cute lambadoodle and some unrealistic adventures and for the most part I’d call it a hit Unfortunately when it comes to this story I have to admit I was a bit underwhelmed and sort of bothered at the final hour I felt there was a missed opporutnity to make Destiny Seth Mira and Aidan’s experience unforgettable and I can’t uite pinpoint where that detour happened in that regards I will say that I found the coincidence facts interesting from the bits about Abraham Lincoln and John F Kennedy to John Adams and Thomas Jefferson even the story about Hugh Williams had me asking really?? but when it comes down to it I guess I feel misled by the main character Destiny I understand that’s the whole premise of the story but when I invest emotion into a situation; I want the event to be true To dislike a set a characters I’ve never met but only through the MC’s POV for the majority of the story and just find out my feelings are unfounded well that doesn’t sit well with me I felt lied to I’m wondering if there were another way to work that angle if it was possible could it have changed the feel of the bookIt was nice to see this group of characters journey together reveal truths about each other and experience some heartfelt moments and it didn’t bother me overly much that it took a set of unlikely events to make this story work but I feel the author missed the mark when it came to developing a group of strong characters with a memorable road trip It was fun and fast paced for the most part and I feel the author has what it takes to entertain her readers so I’ll definitely give her other books a try This one for me was good but not uite great

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The Miles BetweenSays “Things are not always what they seem” Only she knows that Langdon holds far than that a deep secret she has never shared with anyone   The Miles Between explores the wonder and magic of a very real world where chance mystery and secrets aboun It’s October 19th and teenager Destiny Faraday is beginning what appears to be just another normal day at one of the many boarding schools she’s attended since her parents decided they didn’t want her around when she was a young girl However that soon changes when Destiny meets a substitute calculus teacher after breakfast who asks her what she wishes She says she would just like one fair day and almost immediately happens upon a car with the engine running Just knowing that she is meant to take the car she is soon on the road trip of her life with three classmates Along the way coincidence magic or maybe just pure fate turn it into a truly fair day for all four of the teens and Destiny is finally able to begin healing from her parent’s abandonmentFirst I want to say how thankful I am for young adult authors like Mary E Pearson For the past few months I've been lamenting the poor uality and silliness of nearly every new young adult book I've read this year Laurie Halse Anderson's Wintergirls and now Pearson's The Miles Between have restored my hope that there are still high uality well developed books being written for teens It seems though that you have to read a lot of not so good stuff before you find the good onesDestiny Faraday is a character that I immediately liked from the very beginning of the book It's apparent that she's been deeply hurt because she tries very hard not to let herself or other people get close to her But she puts on a front and acts like everything's fine Her inner dialog is funny and snarky and touching all at the same time Destiny's classmates are also likable and uirky in their own ways Even the annoying Mira won me over midway through the book The road trip is filled with adventure and funny coincidences that I think many teens will enjoy But along with the funny moments are bittersweet moments and heartbreaking momentsWhile I was on the journey with Destiny and her friends I smiled I laughed I snorted I cried and was not sad at all that I had missed a couple hours of sleep to take part in the journey Mary E Pearson is a true asset to the world of young adult literature and her beautiful powerful and well thought 0ut writing has made me a true fan

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FREE PDF à BOOK The Miles Between ✓ NATURALTREATMENT Ë Destiny Faraday makes a point of keeping her distance from her classmates at Hedgebrook Academy Her number one rule Don’t get attached But one day unexpectedly finding a car at their disposal Destiny and three of her classmates embark on an unauthorized road D road trip They’re searching for one fair day a day where the good guy wins and everything adds up to something just and right Their destination Langdon a town that Destiny’s unsuspecting companions hope will hold simply a day of fun But as Destiny A touching deep and fun story about a road trip four friends and the search for One Fair Day Beautifully written wonderful honest characters and plot that will pull at your heart stringsA brilliant read