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Read The Gourmet Detective Gourmet Detective Mystery Book 1 ñ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ☆ Meet the Gourmet Detective A chef turned culinary sleuth the Gourmet Detective tracks down obscure ingredients and unravels difficult recipes for rival restaurateurs until a guest unexpectedly drops dead Meet the Gourmet Detective A chef turned culinary sleuth the Gourmet Detective tracks down obscure ingredients and unravels difficult recipes for rival restaurateurs until a guest. Okay I'm sure this is a great bookI got boredI honestly got bored of all the foodAll the wineAll the pretentiousness It was like Fraiser Crane yes from Fraiser decided to become a 'Food Detective' Only remember he's not a real detective Even though he scoffed at the PIE club where 'non detectives were allowed to join' and he was wasn't referring to himselfI would have liked it better if there were some recipes at the back which I vaguely remember their being a promise ofWhat pissed me off the most She could be pretty if she changed her hair wore makeup and better clothes EXCUSE ME This was said about literally every single woman other than the two females he was supposed to be attracted to Otherwise every single woman was frizzy and could be pretty It pissed me offHonestly I read this because I enjoyed the tv movies done by Hallmark Holy crap for a change Hallmark got it right because if they had stuck to the original source material I wouldn't continue watching This movies are great I like the main character whom I realize now you never find out his name in the book And in the movies the real police aren't bimbos like Winnie is in this oneI am familiar with a lot of foodie lingo my Grandmother having been a French chef owned her own restaurant even but man this made me go cross eyed at times And the amount of wine drunk honestly gave me a headache even though I wasn't drinking Good gods it must be expensive to live in the Gourmet Detective's world since he had a new wine with every single course And every meal had to have several coursesIt was very outdated And the character of Michael did of the detective work than the main characterIt was cool seeing London as the setting living 30 minutes west that is And it amused me to see my favorite sparkling white mentioned though he did try to call it Champagne and did argue whether it should be called that or not Well boyo it's Cava not Champagne nor is it originally from California It's from Catalonia The only part he got right was that Freixenet is a Spanish company So put that in your flute and drink itYeah Not so enjoyable for me C'est la vie I doubt I'll continue the series

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Unexpectedly drops dead at the prestigious Circle of Careme dinner Drawing upon his epicurean and investigative skills the Gourmet Detective hunts the killer among omelettes Bour. A mystery to really sink your teeth into 35 starsA copy of this novel was provided to me for review via NetgalleyIn the first book of this culinary mystery series we are introduced to the ‘Gourmet Detective’ a man renowned for tracking down hard to find ingredients for high calibre eateries and answering the most tricky of food uestions This time though he may have bitten off a bit than he can chew after he inadvertently gets pulled into solving the murder of an investigative journalist at a high end dinner party A bit of real sleuthing is called for as he eagerly follows in the footsteps of his hallowed fictional detective heroes working with Scotland Yard in a bid to crack the perplexing case for which there are any number of suspectsWhen I am reading culinary mysteries the first uestion I ask myself is does it make me feel hungry The answer here was an uneuivocal YESI must admit that this book was much better written than I had initially anticipated with some great scene setting particularly that of London and the restaurants themselves and some vivid food descriptions that really made my mouth water It’s definitely culinary than ‘cosy’ with lots of emphasis on food and drink and a few minor swear words though a surprising lack of violence or gore which is why I’m finding it a bit hard to categorise it I learned useful details about food and drink too which is always great as it was drip fed to the reader in uite a subtle fashion Personally though I think this book would have perhaps worked better if it hadn’t been written in the first person narrative; it does tend to get overly bogged down in some of the technical details and as a reader you only comprehend what the narrator is thinking and feeling and merely witness his speculation towards other characters It does become clunky and repetitive at points especially when he is trying to pair his food choices with music which occurs consistently throughout the novel and just feels a bit TOO much like name dropping I’m all for enhancing the eating experience but those aspects did feel long winded and distracting at times That’s not to say that I didn’t like the narrator of course I did it’s just that a third person narrative would have allowed for a much wider scope of information within the plot and far less inadvertent marketing of varieties of wine That aside I did enjoy getting to know the gourmet detective and following his journey as he became a ‘real detective’ Earlier within the book he does concede that he is a “private person as well as a private eye” and I would welcome reading books in this series to see if that still remains the case as well as seeing if some of the characters in this book make a welcome reappearance in future especially burgeoning romantic interest Winnie I would not hesitate in recommending this book to mystery readers whose ‘tastes’ tend to favour culinary fiction This is certainly a pleasing addition to the genre

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The Gourmet Detective Gourmet Detective Mystery Book 1Guignonne and vats of Madeira sauce Featuring many real recipes and actual cooking techniues this delightful mystery is a charming romp through the kitchens of the finest gourmand. Okay hmm I've read the whole series now I'm not going to do individual book reviews some of them are better than others but they're all enjoyable uick reads Then again throw gourmet food and wine into anything and I'm likely to add some points to it in my mind Bizarrely though given that I gave all the books three stars I don't know that I recommend them Had they been written fifty years ago I'd give them some slack but here are my issues with well all of themThe gourmet detective himself our protagonist is an unlikable twit He's a middle aged pretentious white man with delusions of self importance He fancies himself a ladies man and of course manages to get one or another into bed trailed off never portrayed just make sure we know it happened wink wink in all or almost all the books He's misogynistic racist and classist He fancies himself a connoisseur of all things food and wine and throws about names and terms most of which the average reader will not have heard of and will probably just move past without much thought The problem is he's pretty much clueless and the mistakes in his descriptions of various ingredients dishes and bottles of fermented grape juice are legion In short and yes I realize I'm generalizing and could be accused of bias myself he's the sort of detective that a 70 year old retired upper middle class British metallurgical engineer who apparently at some point went to the Cordon Bleu cooking school to be trained as a chef though my bet is he just took a few cooking classes for home cooks then again who knows but it seems he did it after retiring at some point in his 70s would reimagine himself to be if he were to become a food detective In short a sort of Walter Mitty alter ego