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Sworn to the Shadow God Aspect and Anchor #2 Reader Ë 645 pages Download ↠ Adventure It's what my boring life is missing so when I fall through a portal into another world I'm excited Here I'm important Here I'm special I find out just how special when I meet Death Yup That guy He's been exiled to the mortAdventure It's what my boring life is missing so when I fall through a portal into another world I'm excited Here I'm important Here I'm special I find out just how special when I meet Death Yup That guy He's been exiled to the mortal realm to work through his flaws and he's just as spoiled and awful as you'd think Rhagos the Shadow Lord is arrogant and rude and controlling and 4 stars Review now posted 26420Contains small early spoilersThe first book Bound To The Battle God really satisfied that graving for a good immersive fantasy book I truly love the world RD has created The mythos the Gods the landsmap the powers the punishment the whole plot just really works for me And I was really looking forward getting stuck in it again with this oneThough I loved everything about the book the heroine disappointed me a bit The beginning started off great She's a gamer wears glasses and is a bit of a stressed out clutzy employee All things I could identify with Especially the making coffee for the boss Eons ago when I was a PA for a CEO I used to use it as an excuse to take a break from him I took my time and did it as slow as I could possibly do it and really tried hard to anot spill it and bhave the right amount of foam kaimaki on top And yes I got told off if it wasn't just right and no I'm not kidding So almost immediately I felt for Max Her excitement about getting together with her guild on the end of a crappy day really resonated too Things started going down hill a bit after Max meets Rhagos the Shadow God aka Mr Death aka Grimreaper aka alternate version of Hades But we'll circle back to the Death hunk later Max was much luckier than Faith the h of the previous book The minute she travels to the alternate universe she's is found by a spinner a sort of crone witchoracle and given basic explanations and instructions Something poor Faith didn't get until we were almost half way into the book The author makes several points that she's too trusting and naive but I felt in several instances in the book that the problem wasn't so much her being too trusting but her being a bit slow on the uptake She becomes so focused on uesting and being Chosen that she doesn't uestion the things she should or realise things that are right in her face Though I loved her loyalty and her eventual relationship with Rhagos At first Rhagos is the epitome of a God in the Aos realm Arrogant selfish demanding a general ass Little wonder that the High Father keeps punishing them As the story progresses you see the changes in him I don't want to say too much as I think you should go in blind where he is concerned A lot of his story can be construed as spoilers I feel that I can say that he is plagued with that enmity that follows all versions of Death in all lore Everyone hates Death And Death is always alone I read this massive book in a day and while Max might not have been the perfect heroine for me I still truly enjoyed being back in this world and I cannot wait to see what Ruby Dixon has in store for us next 15220

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Demands to get his way He's selfish He's impossible He's also utterly gorgeous Magnetic Lonely And strangely protective of me Thanks to a magic bond I now serve him as his anchor to the mortal realm It means that I'm his conscience his guideand the target for any assassin or glory seeker After a few days of this I'd rather go home than continue on this 'adventure' I need a way b Waw finally finished it I binged this book and it took me the whole day I haven’t been this excited for a new release in a long timeThis one was uite different than the first I say this because I was worried we were gonna journey through another traditional Anticipation journey but that’s because of my lack of imagination as I couldn’t think of ways in which this could deviate from that plot line I’m so glad this was nothing I could have predicted or imagined in the best way possible of courseNot only was the plot pretty great but the characters were uniuely developed as well Max was uite different from Faith less inuisitive naive less experienced trusting less independent kindhearted If we were to draw parallels yes there were certain things I liked about Faith and certain things I appreciated in Max but that just goes to show that Ruby does such a great job at creating believable characters that are relatable at the same time As for Rhagos that was a tough nut to crack because the whole time I was trying to asses his intentions After the Prologue I was left with so many uestions that were not really answered until about the 90% mark in the story But then again that’s not a bad thing it made for an interesting read kept me guessing and assuming One thing that surprised me was his willingness to really admit his emotions and just bare them for everyone we often have these heroes who are too proud or damaged or jaded to admit they are in over their heads for someone and act as if it’s beneath them until the very end It was a pleasant surprise to see Rhagos deviate from that pattern even so because he is the God of Death and Shadows not exactly a great environment to nurture new emotional depths In comparison to Aron he was once again differently portrayed yet you can sense a certain commonality probably the badass vibes and the feelings they get from the disappointments that come with a long life of being served and feared I imagine it gets tedious and they basically become hardened cynics Anyway I loved him I loved Max and I love the recurrent theme of redemption by going through certain trials or by experiencing the world through someone else’s perspective I cannot wait for Kassam’s book He’s on Earth apparently I wonder if the story will take place on that realmI was lucky enough to read Bound to the Battle God just 2 weeks ago and so I didn’t wait long for this one I hope Ruby releases the 3rd book soon ish

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Sworn to the Shadow God Aspect and Anchor #2Ack to Earth and fast As the world falls down around us and we're hunted simply for existing I find myself wondering what it'd be like to serve the lonely god of deathin all ways To kiss him To touch him To bed him ExceptI'm supposed to be finding a way home not trying to kiss Rhagos No matter how tempting he is No matter how much he stares at my lips No matter how much I want i I thought it was impossible for Ruby Dixon to write boring book but here we areDon’t mind the cover in reality it’s not some cheap erotica but when I think about it nowI loved the first book Bound to the Battle God It was funny lovely interesting so I was excited when I found out that there’s going to be a seuelIt took the author than 3 years I think to write the first book and it was kinda obvious because it was done really good But then the seuel was written in a few months and yeah it end up horribly Like okay I know she publishes book like every month and it’s good but what the heck is thisThis long slow burn romance book it’s not her style so I get it why it took her so long to write it and therefore I think she should also took time for the second bookIt was dull confusing and disappointingI was praying through the whole book to be finally over It was like never ending story There was a lot of names of people and places it made it difficult for me to focused on everything It was just too muchToo much names too much informations too much dumb decisions too much odd dialogs too much annoying characters and yada yada yadaBelieve me I am sad so much because I thought I would adore this 235⭐️