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eBook ò Stranger in My Arms Þ Hardcover Read ¶ Lisa Kleypas ✓ From the glittering ballrooms of Regency London to the glorious gardens of countryside manors Lisa Kleypas invites her readers to visit a lushly romantic world Now Lisa has written her most unforgettable love storyLady Hawksworth your Er Earl of Hawksworth had been lost at sea Or so she'd been told Their unhappy marriage with its cold caresses and passionless kisses was over But now a powerful virile man stood before her telling secrets only a husband could know and vowing she would once again be his wife in every way While Lara couldn' Attention It appears that someone thinks this story is full of spoilers however it's been so long since I read it that I'm not sure if there are spoilers or if it's just a recap of the book blurb Therefore proceed at your own riskThis is one of my favorite storylines; unaffectionate husband leaves presumably dies shows up not dead and has miraculously become one hot passionate and attentive lover What could a woman ask for? Perhaps it’s my love of this story theme that had my expectations too high and while I liked Stranger In My Arms I didn’t love itEven though Lara had accomplished so much good through her charity work after her husband’s death I just didn’t feel like she was a strong heroine I didn’t connect with her the way I would have liked to I also felt that her sister Rachel who suffered abuse at her own husband’s hands was a weak character who even as she lay battered and bruised had decided to return to her husband because she had nowhere else to go I liked Lord Hawksworth well enough but I even felt that his character development was lacking Although he was hot and sexy and dreamy I guess that part of him was well developed well you know what I mean blushingFor me the most engaging character by far and the most real was Johnny the adorable orphan who Lara took in He was cute innocent inuisitive and just all around loveable And I do wish we had seen of his little pet “Mousey” Johnny is going to be one hunk of a heartbreaker when he grows up and I would LOVE to read his storyI felt like there was so much potential for an amazing story but I was somewhat disappointed in this oneMy favorite book with the return from the dead theme is Wild Card by Lora Leigh and I loved the movie Sommersby starring Jodie Foster and Richard sigh Gere Link ot Sommersby trailer is actually a 35 star for me

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From the glittering ballrooms of Regency London to the glorious gardens of countryside manors Lisa Kleypas invites her readers to visit a lushly romantic world Now Lisa has written her most unforgettable love storyLady Hawksworth your husband is not dead With those words Lara's life turned upside down Hunt Instagram || Twitter || Facebook || || PinterestLisa Kleypas is well known for her light regency romances with smart heroines and breezy prose But she didn't start out that way Once you start hitting her back list and reading the books that were published say in 1993 or earlier you get into some weird shtSTRANGER IN MY ARMS was originally published in 1988 according to Goodreads which makes it the earliest Lisa Kleypas book I have read to date It's about a noble widow named Lara whose life is upended when her late husband Hunter the Earl of Hawksworth presumed dead on a journey to India returns alive and well and ready to resume his position This means kicking out his wretched relations Arthur and Janet and resuming marital relations with his beautiful wife or so he thinksGuys STRANGER IN MY ARMS features one of the most unlikable selfish sanctimonious hypocritical heroines I have ever had the displeasure of encountering in fiction Even though I'm rounding up this book to 15 stars please please consider this review an honorary 1 star review because I definitely considered bestowing that honor upon it for the sht I was forced to endurewarning SPOILERS Let's talk about Lara She's disappointed when she finds out her husband isn't dead Which is kind of jerkish but okay her husband wasn't a nice man so that's understandable When she finds out that he has undergone a personality transplant in his absence and actually become a pretty decent human being Lara still treats him like dirt She adopts an orphan without telling him expecting him to accept the child's presence and then acting surprised and not grateful when he does She refuses to sleep with him which again is her right But she also taunts him about it ordering her gowns cut an extra two inches lower with the intent of torturing him enters into sexual bargains with him for the orphans again and then speculates on how to welsh on the deal this is the term that the book uses so please excuse the potentially pejorative phrasing When she realizes he's not the man to force a woman into having sex she is amused by that and tries to figure out whether she can use his honor to renege on their sex bargain while still getting what she wants When he tells her that she's the only woman he wants she writes a letter to his ex mistress inviting her to their charity ball causing a scene embarrassing him in front of all his peers and then acts surprised when he's angryBut let me tell you about the cherry that is the btch sundae special that is LaraKleypas seems fascinated by doppelgangers and mistaken identity In a twist that mimics the twist in ONLY WITH YOUR LOVE it turns out that Hunter is actually the bastard half brother of the Hunter that Lara married We never find out Hunter's real name so I'll just put his name in uotes when I'm talking about her impostor husbandAnyway throughout the book it's hinted pretty heavily that the man who returned isn't the one who left Lara suspects but doesn't really believe it until a stranger a man she doesn't even know that well tells her his real identity that he's a mercenary he knew in India who saved his life At this point Lara doesn't know that Hunter is her husband's half brother she just automatically decides at the word of this perfect stranger that he must be telling the truth Her husband is an impostorSo what does she do?Rat him out to those horrid in laws from the beginning of the book who basically locked her away in the servant's uarters and verbally abused her at every turn I'm not kidding This is Lara's immediate course of action Does she talk to Hunter about this? Nope She totally goes behind his back and when she finds out that he's probably going to be executed she's all Oh well it's the right thingBTCH DID YOU COME FROM THE KELLOGG'S FACTORY? BECAUSE YOU CANNOT POSSIBLY BE CEREAL WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU THINK THAT WAS THE RIGHT THING?What makes this even disgusting is that there's a side plot with Lara's sister Rachel who is in an abusive relationship Lara knows that her sister's husband is hitting her but does nothing She doesn't like it but she does nothing She basically forces Hunter to go rescue Rachel after she falls down the stairs When it turns out that she had a miscarriage Hunter sends for the doctor lets Rachel stay in his house and when the abusive husband who used to be his best friend shows up to reclaim her Hunter protects her and sends him away What does Lara do? Hide behind Hunter while tossing off insults and provoking the abusive husband This results in a physical altercation that makes Lara attempt to run fall on her ass and watch as her husband throws the abuser out the doorSo after being a gentleman putting up with all her sht allowing her to adopt an orphan and raise it like her own child rescuing her sister rescuing her and choosing his ungrateful wife over a friendship that allegedly lasted years what does Lara do? I'll remind youSHE CONDEMNS HIM TO DEATHObviously she changes her mind last minute and decides he doesn't deserve to die ya think? mostly because she's pregnant with his child you btch and mostly because she's afraid her sister will be sent down to her abuser because her horrid in laws think he's the bee's knees Oh and because she loves him Maybe Can you see why this btch drove me bonkers?Hunter is the only reason this book gets that extra half star that rounds this book up to the two stars that I don't think it deserves Hunter is one of the better romantic leads I've encountered in a Lisa Kleypas book and he didn't deserve the hot mess that was Lara by a long shot I was so frustrated because if this book had a better heroine I really think I would have loved the book because it has so many tropes that I enjoy spouse back from the dead enemies turned to lovers second chance romance and of course sexy bargaining And Lara ruined it all with her horriblenessYeah I'm peeved15 stars

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Stranger in My ArmsT deny that this man with the smoldering dark eyes resembled Hunter he was attentive and loving in ways he never was before Soon she desperately wanted to believe with every beat of her heart that this stranger was truly her husband But had this rake reformed or was Lara being seduced by a cunning stranger Caution This is going to be a long review despite the fact that this is a romance novel and I usually don't write long reviews for romance novelsA year ago I had discovered Lisa Kleypas when I got my hands on the Blue Eyed Devil A book which did not capture my imagination right at the onset but which reeled me in very slowly and left me uite charmed by the end I thought here's a romance novelist who doesn't sugar coat domestic abuse try to make it appear less than it actually is and gives you uite a chilling account of the brutality of an abusive relationship the rawness of it And she also provides you with valuable information on how the abusive husbandslovers are always people who suffer from Narcissistic Personality Disorder a psychological condition At least going by romance novel seriousness standards her narrative was uite gripping Like for example I cannot imagine any other writer of cliched romances pondering uestions like 'what makes a bully a bully?' 'how do they pick their victims?' 'why do they suffer from the psychological compulsion to prey on someone weaker than them?'It was informative in many ways and definitely not just another romance novel out there that you devour like a piece of cotton candy and forget aboutA year later I'm back to Lisa Kleypas for some good old fashioned romance because that's what my holiday mood wants And this fine lady impresses me once againI don't want to write out a summary of the book now because the blurb is than enough to provide the reader with a brief overviewWhat I want to do instead is heap praise on Lisa Kleypas for particular reasons some of which have very little to do with a regular reader's enjoyment of a romance novel Let me list them one by one iKleypas does not stick to mere stereotypes Mind you I'm not saying she steers clear of them but she does rack her brain to come up with something new and interesting and doesn't take the easy way out by improving on or recycle existing materialEven the lovemaking scenes are originalor I think so and not various imitations of the ones we've read over and over again iiI thank her for having the good sense to do her research on British India even if few paragraphs of the book are devoted to it Most historical romance novels intent on reflecting the anti India sentiments among the British just to cater to the stereotypical notions held by the uninformed But in doing so they portray a very untrue picture of that particular periodiiiI applaud her on the way she throws light on the barbarity of the custom of sati in India and euates it to the abuse inflicted on a helpless wife by her English husband Women irrespective of which nation or culture they belong to are always victimized and even the so called advanced civilizationscultures openly practise misogyny How little a woman's life was valued in so many cultures Even in this one supposedly so modern and enlightened That is a brave thing to say Ms Kleypas I think few citizens of first world countries would make such a candid admission Another uite well known writer of contemporary romances cough Jill Shalvis cough once wrote a dialogue which goes along the lines of 'Jesus your fiance bought you a ring with a stone larger than a third world country' First of all a third world country's being a third world country has nothing to do with size It's about the socio economic status of the majority of its populationVery shallow Very stupid Very offensive Authors like Lisa Kleypas make me hold out hope for this genre which specimens like the author mentioned above systematically destroyivThe female lead dares to find an alternative life for herself after the death of her husband Despite being on shaky ground financially she donates to the poor the underprivileged and considers their welfare her priority Charity rings true only when you have the heart to give away even when you have nothing Kleypas understands this very well for which I'm gladvAdoption We prefer to adopt children with the best complexion best cuteness uotient and analyze the DNA heshe maybe blessed with a thousand times before taking the plunge But what about the children of the less fortunate the despised?Do we not shove them away without a second thought?But Kleypas' heroine does not She opens her arms wide for the son of a convict one who has been hanged over and loves him as a sonSo my enjoyment of this book was considerably influenced by my personal feelings and opinions about certain things Why do I still want to deduct a star from it then? Some bits of the plot seemed far fetched and I don't think this kind of a relationship can withstand the test of timeBut oh God I forgot this is a romance novel Here I'm not supposed to uestion the legitimacy of even the most preposterous form of happily ever after Final rating 45 stars