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Read & Download Snow Flower and the Secret Fan Þ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ë Lily groeit op in het China van de negentiende eeuw een tijd waarin de vrouwen nog een geïsoleerd leven leidden en hun voeten ingebonden werden Op een dag ontvangt Lily een waaier waarop in de geheimtaal Nushu is geschreven Hij is afkomIer waarop in de geheimtaal Nushu is geschreven Hij is afkomstig van Snow Flower met wie Lily vanaf haar zevende een laotong een bijzondere verbintenis heeft Via de waaier schri. A book is a magical thing that lets you travel to far away places without ever leaving your chair uote by Katrina Mayer This week I have time travelled to nineteenth century China 1970s Texas 1850s Louisiana and at the moment I am on a whistle stop tour with A Traveller at the Gates of Wisdom by John Boyne and no 2 week isolation reuired when I return Snow Flower and the Secret Fan is my second novel by Lisa See having read Shanghai Girls a couple of years ago Set in Nineteenth Century China and is the story of Lily an 80 year old woman who at the age of seven is paired with a laotong “old same” in an emotional match that will last a lifetime Her story is that of a secret world of writings that women shared and ancient Chinese customs of foot bindingAn emotional and fascinating read and you cant help get drawn into the characters lives I love when a book educates as well as entertains a reader and this novel has a lot of detail on Chinese customs and culture which I really enjoyed A short book that really held my attention and another book for my real life book shelf

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Lily groeit op in het China van de negentiende eeuw een tijd waarin de vrouwen nog een geïsoleerd leven leidden en hun voeten ingebonden werden Op een dag ontvangt Lily een waa. My grandmother used to say that my big feet meant I had a “good foundation” I’d stare longingly at her size six feet when she said this and curse my genetic inheritance from elsewhere in the family tree Then I had an ex boyfriend make the infuriating statement that rich women have small feet I pointed out that his celebrity crush Paris Hilton yeah another reason I dumped him has huge size eleven feet My teenage self took a lot of comfort in the fact that foot size is pre ordained and unchangeable Clown sized feet can strike the smart the rich the beautiful And there isn’t a damned thing they or I could do about itThen I read this book and learn it is possible to change your foot size It’s called foot binding And you know what I’ll pass I enjoy being able to wiggle my toes and jump around So thank you Lisa See For once in my life I am content with my big feet And I owe it all to your graphic descriptions of this ancient Chinese method Blood putrefaction pain breaking bones risk of death I cannot believe those women were subjected to such brutal mutilation for the sake of beauty Then they were still expected to clean the house perched on those tiny unstable feetThe foot binding portion of the book was the highlight for me The inspiration for the book was nu shu a written language developed by Chinese women and kept secret from men for hundreds of years Yawn I didn’t find that part of the story very compelling or even believable Didn’t men wonder why the ladies kept ink and brushes in their room Beyond the foot biding event and nu shu device this was really a story about a female friendship that was deep and even erotic at times Putting aside any problems with the plot their emotions toward each other were complex and meaningful There was hope and joy but mostly there was pain During an event with Lisa last night she spoke of how depressing writing can be She doesn’t always wake up raring to write Instead she may dread knowing she has to go to a dark internal place to write about a character’s death or betrayal Even worse she may have to stay in that mindset for days or weeks until that section is completely written I spend so much time glamorizing a writer’s lifestyle that I had not fully considered how emotionally draining it could be I suspected the career engenders self doubt “Will people like what I’ve written” Yet I had never thought about the struggle Lisa described to create and inhabit the internal emotional environment necessary to produce the actual wordsI commend Lisa for giving us a realistic look at the treatment of and expectations for women in that day and age Women were isolated and undervalued Their worth was determined solely by whether they could produce sons But honestly my main complaint about the book is how depressing it was I kept waiting for some great act of heroism Yet the women stuck to their traditional roles The main character not only repeated the indoctrination she believed it “My role in life is to obey obey obey” Sure they rebelled in small ways but always within the confines of their societal roles I kept routing for one character to leave an abusive husband or at very least stand up to her oppressive mother in law Normally I criticize authors for deviating from historical facts in order to cater to a modern readership This time I think Lisa stayed so true to the setting that she turned me off And her heavy handed foreshadowing didn’t help Life was hard for women back then I get it But does that make for an enjoyable read Not really And I think that was my problem I had the wrong expectations as I entered this book It wasn't a sprawling historical epic filled with exciting action heart fluttering romance and distant voyages like Shogun one of the few other historical fictions I have read that are set in Asia It was a largely uiet book about uiet life Lisa herself admitted she writes sad books And when she started this book no one thought it would be successful China Women Gloom No one will read that Well she proved them wrong Lots of people read it Heck I read it Even people will probably see the movieAnd it’s worth reading It made me appreciate the freedom women enjoy today as well as the potential depth of female friendship Not to mention I’m looking down at my feet right now and thinking “hell yeah that’s one beautiful ergonomic piece of evolution – and just the right size

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Snow Flower and the Secret FanJven zij elkaar en delen zij alles verhalen over liefde moederschap eenzaamheid en geluk Tot er een misverstand ontstaat en hun levenslange vriendschap ten einde dreigt te komen. This has got to be one of the most beautiful yet heartbreaking books that I have ever read The subject matter is horrific but the story is truly engagingThe main storyline in this book is about the horrible patriarchal practise foot binding that took place in China in the past The graphic descriptions in this book are certain to turn anyone’s stomach I would like to know who decided that 7 centimetre long feet were “sexy” The obsession with feet truly perplexed me; how could young men know nothing about their future betrothed wives except what size their feet were Obviously foot binding was a practice to control women which was a point I made to a feminist I was talking to when a man suddenly interrupted our conversation and accused us of waging a war against menAlso it’s so sad how culturally women were undervalued in Chinese society They suffered so much abuse and from a very young age they were cultivated for marriage because after all all women were good for was for giving birth to sons Everything they did was to prepare them for marriage yet when they eventually married their in laws weren’t even satisfied and everyone was miserable What’s the point Excuse my sarcastic tone but I cannot wrap my head around how awful this part of Chinese history is Instead of protecting women in society women were made to feel worthless and their lives are also put into peril It was truly heartbreaking Lisa See brilliantly captured the reality of Chinese life in the past I also thought that part of the book about the laotang and sisterhood was lovely as well as the parts about the secret writing and the art of storytelling Definitely a great book but not one that I’d ever read again it’s too distressing