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Seducing Charlotte Book î Download ¾ Naturaltreatment É Opposites attractEven if he is the catch of the season Charlotte Livingston has a low opinion of the wildly handsome Maruess of Camryn He’s an industrialist who thinks nothing of replacing workers with machines depriving them of an honest living Camryn is eN flares between the passionate adversaries Camryn vows to destroy the rebel movement unaware that the spinster who has captured his heart harbors a secret a shocking connection to one of its leaders that could shatter them bot The story opens at a party with the jaded Maruess of Camryn receiving a sex act from a woman in a garden at the completion of which he suffers mild regret Not as one might think for the crassness of the act but the fact that the woman delivering it confesses she has a husband Noises in the shrubbery alert him to the fact he has been observed but this only bothers him briefly before he goes off to punch an acuaintance in the face for daring to force his attentions on a servantA young man with mixed values methinks and once his host persuades him to dance Camry proclaims he will instantly search out a wallflower and ‘give her a turn’ Thus when the wallflower appears in the shape of Miss Charlotte Livingstone who is not your run of the mill Regency miss being intellectual and socially aware with a penchant for Luddites those who wrecked stocking machines because they were being deprived of their livings as weavers When Charlotte discovers Camryn owns several textile factories she immediately writes him off as one of the wealthy aristocracy without a moral compassI wasn’t disappointed in Charlotte for despite the social etiuette of her age she is not husband hunting and totally immune to Camryn’s charm and not to be easily seduced well actually she is but not into becoming his wifeI was ready to dislike Camryn however his personality develops well and in the end I wanted him to get together with Charlotte and liked the fact Camryn has a dark side and isn’t the archetypical ‘brooding misunderstood but perfect man’ made the story believableOh and Charlotte has a secret well two as it turns out but I won’t reveal them hereThere is a fair amount of sensuality included in this novel as the pair fail to suppress their desire in various unoccupied rooms at their friends’ house SensualErotic romances aren’t something I usually seek out but this was nicely done and in no way offensive The innuendos are fun tooAn enjoyable fast paced and interesting novel with well drawn and deserving characters

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Opposites attractEven if he is the catch of the season Charlotte Livingston has a low opinion of the wildly handsome Maruess of Camryn He’s an industrialist who thinks nothing of replacing workers with machines depriving them Don't let the Blurp stop you from reading this story There is not a lot of sex in the story Its pretty clam actually Willimena Duchess of Hartwell ask her cousin Camryn a Maruess to dance with her best friend Charlotte Livingston She is a social activist She is tall and a bit lanky Not the full curvy women Cam likes She is also a bluestocking working to stop the Industrailization of Mills in England I didn't like Charlotte at first it took me uite a while to like her I thought Camryn fell in love with her to easy Considering she was against everything he was working to accomplish But once you find out Charlottes reason for her beliefs you begin to understand her When she is proven wrong she changes I really like the way she protected Cam She stopped the action when he was being set up by a social climbing Miss Mary Mary was going to compromise herself to become Cam's Marchioness Charlotte protected her man Love it I enjoyed the book once it came together There are some things in the storyline that didn't uite make sense to me but I will let other readers make up there own minds

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Seducing Charlotte Accidental Peers #1Of an honest living Camryn is everything a social reformer like Charlotte detests Besides her loyalty belongs to another manWorlds CollideYet as a violent machine breakers rebellion rages across England an undeniable attractio Seducing Charlotte starts off with an illicit affair between the Maruess of Camryn and a married woman She'suh well she's giving him a blow job in the garden during a ball and Charlotte sees it all That's certainly a great way for our love interests to meet Although their first proper meeting involves Charlotte asserting her position as a social reformist who is unhappy with the way Cam is running his businesses At least how she assumes he's running them and you know what they say about when you assume?The romance of Seducing Charlotte starts of as the typical enemies to lovers type which I adore At first glance it seems like Cam is a womanizer but that's not the case at all He's just having a tryst in the garden Charlotte is not exactly a model of propriety since she watches the exchange with excited curiosity Then they meet and butt heads She is feisty and has strong opinions which shall not be swayed and things get slightly heated between them whenever industrialization and the attacks on factories are brought up Eventually Cam convinces her to see his own factories and Charlotte realizes she's wrong and things get heated in other waysAs for the plot it's directly connected to the romance Seducing Charlotte is set during the time when industry is really taking off Charlotte is appalled by the conditions of the factories she's visited and how so many people are out of work after being replaced by machines However she may be closer to the machine wreckers than she lets on and is harboring a secret It's why she refuses Cam's proposal despite their courting I was worried that her secret was going to be something stupid since I'm typically not a fan of the whole I have a terrible secret that will make you not want me plots But it's not; it's actually something that could ruin Cam's ambitions It wasn't shocking thoughI loved Seducing Charlotte in the beginning The banter and bickering between Charlotte and Cam is entertaining and their chemistry is sizzling I was definitely invested in their relationship but not so much in the plot Charlotte was a bit too stubborn at times and I think she should have spilled her secret earlier I still liked it thoughRead of my reviews at Pinkindle Reads Reviews