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Rubbermans CageLenth grew up in a lie Apparently there's than five people in the world Four Brothers live their lives in an enclosed habitat as directed by the silent Ru I won a copy of this on Goodreads and it is one of the best books I have received so farIt is going to be tough to review this book without giving anything away but here goesLenth lives with his 3 brothers and above their cage lives the Rubberman he controls their lives tells them when to sleep wake shower eat exercise and work That is his life and that's all he knows Until one day he sees somebody in the roof above the Rubberman's room and everything changesIt took me a while to figure out what type story this is and it is a dystopian novel I thought it was going to be funny as on the first page you get instructions on the language honour has U in it and z is pronounced Zed and not Zee there are moments to make you chuckle but for most of the time it is uite moving as Lenth starts to learn and evolveThe great news there is going to be a second book I will def be getting a copy to read and I will also be watching the movieV series as there has got to be oneBlog review is here

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EPUB ↠ MOBI Rubbermans Cage î 9780981396002 FREE ✓ Lenth grew up in a lie Apparently there's than five people in the world Four Brothers live their lives in an enclosed habitat as directed by the silent Rubberman above them When they disobey they get shocked This is normal It always has been but when a Brother dies tSomeone new they learn they are replaceable When the ceiling above the ceiling cracks open Lenth plans a journey beyond the known universe A third floor I flat out loved this book Picard has a grasp of dystopia that rivals Orwell or Huxley in combining parable with a realistic world that actually with me after I put the book down This book is truly original and thought provoking

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Bberman above them When they disobey they get shocked This is normal It always has been but when a Brother dies they learn of death When he is replaced by You can find this review and on my blogI have been lucky to read some good books lately and Rubberman's Cage is one of them When I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review I was a bit cautious at first The title and the cover looked a bit ominous I knew it would be either post apocalyptic or dystopian but I was afraid that it would be dark and dreary as well I'm glad that this fear turned out to be unfundedThis is the story of a young man named Lenth who has lived his whole life in a room with his three Brothers and a Rubberman watching over them through the grated ceiling above This room is all he's ever known To him that's the extend of the world But one night the shackle that they all have to put before they go to bed malfunctions and one of his Brothers is shocked until he dies He is gone the next morning and there is a stranger sleeping on his bed instead Everyone else takes this change in stride but Lenth just can't let go He wants answers He wants to find his missing Brother and he wants to see what's beyond the grated ceiling that the Rubberman walksThe book follows Lenth's journey in search of his missing brother while he explores this strange world full of rooms with Brothers and Rubbermen It is a coming of age story because Lenth is as innocent as a child He can't read; he's never seen a woman and doesn't know what they are; he has no concept of death He is told that his brother died but when he can't grasp the fact that death if final that you can't repair a dead person He thinks that he just needs to find him and wake him upThis is also a chilling tale of a society how has regressed so much that they are reduced to repeating rigid tasks and protocols that had been set up years ago and the meaning of which has long been forgotten and became obsolete Nobody really knows why they need Rubbermen or why men and women are kept separately or how all the machinery really works They know just enough to maintain the status uo The sad part is that nobody uestions it Brothers think that Rubbermen know what they are doing and why Rubbermen are persuaded that the Providers have that knowledge because they are clueless themselves and so onSo it was an interesting and rather endearing read The book is well written and I liked Lenth with his child like candor and curiosity while he explores this ever growing world My only gripe is that it almost seems too easy for him to do so He manages to get from level to level without too many problems and none of them really life threatening And everybody treats him well considering You would think that in a society where Brothers are constantly shackled in place in bed in the shower on the treadmill at the workstation and shocked when they disobey the reaction of those who find one just wandering around would be violent All in all though I think it's a solid and entertaining story that I thoroughly enjoyed reading I would definitely recommend it to my friends