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Maiden Voyages Writings of Women Travelers Download Ñ 2 ↠ This is a collection of women's travel writings including work by Joan Didion Edith Wharton Mildred Cable Willa Cather Isak Dinesen and others In wry lyrical and sometimes wistful voices they write of disguising themselves as men for safety of longing for family left E with one another and with us as readers reflections upon their gender as it is illuminated by unfamiliar surroundings Edited and with an Introduction by Mary Morris in collaboration with Larry O'ConnorContributors and writings include Mary Wollstonecraft Letters Written During a Short Residence in Sweden Norway and Denmark; Flora Tristan Peregrinations of a Pariah; Frances Trollope from Domestic Manners of the Americans; Eliza Farnham from Life in Prairie Land'; Isabella Bird from A Lady's Life in the Rocky Mountains; Margaret Fountaine fr. This compilation of excerpts from women's travel stories is interesting on many levels beyond the female perspective from the 16th 20th century I picked it up for a look at writing styles but it held me for many reasons Has anyone ever come across sisters of the road by Boxcar Bertha I'd love to read the full memoir

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Om Love Among the Butterflies; Gertrude Bell from The Desert and the Sown; Edith Wharton from In Morocco; Willa Cather from Willa Cather in Europe'; Isak Dinesen from Out of Africa; Kate O'Brien from Farewell Spain; Rebecca West from Black Lamb and Grey Falcon; Ella Maillart from The Cruel Way; Emily Hahn from Times and Places; MFK Fisher from Long Ago in France; Joan Didion from The White Album; Christina Dodwell from Travels with Fortune An African Adventure; Annie Dillard from Teaching a Stone to Talk'; Gwendolyn MacEwen from Noman's Land. There have always been women travelers but they haven't been as prominent in the media's eyes and their works have perhaps garnered less attention than they should have This book compiles the letters short excerpts of novels of several women travelers over the past couple centuries Starting in the late 1600's collections of writings from women traveler's have been compiled in this book and they span until the late 1900's Some tell of adventures they took with their husbands Others are solitary travelers and were only able to travel after they were relieved from taking care of their family Some traveled just for fun while others went with a specific purpose in mind like hunting butterfliesEach of the writer's had their own style Some gave great detail while others were focused on the reasoning behind the travels and the emotions evoked while traveling Because of this there were some stories that I enjoyed and some that I found myself just briefly flipping through as I didn't care for the description or subject matter I did enjoy the story of the two girls traveling down the river It was uniue and an adventure that not many can say they have done Because there are so many stories it is easy to just pick up this book randomly and only read one or two at a time there's no need to read the book in one sittingThis was an interesting collection of writings If you like travel or women's studies it would probably be right up your alleyMaiden VoyagesCopyright 1993438 pagesReview by M Reynard 2015More of my reviews can be found at wwwifithaswordsblogspotcom

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Maiden Voyages Writings of Women TravelersThis is a collection of women's travel writings including work by Joan Didion Edith Wharton Mildred Cable Willa Cather Isak Dinesen and others In wry lyrical and sometimes wistful voices they write of disguising themselves as men for safety of longing for family left behind or falling in love with people met along the way and of places as diverse as icy Himalayan passes and dusty American pioneer towns the darkly wooded Siberian landscape and the lavender covered hills of Provence Yet even as their voices experiences and paths vary they shar. Maiden Voyages is a compilation of excerpts collected by the excellent travel writer Mary Morris in collaboration with her husband writer Larry O’Connor The collection begins with Lady Mary Wortley Montagu whose work Embassy to Constantinople was published in 1763 and follows a roughly chronological order through the next to last excerpt from The Road Through Miyama by Leila Philip published in 1989 Not all the women travelers represented here acted on their own but every one of them evidences a fierce independent strength an absolute necessity for women daring to go abroad As Maud Parrish wrote in Nine Pounds of Luggage “There wasn’t any liberty in San Francisco for ordinary women But I found some No jobs for girls in offices like there are now”The striking thing about reading this collection of women writers is akin to reading Virginia Woolf’s celebrated essay A Room of Her Own–it is amazing how much progress in women’s rights has been accomplished in such a short period of time But as much as I would like to congratulate our society on how much enlightened it is there is still progress to be made in eradicating the sexism that remains The joy in reading this volume and Woolf’s essay is the realization that things are getting betterWomen’s rights are not the only subject touched on in this volume although it is in the forefront Other things that can be gained in touring with these travelers are pictures of cultures now long gone such as the “mountain men” and goldrush societies in Colorado and Alaska respectively to the days when the journey to Nepal reuired a mastery of lowering your body temperature rather than the greasing of bureaucratic palms The only fault with this volume is the staccato nature of each entry lifted as it is from the volume where it originally appeared There’s a bright spot to even that however because you know that if you run across an essay that you like you can find of it in the author’s complete work