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Prince Henri Gasuet is happy to let his father the king choose his bride for him until he meets Monica Latimer Prince Henri is too busy running a country to worry about minor details like marriage His father has been sick and he has taken the reins in his than capable hands But his family is worried about him and they all but force him to take a vacationHaving no choice in the matter Henri travels to his brother's uiet country horse ranch It's there he sees Monica againHe had met her beforeat his brother's wedding And he knew then she would be trouble for him if he let her get too close Now thrown together by his well meaning family Henri has to fight his growing feelings for the mysterious beautiful womanSo much for letting his father choose his brideThis is a novella so a pretty uick read Henri is your typical work a holic with a twist He's the crown prince in line to inherit the throne He acts the way you would expect him to when he finds out that he is being relieved of his royal duties and forced into taking a much needed vacation He's upset and takes it out on any likely scapegoat in this case MonicaBoth characters are likable and well written The reader wants them to end up together from the beginning There is good chemistry between the two main characters and the sense of duty on Henri's side versus the sense Monica has of not fitting in anywhere provides a solid conflict they both believe to be insurmountable It'll keep you reading to the endThere are a lot of flashbacks that can cause confusion if you're not paying attention Pair that with a few places near the end where significant time lapses occur and the storyline can be a bit difficult to follow in certain parts Not impossible but challengingThis is a sweet romance suitable for romance readers of all ages It is the second book in a series and it mentions characters and plot points from the first book and I hadn't read the first book It is possible to read it out of seuence without feeling like you are missing critical pieces of the story but I found that it made me want to read the first book to get in on the story of the secondary characters I have added From Now Until Forever to my TBR list Can't wait to find out how Liam and Melanie got together

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His Chosen Bride Monica Latimer is not prepared to risk letting any man close enough to learn about her Gift A gift that normal Posted on Romancing the Book's blogReviewed by TeeReview Copy Provided by the PublisherHis Chosen Bride was not exactly what I expected At time it was boring and as I read it did get interesting so I wanted to know how it would all work out That was one reason why I kept turning the pages; to what lengths would Henri go to see just who Monica really is and how important what she does means to her Monica and Henri are very attracted to each other but there are some things that keep them apart one being Monica’s special gift To find out about this special gift you must pick up the book and enjoy the afternoon by relaxing and reading His Chosen Bride I would recommend this book for I enjoy the story line itself and that is the reason I gave it four roses It was a great romance that I think with a bit drama would have been much fun to read

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PDF ☆ BOOK His Chosen Bride ☆ NATURALTREATMENT ´ Prince Henri Gasuet is happy to let his father the king choose his bride for him until he meets Monica LatimerMonica Latimer is not prepared to risk letting any man close enough to learn about her Gift A gift that normally has men running for the hills when they find outLy has men running for the hills when they find out about itWhat will happen when both mindsets are challenged I love the simple complexity of the characters especially Monica I love how she didn’t “flaunt” her psychic powers but tried to be herself I like that she didn’t fall at Henri’s fee even though she truly loved him Henri tended to be a bit of an enigma He took his duties very seriously and he seemed to not trust himself to pick a bride suitable to rule beside him This made him very frustrated and he took it out on Monica who didn’t take it lying downI loved having the heroine save the day yet Henri was still a strong hero And the settingChristmas in Scotland I was in heaven This was a uick read at just shy of 100 pages Perfect enough for a weekend getaway into a sweet romance