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Highlander's Redemption Sinclair Brothers Trilogy #2 characters Ï 104 á He is on a mission Garrick Sinclair an expert archer and Robert the Bruce's best mercenary is sent on a covert operation to the Borderlands by his older brother Laird Robert Sinclair He never expects to meet the most beautiful woman he's eveDangerous look about him will be her ticket to a new life She never imagines that she will be spirited away to Robert the Bruce’s secret camp in the Highlands yet shocking is the lust the dark warrior stirs in her But can she heal the invisible scars of a man who believes that he’s no hero. Book 2 in the Sinclair brothers trilogy is about middle brother Garrick He's a loner and dangerous archer assassin for Robert the Bruce Sent on a mission by his laird and older brother Robert from Book 1 and The Bruce he crosses paths with a beautiful healer that disturbs his controlled and focused mindsetBut she's keeping a secret that will change his mission and his lifeGreat continuation of an exciting and sometimes sexy story of the Sinclair brothers as they fight to rid Scotland of English oppressionOn to the 25 novella

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His family's mortal enemy Though he knows he shouldn't want her and doesn't deserve her can he resist the passion that ignites between them She longs for freedom Jossalyn Warren is desperate to escape her cruel brother and put her healing skills to use and perhaps the handsome stranger with a. Great But Too LongOh my goodness this was way too long I really loved both Garrick and Jossalyn and their romance and journey But this book was too long for how little really happened They spent most of the book in the woods thinking about how they felt I almost never have a problem with characters thinking through their feelings I like that in a book and very rarely think it is overdone even when others do But in this case it was way overdone and it made the book much too longAfter meeting Garrick briefly in book 1 I expected him to be much darker the way he glared at Alwin in the 1st book He wasn’t dark and dangerous actually his brother Robert was so Garrick came off a little bit mopey if anything Jossalyn was sweet and interesting Their romance was fluffy and fulfilling I have read every book published by Emma Prince she is one of my favorite authors She is consistent in her writing ability usually earning 4 5 stars from me This is my 2nd favorite of the Sinclair Brothers series WARNING there is sex in this book it is not erotica but enough to be a steamy hot adult romance Please do not read if you are looking for something PG Romance 55 Steaminess 35 Explicitness 35

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Highlander's Redemption Sinclair Brothers Trilogy #2He is on a mission Garrick Sinclair an expert archer and Robert the Bruce's best mercenary is sent on a covert operation to the Borderlands by his older brother Laird Robert Sinclair He never expects to meet the most beautiful woman he's ever seen who turns out to be the sister of Raef Warren. Highlander's Redemption picks up right at the ending of Highlander's Ransom bk 1 Garrick Sinclair is a Expert Archer and Mercenary for King Robert the Bruce He is brother to Laird Robert Sinclair of Clan Sinclair Garrick and his cousin Burke have been sent to spy on Lord Raef Warren there mortal enemy We meet Raef in bk 1 He is cruel to his sister Jossalyn and often physically abuses her with beatings and chocking her near to death Raef is a real piece of sick work Disgustingly cruel Jossalyn is a healer which her brother Raef hates and forbids her to do She often sneaks off to aide the Scottish villagers with her healing Which results in her brother beating her Sneaking out of the castle on her way to the village she runs into Garrick and Burke They are posing as Blacksmiths to spy on the happenings of Longshanks through watching Raef Garrick and Jossalyn have an immediate connection Raef has gone off visiting the dying King Longshanks Edward I to push is ideas of starting a war with King Robert The Bruce and to see if he can gain a barony Jossalyn decides she will escape her brother and his cruelty by hiding in the wagon with the departing Garrick and Burke Once she is discovered she is taken back to her village But when Garrick and Burke see the physical cruel treatment her brother is inflecting on her alongside the roadway They decide to intervene and grab her The battle was a bloody one but they get Jossalyn and make a run for it Jossalyn soon finds out that Garrick and Burke are no Blacksmiths but Highland Warriors spying for King RobertThey fall in love as they travel through the Scottish Highlands to the Private Camp of King Robert Once there she tells the King of her wanting to aide them with her healing skills and how badly she has been treated by her brother The Sinclair Brothers Trilogy reminds me a lot of the Brilliant and Excellent Highland Guard series by Monica McCarty which is just Awesome I think maybe the idea for The Sinclair Brothers Trilogy came from the Highland Guard series With that said I think Emma Price held her own and reinventing her own views of Specially trained Highland Warriors and there love interest I really loved Garrick and Jossalyn They were the ideal couple Both intelligent caring and willing to build a relationship There romance was sexy and very sensual My only complaint is there was no real depth or character building The love scenes while erotic enough seemed scripted and generic There was a Lack of Passion If You like stories like this I would Highly Recommend The Highland Guard Series by Monica McCarty However I do Highly Recommend Highlander's Redemption too