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READ & DOWNLOAD Ú With Every Heartbeat ↠ From New York Times bestselling author Melody Grace comes a story of passion pleasure and gelato Annalise is at a crossroads She’s dedicated her life to dance but now she’s wondering if all those missed dates and early nights will be worth the sacrifice A trip to Rome Italy is meant to re inspire Mance of Italy Annalise uestions everything she thought she wanted But when old dreams and new passion collide what will she choose Book One of a Three Book Series all available now Note previously published as With Every Heartbeat this series has been extensively revised with additional material. Full Review on Brianna's Bookish ConfessionsI received an ARC copy in exchange for an honest review from the publisher It does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my reviewOkay first of all let me say this book was FANTASTICAnnalise is a ballet dancer she has always been one Her mom was one also a very good dancer Her mom has incredibly high expectations for Annalise She is to go to Rome where she will audition for one of the biggest solos in her ballet career The girls are on a tight schedule and don’t really get to spend time enjoying Rome and seeing all the sights That is until she hears music playing and stumbles upon a group of dancers dancing a way she didn’t think was possible She immediately notices Raphael a blue eyed gorgeous guyRaphael is a Latin ballroomcontemporary dancer that is currently living in Rome He also like Annalise was burdened by the expectations of his parents Only he was to become a lawyer He knew his passion was dance and not business so he packed his things and moved to Rome pursuing something he loves But then he notices Annalise standing in the crowd while he’s performing and is dying to get to know herWOW guys I was completely blown away by this book I REALLY enjoyed this book I don’t think I’ve ever read a book that deals with dance before But wow oh wow Especially something as steamy and seductive as this “A woman dances the same way she fucks Soft and self conscious; lithe and graceful Or wild Passionate Unleashed And dancers We fuck best of all” — First Position Melody GraceI’ve always loved dancing but was never good at it Seriously if my life depended on being able to dance gracefully and not looking completely dumb doing so I’d probably die I’m that bad Melody Grace’s writing style is very uniue and definitely an amazing new adult author Annalise and Raphael have only kissed and wow can she write a steamy scene JUST FOR KISSINGI loved the scenes between Annalise and Raphael but that ending was frustrating and I need I’m wondering what is going to happen next As the reader I was immediately drawn into the story and all the sights of Rome I’ve always wanted to travel outside the United States and especially somewhere like Rome So having this set in Rome made it feel like I was there

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From New York Times bestselling author Melody Grace comes a story of passion pleasure and gelato Annalise is at a crossroads She’s dedicated her life to dance but now she’s wondering if all those missed dates and early nights will be worth the sacrifice A trip to Rome Italy is meant to re ins. 1 naive and cheesy star Review posted November 10 2014In a nutshellA nineteen year old ballet dancer meets a total street dancer stranger while on tour in Italy and is ecstatic Enthralled Stunned Overwhelmed Overjoyed Sorry for the sarcasm Breath Annalise Inoutinout See That's betterFrankly I had to endure eye roll moments than I would have cared for Not sure if said heroine even had a brain before she met that stranger But As soon as she saw him her brain sashayed down between her clenching thighs Hmmwhat did it do down there Oopslook Baba points one finger at Raphael's blue eyes one at his dick another one at his biceps another one at his legs You get the gist He's so gorgeous she wants him yadda yadda yadda BTW Raphael is spelled Raffaele in Italian The breath is sucked from my lungs and I feel a thrill ripple through me a sensation I've never known before anticipation as if I know something important is about to happen Something life changingAnd then he starts to danceDear Lord Dear Lord Just no My breath gets shallow I shiver feeling my nipples tighten My thighs clench in my jeansHe presses a flyer into my palm his eyes lingering on mine I feel his gaze shoot through me straight between my thighs Next time she sleeps she's only dreaming of HIM A total stranger but she's so overwhelmed by his physiue she can't stop thinking of HIMsighBesides the allegedly hot stranger invites the naive heroine to a party and without a second thought she's game ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^I wishClichéd to the nth and ridiculously cheesy Greetings from SapsvilleFirst Position was a nuisance from start to finish I couldn't believe how incredibly naive and immature the so called heroine was I don't like to beat about the bush She was an annoying twat As usual I have been unwantedly showered with clenching thighs fevered gazes fevered lust blazing eyes catching breaths tightening nipples etc ad friggin' nauseam There was no build up whatsoever; from 0 to 100 within a blink of an eye OMG I'm overwhelmed too NotAnnalise blushed one too many times for my liking She's inexperienced and insecure and stumbles around not knowing what to do with herself or her life Also sugar sweet Annalise is gushing over the hero's physiue ad libitum I wouldn't have been surprised if she fainted At least she didn't giggle there is that right I forget how to speak I open my mouth but no words come out My brain is too busy screaming with joy It's only a light gesture barely pressing against my camisole but I feel the touch like a tidal wave crashing through my body leaving me breathless and reeling on the shore Raphael steps closerI look back and my heart catches in my throat to see the expression in his eyes Raw and hungry a mirror of the desire clawing at my body My heartbeat pounds in my ears as I gaze back powerless to look awayThe soft touch slowly ripples through my entire body My nipples tighten Heat pools between my thighs I don't understand the spell he's cast over me how one minute I feel perfectly normal and the next it's like I've leapt off a tall building in total free fall towards the ground loving every second of it Raphael finds us a spot in the shadow of a bougainvillea bush and pulls up two chairs He settles in one opening a bottle of beer He lifts it to his lips and I have to hold in a sigh he even drinks with grace the taut muscles of his arm pressing against his shirt every movement languid and flowingThen my stomach flips over a delicious slow waltz I look down blushing not sure what to say What is this The fierce excitement burning in my veins I feel consumed as if my body has been taken over by some foreign force sending all other thoughts scattered from my brain and leaving me with only pure needFire raging in my bloodstream A damp ache between my thighs Is this what people feel all the time How am I supposed to function to focus now that I know that he is out there in the city somewhere That he might be thinking about me feeling this raw craving Jesus Christ on a crutch She Is Nineteen Years Old He rests a hand gently on my arm His touch sears through me I catch my breath Don't swallow your tongue my dear I brace myself and turn back to Raphael His eyes blaze into me My heart catches in my throatDear God he's mesmerizingSo I blush awkward What do you want to do nowHis mouth curls in a smoldering grin He uirks his eyebrow What do you thinkI gulp Holy shit I um I stutter my mind blank All I can think about is his lips his hands his body Dear God let this be over soonBaba covers her eyes and takes a deep breathWhat's up with the yelping No I yelp Fine I mean I feel greatLiuid heat rushes through me pooling tight between my thighsOh my GodMy stomach turns a slow somersault I can't look away totally caught in his hot fevered gaze as I close my lips around his finger and suckIt's the most erotic moment of my life Licking his finger clean off ice cream is her most erotic moment of her life Erok I want to know how you taste he tells me his eyes flashing He slides his finger out of my mouth and leans in closer I will drink you up mia cara every dropHis mouth closes over mine as I realize what he meansOhIt's too late to exclaim his lips claiming mine I could have added ridiculous uotes but I had to stop somewhereBottom line I neither liked the naive heroine nor the slimy hero The writing was incredibly cheesy and clichéd and didn't resonate with me at all All the in your face descriptions felt way OTT and didn't help to make me feel invested in the story either I don't know how to explain it but I felt the author just tried too hard As always less would have been This was just bad Really really bad It goes without saying that the last line of the first novella made me insert an extra BIG eye rollNot my cup of tea that's for sureWill I keep on reading this series

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With Every HeartbeatPire her career but instead she finds it opening her eyes to everything life has to offer Like incredible food and incredible men Raphael is a dancer too but his approach to art and life is like nothing Annalise has ever seen It’s passionate Wild Temptingly sensual As she’s swept up in the ro. FREE today on US 11242014BLURB A man dances the same way he fucks His stamina his rhythm the slow grind of his hips Some people are born to it others learn through years of careful study And dancers We do it best of allThe moment I saw her I knew Her innocence is intoxicating My lust is fierce Primal To watch her dance is to know the torment of true temptationShe will be minehttpwwwgpproductB00P