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characters Beowulf By Milo Behr ä PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ç Welcome he says to the fabulous fabulous Lawrence Booth show His flamboyance is well practiced They all know him he's world renowned he reminds them Then he calls them the faceless masses says he doesn't care who they are It's a familiar deadpan his pWelcome he says to the fabulous fabulous Lawrence Booth show His flamboyance is well practiced They all know him he's world renowned he reminds them Then he calls them the faceless masses says he doesn't care who they are It's a familiar deadpan his particular brand of sensationalism through effrontery Then he gets personal but it isn't sincere how could it be I'll be your guide he says your mentor your guru your spiritual advisor leading you along the sordid paths of the sublime the seedy and the sensational And it's true he will beThis is Lawrence Booth. I won a copy of this short uirky novel in a Goodreads giveaway It's a fun story examining a superhero in a cyber pervasive future set about ninety years from now I call it uirky because it's written in a sometimes awkward present tense narrative and sometimes the dialog is summarized without uotation marks which gets a little clumsy and the last chapter is far longer than any of the others and switches back and forth in time a little confusingly but the overall effect seems to hold together pretty well There were several phrases thrown in that were in Chinese and French that were a little discordant for no good reason and as is common with small press titles there were a few copy editing errors that should have been caught Canon is not cannon for example But I wouldn't have noticed what I perceived as flaws if I hadn't thought it was a pretty good and memorable story There's a preview of the second volume at the end and it looks like fun too

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A Bloody Calculus is a frenetic exploration of logical extremes It's about superheroes as the products of marketing machines social media as a fundamental and frightening social adhesive summary justice as a Utilitarian exigency It's part mystery part thriller all in the plugged in context of a cyberpunk futureAnd it's one a helluva rideGRAND PRIZE WINNER Book PipelineWINNER IPPY Gold Medal for BEST SCI FIFANTASYHORRORWINNER Independent Author Network SCI FI BOOK OF THE YEARWINNER London Book Festival BEST SCI FIWINNER Beverly Hills Book Awards BEST SCI F. Beowulf A Bloody Calculus is a dry sterile tale in a world that should be brimming with the smell of ozone sweat and concrete Instead we're dealing with stop start stream of consciousness that doesn't build people or the world they live in It's hard to get into hard to stay in and I feel like little was gained when I left it behind This is not a book I would buy the next in the series too and felt blessed that it was a loanerStyling jumps strange places chapter to chapter and I think that novella was the wrong medium for this particular work It would have been better served in motion comics short film whatever But we are given little to no detail of Beowulf's world just a suggestion of the throng of humanity that's become a bigger clusterfuck than it is now a bizarre legal system and a world that has as much substance as a soap bubbleThis isn't to say it's bad It isn't It stops short of being bad It's just not very good It hits several of the right cyberpunk notes but it seems like a list of tv tropes tossed in a salad spinner than any coherent worldbuilding or character creation Beowulf is a grizzled murder man in a city that lauds them He does the killing Occasionally he regrets it A hot dame is rescued a conspiracy uncovered It's paint by numbers techno thriller with no thrills There's so many points where I see glimmers of potential only to never have them touched upon or explainedThere could have been a magnificent book here Behr's got some good lines the red meat line was fucking on point but he needs to give me a lot to have me come back because I definitely won't be picking up the rest of the series Maybe we'll see what shakes out of him a couple of years down the road with a couple books out

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Beowulf By Milo BeHost of a 22nd century variety show; an ultimate evolution of vaudeville; a tangible expression of social media and a venue for the people's justice And his favorite toy is a superhero a popular bounty hunter called BeowulfWhen New York's paragons turn to violent crime it falls to Booth and Beowulf to restore order and importantly to make a good show of it Is this an unraveling of the social fabric Have our leaders turned as parasites on a host Or are they victims themselves of a society dependent on the wonders and the dangers of high technologyBeowulf. Much like JK Rowling did with fantasy Behr seems to come out of no where as a master of the scifi genre Not since Blade Runner have I been so completely transported to an awesomely constructed future And unlike Blade Runner Behr has the advantage of having seen into the future a few years creating an even intriguing Blade Runneresue future by mixing in believable and highly thought provoking social media and hard core science elements Think Blade Runner meets The Hunger Games And yet as legitimate as the future science is the prose doesn't go too Neil Stephenson Behr manages to keep it light and highly entertaining with his comic book action seuences Before you send me a hate comment Cryptonomicon is one of my all time favorite books This is a novelette I highly recommend eually to the casual blue moon scifi reader as well as to those that like me grew up reading Asimov and Orson Scott Card