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At the Back of the North WindBy a brief glimpse of the beautiful country at the back of the north wind This Victorian fairy tale has enchanted readers for than a hun. I recently had an intense life changing revelation I nearly went insane and spent over 2 weeks in the hospital diagnosed with hypermania I found At The Back Of The North Wind in the hospital I think left for a purpose and it described my situation perfectly I did not dievisit the back of the North Wind but the North Wind was synonymous for me with the voice of God that resonated in my head providing infinite wisdom It turned me from a pond into a river and all my fears and limits became intransigent no longer This was what happened to Diamond Diamond the Horse represents Christ and Diamond the boy the enlightened man He goes from fearful timid and non communicative to fearless infinitely courageous and ultimately communicative The room of boards over the stable was his mind It is oriented in a specific position and cites Orion I think MacDonald may have meant Cygnus a star formation seemingly referred to in Egyptian pyramids; the allusion was attributed until fairly recently to Orion and the North Star as landmarks The garden outside the house is Paradise the garden of innocence and his and Her's The North Wind's story is that of Adam and Eve told backwards He hears the voice of God eats the fruit choice and chooses to accept God with unwavering faith He comes out of his shelter like shedding his clothes and assumes a new dimension With it comes total enlightenment and benevolenceSpoil Alert The ending is not in the least sad or regretful except that Diamond's family doesn't know the truth of heaven and consciousness's affinity for transmutation Diamond through his infinite love inspired and transformed the lives of those around him He is loved by all that choose to give him a chance but only understood perhaps by the other enlightened character his writer benefactor MacDonald refers to the Ancient Greeks perhaps the most recent perfect civilization on Earth The Cynics like Diogenes strove to achieve one of the aspects of Diamond's enlightenment total happiness and connection to self and environment Today people are basically beasts controlled by riders We are so out of touch with our senses and selves that it is like riding an animal much like the drunken boor of a horseman In the end Diamond sheds his body and becomes one of the frolicking angels He moved his own rock and went INTO the cave The reverse of Jesus but the cave for him was HIS heaven or afterlife or rebirth; he found the one that fit and chose to take it just like the other angels This writing is sedimentary; an amalgamation of layered meanings that can be appreciated by youngsters and scholars alike It is extremely beautiful

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Diamond son of a poor coachman is swept away by the North Wind a radiant maternal spirit with long flowing hair His life is transformed. I am so delighted to have found this book amongst the treasures of project Guteberg Thank goodness for public domain books and ebook readers With the low price of admission I find myself reading and books that I might not have otherwise taken the time to look up or might not have remembered when I got to a libraryOnce I started reading this book I couldn't put it down However as opposed to most books that pull you through solely with plot I found myself going back and re reading passages to think about the things MacDonald was saying To me this was the best MacDonald book that I've yet read As with Sir Gibbie the main character is a boy who seems almost too good for this world However far from seeming a prig this innocent ends up bringing the best out of all those around him Without giving too much away I'll just say that the imagery the story and the very feel of the book will now be one of my definitions of mythopoea I can see how these MacDonald books would have so strongly influenced Tolkien and Lewis in their future literary worksSo many of the conversations between North Wind and young Diamond are underlined that I have a hard time picking my favorite part of the book However I think one of my favorite conversations may have been between these two characters when Diamond is asking North Wind whether she is real or just a dream I feel that this must have in some way influenced Lewis in his ideas presented in his essay Weight of Glory and in his idea for AslanAlthough the end of the book is something that I suspected earlier on in the book it did not lose any of its impact for this suspicion To me this was wonderful proof that if a book has true substance behind it then a suspected end does not ruin the overall story but in fact adds to it due to the sense of realism Maybe this realism is a good refute to those who dismiss fantasy as escapist

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At the Back of the North Wind characters ¾ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ´ Diamond son of a poor coachman is swept away by the North Wind a radiant maternal spirit with long flowing hair His life is transformed by a brief glimpse of the beautiful country at the back of the north wind This Victorian fairy tale has encDred years and combines a Dickensian regard for the working class of mid 19th century England with the invention of an ethereal landscap. If you are the sort of person who only reads the first few sentences of a review you'd better just look back at my rating to determine my opinion of this book because I'm going to start out by saying critical things However the books I like best like my favorite people tend to be those which are beautiful in spite of their flawsI never know uite what to say about this story and so usually I do not talk about it It is considered a children's book for such I believe the author intended it but it is the kind of children's book which is better enjoyed by adults than by children George MacDonald was a Victorian and a Scot so the tone of the tale is moralistic to the point of preaching and making his young protagonist into an impossible ideal He was fatalistic but in the everything happens for a reason sense rather than the gloomy variety The book is also full of some rather odd poetry and chunks of time and text in which very little action occurs The modern reader who cannot look past this work as a product of its time may find all of this off puttingBut if you can look beyond these peculiarities there is such beauty and thoughtfulness pressed between the leaves of this story The descriptions of Diamond's sojourns with the North Wind are worth reading for their imagery and humor even if you can't make it through what follows And through the writing comes the conviction that the author was a compassionate and observant man with a great faith in human beings a uality which in my opinion transcends the limitations of era style and genre He also has an ear for dialogue which though old fashioned makes me laugh out loud in its gentle and understated clevernessThis is of course a story about death But it's a lot than that It's about life and how we choose to live it