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Only BelovedFrom the legendary New York Times bestselling author of Only a Kiss and Only a Promise comes the final book in the rapturous Survivor’s Club series as the future of one man lies within the heart of a lost but never forgotten loveFor the first time since the death of his wife the Duke of Stanbrook is consideri Dora Debbins was enjoying a hot cup of tea after a trying day of teaching music to the children of Inglebrook in Gloucestershire She mostly enjoyed her life but she still missed her younger sister Agnes who had lived with Dora for a year after she was widowed She had raised Agnes twelve years her junior from childhood after their mother fled from her unhappy marriage But Agnes had recently married Flavian Arnott Viscount Ponsonby and moved away; both she and her husband had encouraged Dora to live with them but Dora preferred feeling useful She was very very thankful for her modest pretty cottage and her independent employment and lonely existence No not lonely – solitarySometimes however her mind wandered back to a party at nearby Middlebury Park where Dora had played the harp and pianoforte after dinner The Duke of Stanbrook had been especially kind to Dora and she had felt like a celebrity He had paid a call at Dora's modest cottage last year when attending the festivities surrounding Agnes' and Flavian's wedding Flavian's illustrious friends who called themselves the Survivors' Club had again gathered at Middlebury Park and again Dora felt alive than ever in her entire life But as a thirty nine year old spinster Dora allowed herself to entertain no romantic notions Meanwhile at Stanbrook House in London George Crabbe waved farewell to his house guests and settled into his comfortable library chair reflecting how nice it was to know that he could do anything or nothing with his time During the past two years he had traveled hither and yon attending the weddings of all six of his closest friends all members of the Survivors' Club Now the weddings were over and George was lost in reflection He had become the Duke of Stanbrook at the age of seventeen married at eighteen and become a father at nineteen but both his wife and his son had died twelve years ago He was wealthy popular and handsome at the age of forty eight And yet “He was lonely damn it To the marrow of his bones and the depths of his soul He almost always had been” George did not want to engage a mistress or marry a girl half his age He did not need an heir as his nephew was ideally suited to succeed to the title What had occurred to his mind last night was that marriage might bring him companionship possible a real friendship Perhaps even someone in the nature of a soul mate And yes someone to lie beside him in bed at night to soothe his loneliness and provide the regular pleasure of sexImagine Dora's shock when George appears unexpectedly in her parlor announces that he has just arrived from London and asks “I wondered Miss Debbins if you might do me the great honor of marrying me” Dora is understandably taken aback and George rather bungles his explanation at first In the end though he overcomes his Darcy like beginning Or is there a chance that you too would like a friend and companion all your own that you too would like to belong exclusively to one other person and have him belong to you Is there a chance that you would be willing to leave your life here and come to Cornwall and Penderris with me Not just as my friend but as my life's partnerThus begins the seventh and final book in Mary Balogh's Survivors' Club series The survivors – five men and one woman – each suffered traumatic injuries in the wars agains Napoleon and the Duke of Stanbrook whose son had died in battle opened his estate in Cornwall as a convalescent home Out of than two dozen officers who lived there six had stayed for some three years and the bond between them was stronger perhaps than family Each of the six previous books focused on one survivor's struggles their sometimes incomplete recovery and their path to happiness in marriage Although these are romances Mary Balogh does not sugar coat the realities of war and its aftermath For this she is to be commended although sometimes it makes for uncomfortable reading Only Beloved is uite different from the others however George was not a soldier injured in war His only child was killed in battle and shortly thereafter his wife took her own life Opening his home to those in need of longer term care was one way of assuaging his grief He has appeared in all six books as a kind of loving father figure to the others but we know very little about him really And contrary to the standard romance plot this books begins with the proposal and the wedding and only afterwards tells the story of George and Dora truly falling in love This is a uiet book Some readers may find the first half or so a bit slow but I did not probably because George and Dora are so well written and their relationship so beautifully and gradually revealed As an ahem older reader I reveled in the notion that this mature couple could find romance and even passion as they experience the ordinary events of everyday life But if you're looking for adventure this book is not for you There is no Great Villain or Big Secret shadowing their lives There are however a villain and some secrets – things which complicate but do not overshadow George and Dora's lives It becomes apparent to Dora that George the deeply compassionate man who took on everyone else's burdens has never had anyone to share his George has suffered tremendously but he is reticent to share his experience with a

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MOBI Ã DOC Only Beloved 9780451477781 ï NATURALTREATMENT ✓ From the legendary New York Times bestselling author of Only a Kiss and Only a Promise comes the final book in the rapturous Survivor’s Club series—as the future of one man lies within the heart of a lost but never forgotten loveFor the first time s’s left with only an unfulfilled dream Then one afternoon an unexpected visitor makes it come trueFor both George and Dora that brief first encounter was as fleeting as it was unforgettable Now is the time for a second chance And while even true love comes with a risk who are two dreamers to argue with destin Nice older hero 48 and older heroine 39 romance They marry at the beginning of the story so it's also an interesting look at the adjustments to a first year of marriage The conflictmystery is delving into the past of the hero the duke who took in all of the war casualties and provided the listening ear to everyone in the Survivor's club There have been rumors that his first wife didn't die of suicide after their only son died but that he pushed her off the cliff The first wife's brother is the villain in this he disrupts their wedding and then tries to kill the pregnant heroine by pushing her off of a cliff the night of their first ball It's only as the villain is trying to kill the heroine that she finds out the whole story of the hero's disastrous forced marriage The first wife was pregnant by her ongoing lover half brother and never had sex with the hero The hero was too noble to tell anyone which annoyed me because in this MB universe the heroine's mother was divorced for a much lesser sin Yes the hero's a nice guy but enough is enough It's great that fate in the form of Mary Balogh sent him a second marriage and two kids but he might have had a bit agencyThis hasn't been my favorite series of MB's While she raised some serious issues and told some angsty stories about war tragedy and healing the characters never felt real to me There was the blind guy and the PTSD guy and the handicapped guy well you know what I mean Lots of sloganeering and lots of telling especially how much they loved each other rather than showing Many scenes felt I don't know glib is the only way I can describe it Not a lot of nuance here once a character passed their hurdle in their Survivor's Club book then they're never unhappy again And by the end there's no infertility or flashbacks or worries of any kind Just 30 characters having the best day ever at the beach

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Ng remarrying and finally embracing happiness for himself With that thought comes the treasured image of a woman he met briefly a year ago and never saw again Dora Debbins relinuished all hope to marry when a family scandal left her in charge of her younger sister Earning a modest living as a music teacher she Can you both dread and anticipate the same book Yes you can when you're getting the last book in a favorite series Naturally my dread is for the fact that I must say good bye to a series and cast of characters that I have loved but the anticipation came from who was the last of the Survivor's Club to get his story Not just a few times I wondered about the strong wise gentle and patient man who was the backbone of this group older and with his share of heartbreak and grief And who was to be his heroine The story that unfolded was a gentle marriage of convenience that became so much for which has become something of a stock in trade for this author As I've just said this is the final book in The Survivor's Club series While some of the books in the series can be taken out of order or as standalones this one leans toward needing to be read behind the others just because it not only gives the latest pair's romance but wraps up the series and brings it full circle with a huge cast of characters that would confuse a new reader to the seriesThe story opens with George Crabbe Duke of Stanbrook waving good bye to the last of his guests after the London wedding of his friends and realizing that all the Survivors are now married found love and have families that is all except him But George has been considering what to do about his loneliness and daringly sets his plan into actionDora Debbins is firmly on the shelf She is content with her cottage and teaching music to people in the village If she looks wistfully at her sister's happy marriage and wonders what would her life be like if their mother hadn't run off with a man and the scandal resulting in divorce hadn't ruined her chance to have a season well that just makes her normal But her wistful dreams are interrupted by the man who as starred in her daydreams for over a year with the most outlandish and out of the blue proposal Dora wed a duke in a big society weddingGeorge and Dora prepare for their nuptials both a bit shy and both secretly happy and worried that something bad will come to mar things George holds a secret that even his closest friends doesn't know and he is convinced that the past must remain firmly left there and that he and his new bride will live in the present and for their future Dora isn't so sure and knows that whatever George is holding back might be spilling into their future because even though George takes care and gives comfort to everyone else there has been no one to take the dark shadows away from his own life But love might find a way if a vengeful man from George's past doesn't get to them firstThe story is rather gentle as things go for a marriage of convenience but it made sense because this pair of lovers are older and have weathered tough times in their past They are mature and act like it This is not to say that there is no conflict or that it is easy Dora brings her unresolved issues over her parents' past actions and George's secret past is rising up to cause them both lots of trouble They have the awkward proposal scene wedding night jitters and adjustments to being a married pairThe bulk of the story is George and Dora's romance which isn't devoid of its passionate moments and time of personal healing but there were several scenes with all the Survivors that made for a satisfying farewell book I can easily recommend the book to those who like slightly spicy heartwarming character driven historical romance that isn't afraid to touch on some tough issues that people can face at the timeMy thanks to Penguin Group for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an honest review