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READ Æ The Bad Ones í Love isn't always bright and shinySometimes it's dirty and wrong buried six feet deep in a secret place where only wild things dare to go Hidden behind a big black curtain that covers things no one should ever seeSometimes it happens between two people who should never be allowed to come together One who is a match and the other who just hLove isn't always bright and shinySometimes it's dirty and wrong buried six feet deep in a secret place where only wild things dare to go Hidden behind a big black curtain that covers things no one shoul. Little red riding hood fell for the wolf DNF at 44%There are so many levels of no that this book made me feel I could not possibly even begin to put this review into any systematic sense; so endure this one with me The Characters I feel like stating that if I had to give a star to anything anything at all it would be how the two main characters met and the first maybe 3 like 2 chapters panned out Constantine and Dulcie are an enigmaProbably not in the sense you're thinking folks I'm talking if Ted Bundy gave a TED ever so welcome for the pun talk these two would be the only two fucking psychopaths sitting front and center wearing Make America Dead Again hats She thought maybe she didn't need oxygen any He could just breathe for her There are multiple trigger warnings given by the author and it would be wise to read them before you read this book Con Masters and Dulcie Travers meet unexpectedly but both of them have noticed each other before It seems he is one of the only people that actually does notice her Both of them fester a creature of darkness inside them that sparks and lights on fire when they are together Do they know this is harmful Yes What do they do Kill people There a couple things I found that I hated besides the gore and the toxicity Not that those weren't overkill because they are even for my tastes I enjoy dark romance because the author is explicitly stating that the novel that the reader is about to venture in is going to be something you must go in clear minded and not looking to judge on the thinking processes of most times than not fucking sociopaths The Bad Ones was something else entirely There's this shade called vantablack Vantablack is the trademarked name for a chemical substance made of vertically aligned carbon nanotube arrays and is the darkest artificial substance known absorbing up to 99965% of radiation in the visible spectrumIf ever there were to come a shit show that could uphold that kinda shade of fucked up let me tell you about The Bad Ones She wanted his darkness to swallow her whole She wanted to be a part of it She wanted to give her own darkness back to him The Bad and The Ugly It Was A Buy 1 Get 1 Free Kinda Thing Now don't get me wrong if this is you're kinda jam then jam it out Unfortunately it was not mine So to make everyone's life easier; I'm going to list some things that made me want to chug a Gordon's straight from the bottle Dulcie the Doormat God this one was so badIf anything this aspect of the book took away at least 3 stars It felt like the author was making up for how weak and constantly chasing she was with Con by making her seem strong in other places But all it ended up doing was having a flat and poorly executed character Everytime Con left and came back 234o2912379 years later There she was standing with a home baked pot roast and a massive Welcome Home smile on her face as if I didn't just read infinite number of chapters of her bitching about Con leaving her The whiplash that I got from these characters nearly just nearly made me rip my hair off One minute they were yelling and the next they were dirty talking each other after nothing got resolved It was like poorly written fan fiction that needs to give readers some angst and ooh he's so mysterious and damn i want to be her right now Shut the fuck up Honestly shut the fuck up Was that petty That was probably petty especially because I can totally imagine a 13 year old me hiding and reading smut and thinking those exact things It felt like the author was trying to one up herself each time with shock value In a sense their was too much of trying to make it as dark as possible and that took away from any sort of storyline plot or character development I felt zero reliability with anything that happened and everything including the sex scenes were drier than the Sahara The time jumps pissed me the fuck off Time Jumps piss me off anyway if they have no significant meaning to the plot at hand But this book had neither a plot nor any sense to it so it ended up making me want to scream “Dulcie” he whispered and for a moment she wondered who he was talking to Dulcie Dulcie who No Dulcie here She's buried in a ditch by an abandoned train station Yeah me too after reading this killer ;

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D ever seeSometimes it happens between two people who should never be allowed to come together One who is a match and the other who just happens to be gasolineOne strike is all it takes to burn the whole. EARLY LIVE ALERT LIVE 41116 AND IS ONLY 199 SAY WHAT NO WAY HURRY AND GET THIS PEAK VIDEO CLIP OF THE BAD ONES AT THE END OF CRAZIES JANUARY'S TOP PICKS5★★★★★ CRAZYTWISTEDWICKED StarsGenre Dark Romance Type StandalonePOV Third Person – Dual Publication date April 12 2016 “This is the part where you run away little girl” Dulcie Travers; the low class girl who lived in a trailer park loved to take pictures of the world “her world” and then she would draw what she saw through her lenses Sometimes what she saw was not always flowers and roses but darkness However; she was the girl at school that slipped around unnoticed; the uiet one the odd girl Dulcie liked it that way; no one to bother her or to see everything she could see Constantine aka “Con” Masters; the popular star football uarterback always knew he was different but he hide his darkness really good under his mask of popularity Having his father as the small town mayor helped; and being hot and popular with the girls also helped Until herHe saw her really saw her but he knew she wasn’t ready Constantine knew though that they were both the same it was just a matter of time “Maybe just maybe their hidden pieces matched Con very much wanted to see the real her” Dulcie accidentally bumps into Con while he was a senior and she was a junior in high school She really sees him for what he was no one else did thought; it was like a secret that only both of them could see She knew that she needed to stay far far away from him but something kept pulling her towards him One night one magic kiss made her feel so much for him She couldn’t get those deep blue eyes from her thoughts; it hunted her “She wanted his darkness to swallow her whole She wanted to be a part of it She wanted to give her own darkness back to him” Constantine was one year older than her; he left the town after graduation and did not return after three years Dulcie moved on; graduated and was so upset at Cons that he never came back for her; she thought for some reason that the feelings were mutualAfter three long years Con finally returns to town; so much happened while he was gone Dulcie had moved away from her trailer park and on her own and even was dating Con had plans for the both of them thought and that was why he stayed away for so long He waited; he planed; he prepared Con is now determined to win Dulcie back he knows she is upset with him but he also knows that what they have is unbreakable and he will have to show her and earn her trust Would their love destroyed each other or would it conuer anything and everything I literally devour this book in one setting; it was a total page turner All the events that occurred when Con and Dulcie gave into each other will leave you double guessing everything you think you ever know about them This book it’s an absolutely complete twisted ride full of surprises and craziness It has a lot of dark elements which I personally did not mind but if you have hard limits I will recommend reading the blurb before picking this book up I loved everything about this book and I cannot wait for everyone to read it To all my dark readers this book is for you and make sure to read the warning this book contains graphic sex extremely brutal violence bad language and people repeatedly and knowingly breaking the lawBook Order StandaloneI WAS LUCKY AND FORTUNATE TO WON AN EARLY EARLY ARC COPY ON FB GIVEAWAY ON STYLO'S BIRTHDAY THANK YOU SO MUCHFor reviewsrevealsgiveaways visit

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The Bad OnesWorld down and that's exactly what they plan on doingEven if it kills themwarning this book contains graphic sex extremely brutal violence bad language and people repeatedly and knowingly breaking the l. ★★★★★ 5 Stars ★★★★★ Now LIVE US | UK What can I say about this book it was dark fucked up sexy it was all of those things and but if you like a love story with a whole lot of crazy and twisted then you need to pick this up and read it I seriously adored this book I couldn't put it down for a second and by the end my eyes were bulging out of my head waiting to see what was going to happen next I was constantly second guessing everything that was happening My heart was thumping out of my chestThe Bad Ones follows two people from very different backgrounds from High School to their early twenties two dark souls who have found each other in their madnessPopular high school star uarterback Con Masters has been watching uiet little Dulcie Travers for a long time biding his time for when he will make his move he sees the dark and morbid pictures she draws in her notebook and knows deep in his soul that she is the same as himDulcie is trailer trash with a junkie mother and a sicko for a brother all she wants to do is get out of their small minded town of Fuller and leave it all behind Her life is thrown off course however when the golden boy at school the son of the town's respected Mayor one destined for a successful future the complete opposite of her; steps into her path and sees into her mind and soul in a way that nobody not even herself has ever seen What a beautiful darkness we are This was the start of a relationship which is explosive in ways than one but they are a perfectly matched pair of psychopaths that I couldn't help but fall in love with all I wanted was for them to be together in their madnessI could not fault one moment of this story I devoured every word and every beautiful depraved page Days later I am still thinking about it and I know that it will be one of those books that will be etched into my soul I honestly loved it that much It's only ever us DulcieNow yesterday tomorrow WheneverYou get that right Amongst all the wicked thoughts there was a beautiful love story and although it wasn't healthy or normal it was true and I believed in them In my opinion this is Stylo's best work so far and I would love for her to write dark romance because this book worked so well and I truly hope many others fall in love with it as much as I didThe Bad Ones is a standalone dark romance told in alternating in third person POV'sReleasing April 12th 2016 ARC gratefully received from the author in exchange for an honest reviewImages featured in this review were created by me using stock images either purchased from deposit photo or from free stock sites