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Dean Koontz virtually invented the cross genre novel and in One Door Away from Heaven he mixes an action thriller with post X Files alien paranoia to remarkable effect Micky Bellsong is a young woman at a crisis point in her life using a stay at her Aunt Geneva's to sort things out Then the precocious and deformed Leilani Klonk walks into her life telling stories of her stepfather and drugged up mother who believe aliens will beam the girl into their mothersh One Door Away From Heaven 2001 spoilersbut do you really want to read it This is basically a 700 page long borefest formulaic characters formulaic stories formulaic preaching The goodness of dogs and the evil of bioethicsTo kick off this brillian review I'll start with the characters they are of course scripted which makes them unrealistic and idiotic and renders the reader unable to feel anything for them do you care for a bunch of dolls running around There's a girl Leilani Klonkyes yes Leilani is a 9 year old precocious kid who wears a leg brace and speaks like a 60 year old college professor and practices humor in her spare time A Polyanna from hell Leilani shows Koontz's greatest weakness as a writer inability to create realistic kids He can't write kids so he just makes them precocious prodigies who talk like Yale graduates And they're witty Always As much as I like Koontz he's not a funny guy His jokes are always fake and lame and when he puts them into the mouths of the dolls whose strings he holds its awful I'm sure he's a great person but by saturating his novels with these lame attempts at wit and clever ripostes he doesn't gain anything but a YAWN from the readerNow the antagonist Preston Maddoc is a fortysomething scientist who's popular and thus able to commit any crime in the vein of bioethicsyeah baby Basically he kills people and believes in aliens Opposed to Leilani Preston has the mind of a 3 year old boy and gives people names like Shitface or Slut ueen I don't know if he was supposed to be a comic character I certainly though of him that way And he even gets a nickname Dr Doom LOLThe rest of the characters are cardboards employed to play their parts an seemingly alcoholic woman who's pretty despite her drinking the everpresent wise grandmother character who here portrays an aunt abusive drug crazy mother she's actually uite funny and a not uite right boy who is of course right than all other human waste that dares to disagree with mr KOh and there's an PI with a mysterious past and a dead sisterThe writing is horrible Sparing the idiotic dialogue I'll give you an example of descriptive work a thing for which I used to admire Koontz In matching Chinese red silk pajamas with billowy bell bottom sleeves and pants standing tall on platform sandals that glitter with midnight blue rhinestones their fingernails and toenails no longer azure blue but crimson their glossy golden hair swept up in chignons with long spiral curls framing their faces they glide and turn and twist around the cramped galley with an uncanny awareness of each other's position at all times exhibiting choreography that might please Busby Berkeley as they whip up a feast of Mandarin and Szechwan specialties There are whole pages of stuff like that which made me wonder did someone actually edit this book Or did Dean kick out his editor after he became a bestselling author He writes like a sopho English student who just discovered the vast beautiful land of metaphors and similes UghKoontz throws stabs at everyone he doesn't like in his books Here are some examples The Academics aside from making the main villain a scientist he writes moralizing passages like this little story about the partents of two girls Their father Sidney Spelkenfelter is a professor of Greek and Roman history at a private college and his wife Imogene teaches art history Sidney and Imogene are kind and loving parents but they are also says Cass as naive as goldfish who think the world ends at the bowl Because their parents were academics too Sidney and Imogene have resided ever in tenured security explaining life to others but living a pale version of itCo valedictorians of their high school class Cass and Polly skipped college in favor of Las Vegas Within a month they were the centerpiece featheredand seuined nudes in a major hotel's showroom extravaganza with a cast of seventy four dancers twelve showgirls nine specialty acts two elephants four chimps six dogs and a pythonYeahditch school and go to Las Vegas to be a whore But what when the youth will fade Won't you feel a bit stupid for knowing little than how to wear a plume The Hollywood Koontz hates Hollywood If he ever speaks kindly about movies they're always oldies like Casablanca and Gone with The Wind I don't want to diminish the value of these masterpieces but did he really miss ALL the good movies thac came out after the forties have ended Not to mention NOT HOLLYWOOD films Films that were made OUTSIDE America Japanese cinema European Cinema It's idiotic but here goes During the three years she'd been married to Don Flackberg film producer younger brother of Julian Cass moved in the highest levels of Hollywood society where she had eventually calculated that of the entire pool of successful actors directors studio executives and producers 65 percent were sane and good 45 percent were sane and evil and 89 percent were insane and evilHowever high rise buildings in several major cities and defending their honor atchichi Hollywood parties attended by in Polly's words rodent hordes of grasping horny drug crazed dimwitted sleazebag movie stars and famous directorsSome of them were nice Cass saysPolly demurs With all respect and affection Cassie you would find someone to like even at a convention of cannibal Nazi kitten killersTo Curtis Cass says After we left Hollywood I performed an exhaustive analysis of our experiences and determined that six and one half percent of people in the film business are both sane and good I will admit that the rest of them are evil even if another four and one half percent are sane But it's not fair to condemn the entire community even if the vast majority of them are mad swineTHANK'S FOR ENLIGHTENING ME Last but not least the spirituality Since the late 90's Koontz always throws in some of his uasi New AgeNeo Chrisitan beliefs Frankly speaking he's a poor philosopher who offers no rewarding and NEW thoughts but repeats the same shit over and over again What is behind One Door Away from Heaven If your heart is closed then you will find behind that door nothing to light your way But if your heart is open you will find behind that door people who like you are searching and you will find the right door together with them None of us can ever save himself; we are the instruments of one another's salvation and only by the hope that we give to others do we lift ourselves out of the darkness into lightThink this was bad Read this For those who despair that their lives are without meaning and without purpose for those who dwell in a loneliness so terrible that it has withered their hearts for those who hate because they have no recognition of the destiny they share with all humanity for those who would suander their lives in self pity and in self destruction because they have lost the saving wisdom with which they were born for all these and many hope waits in the dreams of a dog where the sacred n

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One Door Away from HeavenIp and heal her deformities before her 10th birthday But tales of the stepfather's vicious past including his hand in several murders leave Micky believing that a far terrible fate awaits her friend So when the parents take off with Leilani Micky pursues As is typical with a Koontz novel nothing turns out to be what it seems and the meticulously crafted plot tightens like a noose with every turn of the page His characters are exceptionally drawn driving the n I have the phrase One Door Away from Heaven tattooed on my left arm As a mutant myself and sharing a birthday with the main character this story means a lot to me One Door Away From Heaven is in my TOP FIVE of favorite books by Dean Koontz I would say FRIENDSHIP is the dominant theme in this novel the kindness understanding acceptance and help of genuine friends A Few of Many Favorite uotes The world is full of broken people Splints casts miracle drugs and time can't mend fractured hearts wounded minds torn spiritsIt's the truth I couldn't make up anything as weird as what isSometimes names are destinyChange isn't easy Micky Changing the way you live means changing how you think Changing how you think means changing what you believe about lifeNevertheless for reasons that she could not understand every aspect of this day the spangled sunshine the heat the rumble of the distant freeway traffic the fragrances of cut grass and sweat soured coconut oil three yellow butterflies as bright as gift box bows suddenly seemed full of meaning mystery and moment

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Read eBook Ü One Door Away from Heaven à Hardcover é Dean Koontz Û Dean Koontz virtually invented the cross genre novel and in One Door Away from Heaven he mixes an action thriller with post X Files alien paranoia to remarkable effect Micky Bellsong is a young woman at a crisis point in her lifeOvel forward with realism and warmth Micky is one of his attractive young heroines but the real star is Leilani a mature young girl whose plucky nature and sparkling dialogue instantly make her Koontz's most memorable creation She embodies his belief that despite violence pain and suffering there is always goodness to be found in every person and situation Koontz has once again proven why he is one of the premier novelists of his generation Jonathan Weir couk DNF at 44 % That's a bit long to read and realize nothing much has happened and that you stopped wishing that something wouldSo uite close to half of this rather long book we are told three different stories with no converging in sight None of these stories are going anywhere and uite a few of the chapters I've managed through could have been dropped with very little missed Or replaced by a couple of sentences then nothing at all would have been lost We have an extremely precocious young girl who makes Rory of Gil Girl's fame seem tongue tied a 'special' highly intelligent boy that is chased for some reason He seems to be extremely well versed in the ways of the world except for some basic simple concepts that have passed him by completely which sets the field for many fun andor dramatic situations He also meets and befriends a very loyal dog Edward Lorn my buddy reading awesome buddy tells me that this is so trademark later years Koonz so it's kind of sad I can relate I have no further interest in these characters than half a book The character who ruined my last attempt and made this book stay untouched on a second row in my bookshelf for years; the extremely good and not afraid to come out and say so hero I met him in Seize the Night had mercifully enough not showed his sincere and somber face up until this page count though Anyway I started to realize I did not care at all finding out what was going to happen if anything was eventually and so another one for the DNF shelfI'm convinced that Koontz did write great books once I have read Phantoms a large number of times and Strangers almost as many Midnight I remember as good too I cannot think my taste has changed so much so I presume to like these still A uick review seems to point at the books to read are published in the 80's but Edward warns me I may hit a landmine here as well So for any future DK adventures I'll be sure to follow this basic strategyPublished 198x Proceed with cautionPublished 199x Be afraid be very very afraidPublished in this millennia Not for love nor money