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READ & DOWNLOAD Once Humans í PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Ü Once Humans starts some ten years after the events narrated in Daimones the vol1 of the homonymous Daimones TrilogyThe new communities led by the Selected with Moîrai support thrive and peace and security reign on Eridu as the planet Earth is known by the Moîrai and EsFrom the coldest climes to the deepest ocean floors a cosmic conspiracy full of betrayal and fear is being hatched with the hope of pushing the world perilously close to the brink of self destruction And it is up to Dan Amenta to once again journey through dark and deadly alleys even into the depths of the planet to unlock the shadowy logic of alien min. Once HumansCreating a new world living on a new planet created new obstacles for those that no longer live on Eridu or Earth Selected or Spared Depending on which one you are would determine your life span your importance as plants and live stock were destroyed and the race called the Moirai the reason for so many having to leave Earth will now teach those that survived the apocalypse the importance of team work honesty loyalty trust and looking past their position or wealth in life in order to survive Dan Amenta and his family comprised of Mary Laura and their children along with other Selected have been chosen to deal with the human problems since they were humans The survival and the fate of humans are unknown and the son of man as humans are called needs to learn many lessons Should they be saved or not Are they so tainted and their ways so unworthy that no matter what is done they will never change Dan and his wife Mary lead the way as he is no longer considered a human but Selected whose life span will never end but Mary Spared still human although she will live longer than people do on Earth today she will still dies way before him Many people have settled in many different areas and Dan for the past seven since leaving Earth knows that the Moirai have not revealed all that he needs to know and that millions of bodies were left behind Just what happened to these bodies has yet to be revealed Just how are they going to protect themselves from the attacks of sabotage when manpower is limited The Selected resemble the Moirai in physical appearance but the result of this might make you wonder just why What about the spared They are working alongside the Selected to create plants food harvest and keep the settlements save So who can be trusted and who was responsible for the mass destruction of Earth Could there be a third raceDan and Mary have been married for a long time a have two children He has one child Hope with Laura But someone else comes into his focus and leads readers to believe that he will soon find a third Given uniue powers by the Moirai Dan has helped to create his new community and others have been developed but Dan’s is the largest Humans seem to be headed for a new start but humans that are not selected and have not been transformed pose a threat The author introduces a third group called The Kritas a race that is at war with the Moirai and threatens all that Dan and the others have created Loss greed power and the feeling of despair all enter the minds of every character in this novel Living forever and never having to worry about dying is uite compelling But not everyone will benefit from what Dan and many others will experience and be party to Creating a world where everyone works as a unit is responsible for keeping the laws and understand their new roles as transgenic beings created by the Moirai is hard for anyone to grasp at first yet they have no choice Without the support of the Moirai and the peace and the security on Eridu Earth it is possible that all humans would perish Dan is one of the Selected yet his wife Laura is not and what happens to her changes things for not only him but for each colony as another race comes forward and Laura is shot and left for dead when a man’s rage gets the better of him and she is sacrificed Deceit lies sabotage hate and fear will shake the calm peace and tranuility that they created When Dan learns about what the Book of Fathers reveals he and a group Moirai and Selected are sent to Antarctica one of the coldest places in their known world searching the ocean floors to uncover a conspiracy that would take their world and point it to self destruct Can Dan fight and change what is about to happen Just how powerful are the Krita’s What is their real agenda and how far will Dan and the rest go to save what they started How can we as humans understand the mind of an alien Author Massimo Marino asks leaves readers wondering the answers to these uestions while taking them on an emotional ride along with Mary Laura Dan and all of the Moirai Within every society or group there are always those that cannot be trusted and although things appear to be going in the right direction Dan has to be aware and look long and hard at those around him realizing that some are not what they seem to be Think about which race will survive and which will not Think about having your entire life revamped your appearance changed and your family relocated Think about knowing that one member will not survive as long as you and think about the future of your children What would you do if a race developed a drug that controlled your mind and your actions What would happen if a race came to Earth Eridu only to harvest humans for their own advantage The Kritas want to pit humans against humans Keeping the Kritas in units of four hoping to extract the implants in the brains of the spared that have been held captive moral and ethical choices have to be made Should they leave the implants and try to defuse them or remove them and chance destroying the brains of so many or instant death As Dan meets someone named Alaston who is part of a secret group called the Keepers things begin to unfold in a different way and although Dan was told that the other Selected would have had to take care of the spared one sin the transitionalphase would they and could they succeed Who can be trusted and are their traitors within the Moirai hiding in plain sight and just what is the final twist Meet it Chamhez Katoxos and Ekahau and learn their powers find out who is behind a devious plot to destroy than just the spared ones A plan so intricate do deadly and dangerous that only Dan and a few can handle Can they free most of the spared What happens when traps are set lives are lost and the people closest to Dan are in danger Can they free the Spared Ones from the clutches of the Krita’s in time Will they be able to use the Palladium to communicate What obstacles will they face and who is placing them in his way When Laura wakes up wait until you find out what the end result is as Mary confesses her true feelings about Laura and changes are made that will surprise the reader Placed in danger both Marina and Manfred and read Dan’s thoughts but only one will survive what others have set in motion Just when Dan and the rest of the team think that the implants have been deactivated and the end is near the author throws us a curve ball allows readers to enter the cells of the spared and what you will witness you just won’t believe as so many will never be the same ever again The Kritas look like humans and were able to use this attribute to convince the spared ones or the people we came from to believe in divine intervention and free the Earth from the Moirai their collaborators and the Selected Like the cults today and many dictators past and present some are easily swayed and brainwashed Dan received treatment of a sort of genetic drug which helped to enhance his brain Just how this drug comes into play you will learn when you find out just who wants it for themselves and read the explosive face to face confrontation that follows An ending that will allow readers to know that those Once Humans have a long way to go before their race and people find freedom safety and justice Deals are made and the final outcome will leave you wondering just what is in store for Dan and his family Where will they live next and what will be the final fate of everyone Who will take the final journey with Dan What happens to those that betrayed them As the author brilliantly states Only Time Will Tell Once Humans Now and Forever This is a must read for those that want to believe that the human race is not hopeless and that we just might learn to live in peace togetherFran Lewis Reviewer

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Once Humans starts some ten years after the events narrated in Daimones the vol1 of the homonymous Daimones TrilogyThe new communities led by the Selected with Moîrai support thrive and peace and security reign on Eridu as the planet Earth is known by the Moîrai and in the galaxy Once Humans is a 'loss of innocence' for Dan and for the Selected The even. The writing captured my attention from the start It is almost poetic helping the reader to envision an imaginative picture of an unimaginable universe seeing what some may think is impossible to see Yet the writer seems to make it plausibleAlthough the second instalment I already got a uick sense of what the characters are like and what they are faced with A mass genocide that had occurred only left the world with small groups of inhabitants – ones that support the Moîrai and ones that are convinced they have to destroy the MoîraiThe creative use of language the way the author sets a scene is riveting I felt a connection with the characters The complexity of the characters and the connections they have the imagery the structure; creates an image in the mind’s eye of a place forgotten nearly destroyed Feeling the sense of abandonment and desperation as separate groups of humans fight against each other for survival But soon distrust mingles amongst those once trustedIt is easy to get lost in this other world the aura of the Moîrai and the influence they have Scenery created by using popular structures and converting them into this desolate city The raw intensity and desperation of these people makes it hard to fully comprehend what is happening but in a good way I wanted to keep on reading to discover about this intricate plotIt would seem that although the Moîrai are peaceful it looks like they destroyed the earth and a selected few were chosen to survive They have no idea why or how they were selected A book hides many secrets Secrets that led many to their deathsThe main character can be seen to undergo a battle of morals Having to choose between life and death his own uniue ability enabling him to do things that no other human can do Making him nearly eual to the Moîrai His inner emotions reveals the complexity of intense emotions of love something the Moîrai cannot feel The incredible power of the palladium giving him the ability to see what no one else canComing to the final climax will reveal the need for greed power and the will to dominate That the selected were part of something they could never have imaginedThe sadness of loss the reality of living for eternity leaves a trail of sorrow but in that hope Hope of a better future hope that things will improve and hope to bring those responsible to justice Even when you thought they had done enough there is to comeI would definitely recommend reading all in this series4 ½ 5 stars

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Once HumansTs and the emotional trauma prepares the race of man to reclaim its place in the galaxyMankind is undergoing rebirth the new arrivals closely watched by the Selected those transgenic beings created by the Moîrai But the peace and security of the cradle is suddenly shattered by acts of sabotage set to disrupt the fragile balance of the fledgling Communiti. rating 35 starsThis second book of the Daimones trilogy delves seriously into the sci fi aspect as opposed to the reactions to the apocalyptic events in the first book These newly improved humans develop strange capabilities one of the most interesting to sense whether anyone is around and even their heartbeat and feelings The Palladium device allows all Selected to easily keep in contact with each other and through council meetings with the Moîrai progress and peace are maintained constantDan is worried about many things amongst which the fact that he will largely outlive their loved ones even though he already has a future love interest in check and the safety of those in his 'colony'When strange sabotage acts start to occur Dan and his fellow council members want humans to handle it but find themselves forced to ask the Moîrai for help as they find out the acts are not the work of human spared ones alone as they initially thought A larger conspiracy is at stake and than ever the Moîrai will need to disclose the full truth behind what is happening and their own intentionsThere were a few editorial mistakes like wrong verb tenses and misspellings freuently of plurals for instance When Dan develops the ability to communicate telepathically it got extremely difficult to follow when he was doing that and when he was speaking out loud The telepathic messages should have been all in italic or some other way to make it clearly distinguishable As it was I could not even tell who knew what since I did not know what was being said aloudThe book is action packed with plenty of twists and turns While that was positive I did feel thrown around a bit too much The narrative felt a bit erratic and things would change abruptly particularly between chapters Most of all I felt very confused all the timeYou see one thing I love about reading a good mystery is that when I am done with the book and look back I find there were clues spread throughout the narrative and they now make sense in a way they didn't beforeWhile reading Once Humans I did feel that way towards some things but ultimately the book left me with uestions than answers and a feeling of uneaseOne thing I felt was that the information was being provided in less than an intuitive manner Examplesview spoiler When Dan is talking to Marina and Manfred about not having been told the whole truth shortly after the Indiana Jones like adventure he started asking them whether they noticed that all the bodies had disappeared not long after the event that decimated most of the human race He said Moîrai sanitized the entire planet of decaying cadavers and not for humanitarian reasons Then he uotes from the book and then he talks about the drug and how he wants Laura to be treated with it And only after all that does Marina say We've been the ingredients Her reaction struck me as a bit out of context and I wondered how she even came to that conclusion and a later reaction seemed off to me as well when they are told what part of the human bodies serves to produce the substance It seemed a bit over the top considering they already knew the corpses provided the ingredients for the drug Unless I read the whole thing wrong sigh I am not sure any A time reversal experience is mentioned on a couple of occasions but I could not tell much about it If I got a cool power like that I would have wanted to know all about it how it works and if it can be controlled I cannot recall Dan asking about it at all only that he was told it was an ability the Keepers possessed Same thing with Dan's telepathy I was sad to see we did not get info on how exactly that skill worked It seems like Dan developed it out of the blue Moreover Alaston said evolved Moîrai posessed the skill Ekahau amongst them So I could never tell for instance if he could listen in or not since Dan and Alaston kept talking like that in his presence even though they did not trust him especially since Dan later picked up on a communication from Algea to Alaston hide spoiler