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FREE DOWNLOAD ↠ On Wicked Ground (Solsti Prophecy #4) Ú The lost memories of a thiefThe first twelve years of Alina's life are a black void An accomplished thief she uses her cloaking ability to pick pockets as well as stage elaborate heists Digging deeper into her past sets off a chain of events that puts her and the family Of four women who command the elements Alina with her newly discovered affinity to the earth becomes the linchpin to halting the desecration of their world Thrown into a battle plan and a new family she finds joy in in the uiet strength of Caine's arms But when the secrets to her past are revealed she learns a terrible price has been paid in advance The very magic that allowed her to live to fulfill a prophecy will forever deny her heart's deepest wis. Alina We met her briefly in the last book and now we get to see where she really came from and who it is that she is a Solsti As the war gears up for the final battle it's a race to unite the four Solsti to fight against evilCaine he knew there was something special about her when they literally ran into each other the first time So seeing her again he's not gonna let her go that easily and when she's injured he brings her to the one place he knows she'll get the best care When he wasn't expecting was the discovery of who she wasAs the two become closer while prepairing for war shocking news is learned by Alina and it could mean the end of their relationship before it ever really startedIn this conclusion to the series we see it all come together and some of the curious things we didn't understand throughout we finally figure out I loved seeing how it all ended although I'm very excited about the spin off series that's to come

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Anded by loss he longs to find his one true mate knowing that only with her will his heart fully heal When his brief meeting with Alina is interrupted by her elaborate evade and escape plan he knows there is to her than meets his watchful eyes But nothing can prepare him for the lethal power of her mind collide at the fault line of destiny A brilliant villain with a vicious and loyal army behind her can only be stopped by one force the combined power. Alina is a thief who does not remember the first twelve years of her life She discovers she has an affinity to the earth and is the missing Solsti Caine wants retribution for the loss of his loved ones He becomes captivated by the little thief but obstacles stand in their way On Wicked Ground was amazing It was my favorite book in the series It was full of non stop action and surprises It is perfectly written and flows well Alina is a worthy heroine It was astounding what she went through in her life She is a strong individual that was easy to like Caine is the perfect Lash Watcher for Alina They get each other and keep things interesting They fill the voids in each other’s lives and balance one another I enjoyed Alina’s adopted father Sebastian I thought it was clever how he unknowingly fit into the story He was a good man; I mean vampire for taking Alina in and raising her Everything creatively came together in On Wicked Ground For example I love how in every book a lock of hair was collected of each sister I thought Sharon Kay’s outcome was brilliant and carefully thought out You’ll know what I’m talking about after you read the books Trust me this was very ingenious There are tons of details included in this series that make On Wicked Ground a thrilling conclusion to the Solsti Prophecy Series I’m sad the series ended but was satisfied with the outcome I’ll be interested in seeing what Sharon Kay comes up with next Complimentary copy provided by author in exchange for an honest review

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On Wicked Ground Solsti Prophecy #4The lost memories of a thiefThe first twelve years of Alina's life are a black void An accomplished thief she uses her cloaking ability to pick pockets as well as stage elaborate heists Digging deeper into her past sets off a chain of events that puts her and the family she has just discovered in the sights of their worst enemy and the scarred heart of a guardianIn secret Lash Watcher Caine plots vengeance for the destruction of everything he loved Br. After much anticipation this final installment in the Solsti Prophecy series has answered a lot of uestions and concluded with all the action adventure and romance we have come to expect from the Solsti and their beloved demon counterparts I am sad to see the series come to a close but excited about a spinoff in the works Yay Alina lives with her adoptive vampire father Sebastian on the demon realm of Torth Living a nomadic life she and her father use their skills to commit petty crimes While making their way from one town to the next it is hardly a glamorous life but Alina has adjusted Still she longs to know who she is and where she came from Most of those around her believe her to be fae due to her petite stature but that's not the whole story And now that she has gained access to a scrying mirror an enchanted mirror that allows her to see events unfolding in real time she can't resist Not knowing the full scope of the magic embedded in the object she is excited about her discovery but soon realizes there is a high price to pay for her actionsNow on the run with her father and stealing cash from unsuspecting locals at a bustling drinking establishment she spies a familiar face Handsome yet intimidating she recalls the night at Mulvari's party and can't help wondering what business the handsome stranger could have with a wealthy gangster She had her own business there stealing the coveted amulet Unable to avoid his approach he introduces himself as Caine Despite his size he doesn't strike her as menacing So as they begin an unexpected flirtation all hell breaks loose with dark magic crashing down on the establishment There is no way out Caine sees Alina injured in the rubble unconscious and bleeding He struggles to find an escape and in desperation uses his own amulet to go to the one place he knows she will be safe Unbeknownst to Caine bringing Alina to the safe house sets the course for a connection that no one can anticipate putting lives at risk and bringing forth the combined powers of the Solsti powers needed to prepare for a war on the horizon Alina is part of a force that was believed to be a myth but she still has one deep dark secret she is keeping from Caine And as his feelings for her continue to grow she pulls away These two seem destined to be together but the barriers may be too great Falling in love isn't an option for Alina and even with all the magic between them there are some forces even greater Like all matters of the heart it's complicated especially when you are a Solsti with the most powerful magic of all I loved the characters in this installment with Caine being a formidable sexy Watcher and Alina having plenty of skills to keep him on his toes The story ties up loose ends combines meaningful details from the other books and brings the entire series into context With four uniuely individual tales I highly recommend this well written and exciting series to fans of paranormal romance who enjoy plenty of steamy romance and adventureNote This book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review