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North By Gunnar Karl GíslasAn unprecedented look into the food and culture of Iceland from Iceland's premier chef and the owner of Reykjavík's Restaurant Dill Iceland is known for being one of the most beautiful and untouched places on earth and a burgeoning destination for travelers lured by its striking landscapes and vibrant culture Iceland is also home to an utterly uniu. While not all the foods seemed that appealing they were creative and intriguing all factors that I gather result from a history scarcity and having to use every edible substance available The complex and unusual arrangements reminded me somewhat of Noma Time and Place in Nordic Cuisine It's not coincidence that Redzepi wrote the Introduction although Gíslason is less extreme; by that I mean both that the food is food rather than a metaphorical landscape and that a lot of it is do able by a normal person Not easy many of the components are hugely time consuming but feasible A lot of ingredients available outside Iceland would be rather different of course I'll probably try making a few things beer vinegar dulce powder sorrel ash or something like that with a different herb apple cider granita a frozen or smoked oil I'll note the instructions for those under status updates if anyone else wants to try themA caveat for readers if you see an ingredient or techniue that interests you note it; the index isn't very good

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Read North By Gunnar Karl Gíslason è PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ´ An unprecedented look into the food and culture of Iceland from Iceland's premier chef and the owner of Reykjavík's Restaurant Dill Iceland is known for being one of the most beautiful and untouched places on earth and a burgeoning destinatioE and captivating food scene characterized by its distinctive indigenous ingredients traditional farmers and artisanal producers and wildly creative chefs and restaurants  Perhaps no Icelandic restaurant is as well loved and critically lauded as chef Gunnar Gíslason’s Restaurant Dill which opened in Reykjavík’s historic Nordic House in 2009 N. To me cookbooks should be about usefulness Anything else is usually just a bonus This book is very beautiful and has some wonderful anecdotes and interviews but the recipes are not very utilitarian Here's what you need to know if you are considering buying this bookMost of the recipes in this book reuire you to make part of it ahead of time usually an oil or dairy sauce some of it needing a day or weeks Many recipes reuire ingredients that are obscure and difficult to find I spent a great deal of time searching the internet for substitute ingredients for those I could not find and I did look in many different storesNot all the euipment used to make these dishes was familiar to me that's not to say that I have an extremely extensive knowledge of kitchen euipment or gadgetsI'm confident this is not your everyday Icelandic food cookbook It would be great if you want to make a meal that will make an impression on dinner guests but not so much for everyday useI did make one recipe from the book it's really the only one I felt I could even attempt and even then I modified it uite a bitI made the fried goose breasts My dad had just happened to get a freezer full of goose from a hunting buddy of his wo it worked out uite well in that regard Unfortunately I didn't really study the recipe itself ahead of time just the ingredient list I didn't realize I needed to make one of the oils a day in advance so I had to fudge that a bit I'd also never heard of an immersion circulator so I did not attempt the celery root puree Despite all this the goose turned out very good I might make this again if I wanted to make something that looked fancy but otherwise I probably would make something simple I didn't time how long it took but it was somewhere in the one two hour range All in all a very beautiful book but only useful for special occasionsThis review is based on a free copy received from BlogginForBookscom It no way influenced this review

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Orth is Gíslason’s wonderfully personal debut eual parts recipe book and culinary odyssey it offers an unparalleled look into a star chef’s creative process But than just a collection of recipes North is also a celebration of Iceland itself the inspiring traditions stories and people who make the island nation unlike any other place in the worl. I was sent a copy of the book for review through Net Galley as always all opinions are my ownWhile I enjoyed the history and photographs in this book I found the ingredients next to impossible to come by where I live A cookbook such as this is useless in my kitchen but still an interesting read if you are fascinated with Iceland and its rich history