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DOC á READER Norma Jean Young Love #3 ¼ AMANDA HEATH ¼ The night Chance Duncan drunkenly kissed me on his couch I vowed my revenge I finally had something over his head something that would bring him to his knees It only served him right He bullied me for years and turned me into this messed up person I am nowThough I The night Chance Duncan drunkenly kissed me on his couch I vowed my revenge I finally had something over his head something that would bring him to his knees It only served him right He bullied me for years and turned me into this messed up person I am nowThough I didn’t know at the time he wasn’t that mean little boy any He was almost a man and easily stole my breath away I just wanted to make him fall in love with then break his heart 25 Stars Me while reading the first chapter at 50% at 70% After that I skimmed my way to the endThis book started off good I liked both Norma and Chance in the beginning and they had good chemistry I thought the whole book would be about Norma's revenge second chance romance and a HEA and while it had all these elements it was the in between shit that bugged me and made it hard to focus on Norma and Chance's storyat about 50% the story took a turn for the worse The whole second half of the book became a completely different story that was so dramatic unbelievable and rushed It's too bad This book had potentialK That's all

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Hurt me and I want nothing to do with him Life has other plans Doesn’t it always?He doesn’t know though Doesn’t know what I’m hiding or who I’m hiding from I never thought I would see Chance again and I’m afraid that he’ll get hurt getting mixed up in my mess Though he is right in the middle of it without even knowing it I have to find a way for us to get out before somebody diesMy name is Norma Jean and this isn’t a fairyta I loved this book It was my first book by Amanda Heath and I got only a taste of her writing skills I got so much than I bargained for with Norma Jean I wasn't really sure about reading it after I read the synopsis but as soon as I started reading it I couldn't put it down I thought that this book was going to be an adult book but I soon discovered from the first chapter that it was a New Adult book The plot of this book had so much in it It was written over uite a long period of time and some years and months were missed out I would love a novella to maybe what happened during some of the years or months that passed by in this book without us knowing much about what happened during that time as I think that it would be an amazing addition to thins amazing book The plot also had so many twists and turns in it as well I wasn't expecting some of the twists and turns so I was pretty excited about them The characters were amazing I felt so sorry for Norma Jean at the beginning of this book but I loved how she took revenge The girl fought dirty I connected with her instantly as well I felt sorry for her throughout most of the book as well as you discover about what she has been through I loved how strong she was though through it all Chance was the love interest of Norma Jean and I loved him as well I loved how much he had grown up since the beginning of this book When I got a glimmer of what he used to be like I felt myself comparing how much he had changed There were uite a lot of other characters in this book and they were all amazing and brought so much to the story I also loved that Norma Jean was written from Norma Jean and Chance's point of view as after you discover what Norma Jean went through you got to go inside Chance's head and see how he really felt about her The ending of this book was beyond perfect I found myself grinning like an idiot while reading it After reading Norma Jean it has definitely motivated me to check out Amanda's other books I have them on my Kindle but I am now even motivated to finally read them When I started reading this book I did think that the cover was maybe a little too sexy for the book but once I got to a certain stage I realised how much it actually suits the book and the character of Norma Jean I really do love it Big thank you to Amanda for a copy of Norma Jean and to Allison for having me on the Blog Tour

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Norma Jean Young Love #3Into a million pieces Just the way mine was Instead he put the pieces back together and I started to feel whole againGood things never last He did what I was supposed to do Broke my already fragile heart all over again Betrayed and alone I fled my home town and started a new life where I wasn’t in the shadow of what I did Now he is back and trying to worm his way into my heart again Though he will never know it will always belong to him He Norma Jean is a teenager battling with acne feeling bad about her looks She is bullied at school by one specific boy Chance Duncan Norma Jean has had a huge crush on Chance for as long as she can remember For him to be the one who is bullying her is devastating to the young girl Already struggling with her low self esteem due to her looks she changes totally She dyes her hair black and adds colour to it uses it to cover her face she wears huge glasses and heavy makeup Basically she tries to become invisible and it works eventually But the damage has been done and only one person is to blame for itOne evening while babysitting Chance's niece Macy Norma Jean finds herself the object of his drunken desire She is horrified yet ever so slightly turned on at the same time What on earth is going on between these 2?Norma Jean comes up with a plan she will make Chance fall in love with her then dump him humiliating him the same way he did to her She is adamant most of the way through that she feels nothing for Chance she is doing this out of revenge and nothing But at the crucial moment where her plan should come together she suddenly realises that she has fallen in love with him and she allows herself to feel wanted loved and needed by the last person on earth she would have dreamed it would beThings go well until a so called friend tells her something about Chance which she believes leading to both of their lives changing in ways neither could imagine Several years pass by and the lives of Norma Jean and Chance have moved on Neither one has forgotten the other though and this eventually leads to them meeting again with far reaching conseuences for both them their friends and other members of their familiesAt one point I began to wonder if Norma Jean would ever get a break The things she goes through the things that happen to her and the secrets and lies which eventually come out would have destroyed other people But not Norma Jean She is such a strong character she gets through everything but she doesn't realise just how strong she is I love the way Chance totally and utterly falls for her The way the author has him speak about his feelings and what he sees in Norma Jean cannot fail to move you Oh to be loved so totally like that The author uses different points of view throughout the story and this helps us to understand what each of the characters is thinking and why they do the things they do I feel that the story needed this as it allows the reader to 'get' the storyThis is not a story for younger people as it does include a lot of sexual scenes between the characters as well as some violence I totally love this story The relationship between Norma Jean and Chance is so intense at times but it works so well