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Never Knew AnotherThey can to scrape by Supported by her brother Djoss she hides out in their sualid apartment living in fear that someday someone will find out that she is the child of a demon Corporal Jona Lord Joni is a demon's child too but instead of living in. I usually don’t summarize the books I review because a reader can find a summary on the inside cover flap on the back cover or in listings at Goodreads and online bookstores However this book reuires a summary because the one give in those places is wrongThis is not a book about Rachel Nolander She appears only as a minor character in the backstory and mostly through second hand memories The book instead is about a couple part human part wolf who track and kill people who through no fault of their own have demon ancestry In this book the first of a trilogy she uses the skull of Jona a demon’s child who has been discovered and murdered to reconstruct his memories so that she and her husband can find and kill the woman he loved Rachel Nolander and a mysterious demon who has lived in the shadows for centuries What I didn’t like First the couple finds neither Rachel Nolander nor the mysterious demon The book ends with no conclusion as if one book had been split into a trilogy with random breaks Second the demons were far sympathetic characters than the demon hunter protagonists I understand that the demons taint everything that their body fluids touch and that if they are not careful they can injure or kill other people But Rachel and Jona take great pains to avoid injuring others They are two very lonely people who are surviving the best they can always on guard because one tiny slip up could mean being burned to death That’s right The demon children aren’t killed uickly or painlessly; they are burned aliveWhat I did like First the novel is nicely written and is a pleasure to readSecond the core ethical issues in the novel echo some in our own society What can we do about people with the HIV virus who continue to have sex without telling their partners What can we do about child molesters who fulfill their sentences but still have overwhelming urges to sexually abuse children The rough justice in Never Knew Another suggests the answer is to kill them and possibly everyone who may unknowingly have been affected I reject that solution Surely there is someway to separate these people or demons from the rest of society so that they can have a semi normal lifeI understood the protagonists’ mission but I disliked them anyway When they hurt people or burned down people’s homes and places of business I was reminded of the Religious Right and other wacko far right fringe groups in our own society who act against “the other” black people gays independent women etc who are other through no choice of their own Their cure is worse than the supposed crimes of “the other” So JM McDermott did a good job of making me think I wish that the book had been advertised accurately and that it didn’t end so arbitrarily I probably will read the next book in the series despite my misgivings

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Never Knew Another review ☆ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ´ J M McDermott delivers the stunning new novel Never Knew Another — a sweeping fantasy that revels in the small details of lifeFugitive Rachel Nolander is a newcomer to the city of Dogsland where the rich throw parties and the poor just do whatever they can to scrape by SupFear he keeps his secret and goes about his life as a cocky self assured man of the law The first book in the Dogsland Trilogy Never Knew Another is the story of how these two outcasts meetNever Knew Another is the first book in the Dogsland Trilog. This is a Joe McDermott book so it's hardly going to be anything other than 5 star awesomeness is it If you've not ready any yet why not you only live once and you don't want to die before experiencing one of the greatest voices in modern fantasy fictionAs for reviewing Never Knew Another it became clear to me towards the end that this is of a first chapter than a self contained novel and that the reason I was struggling to get a handle on what I'd been reading was that it was far from finished McDermott is one of those authors whose motives and intent become clearer as a work progresses and to criticise or understand it based on snatches is not a very good ideaAnd yet this is the beginning and I feel compelled to say something about this first of three novels It's not initially as enticing as Last Dragon which opened up in a blaze of poetic prose and disorienting narrative devices The gameplaying is still present as are themes of memory and understanding one's rich history or the history of others but Never Knew Another is straightforwardly written allowing us to get a clearer peek at the lives of its central protagonists Jonas and Rachel two lonely individuals who are either chastised or chastise themselves from society because they are demon heirs and have a nasty habit of contaminating the people they come into close contact with There's little to it we see them lonely struggling and finally connecting before tragically realising that the book opened with Jonas already dead It's wistful sad intimate and very engaging once you allow yourself to get lost within itBut it's the beginning so I'll say little before we get to the end

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J M McDermott delivers the stunning new novel Never Knew Another a sweeping fantasy that revels in the small details of lifeFugitive Rachel Nolander is a newcomer to the city of Dogsland where the rich throw parties and the poor just do whatever. uick reaction this was a uniue one Really hard to put into words what I feel about it but at the end of it I really loved it Beautiful prose that contrasted the ugly world it depicted It's a very short novel yet uite packed The story itself is not that complex but the storytelling techniue is It's easy to get confused since POVs are not always easily identifiable but that's part of the charm Part of the story is experienced through a character accessing another's memories There's switching of POV as well as the narrative mode and events are not in chronological order So be prepared to put some effortThemes of loneliness and solitude are explored to its fullest as well as the pursuit to belong; find someone that understands you I really loved how the demons were depicted here how it mixed the humanity with the inhumanity with the inevitability of what they are and how toxic they are just for being what they are despite of who they are and who they wish to be I hope that made some senseThe ending was a bit abrupt for me and the climax was very subtle really felt like there was none but with the seuel already out this is pretty much a none issue Never Knew Another is the first in the Dogsland Trilogy McDermott is certainly an author to watch I have a feeling he'll be producing some compelling and thought provoking reading for years to come