characters My Way Back to You (Second Chances Duet #2) ç PDF eBook or Kindle ePUB free

characters My Way Back to You (Second Chances Duet, #2)

characters My Way Back to You (Second Chances Duet, #2) ç PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ¸ Book 2 in the Second Chances Duet More info coming soon There will be a double cover reveal and the books will release 3 weeks apartEal and the books will release 3 weeks apart. MY REVIEW can also be found on my blog KITTY KATS CRAZY ABOUT BOOKS MY WAY BACK TO YOU This is the conclusion of ‘Then There was You’ by Claire Contreras ‘Second Chances Duet’ It picks up where the first book left off Yet again spoken in ‘Dual Perspectives’ This was one of my highly anticipated books that I couldn’t wait to get my grabby hands on all uestions that were left up in the air in the first book are finally answeredThe timing was never right for these two we saw it in book#1 and it looks like timing was yet again against them in the beginning of this book also Missed opportunities raised it's ugly head again Tessa is being sent all over the world through her job with Prim for conference after conference new information and experiences she never dreamed about although it doesn’t leave much for her designing talents she’s enjoying what life has to offer herRowan’s still struggling with his decision to marry for the good of the company losing the love of his life and is counting down the time when he can get out of that binding contract that’s got him by the balls Years later 4 to be exactWith a new job on the horizon with the same company Prim that Tessa runs sees Tessa moving back home to New York Right back to where it all started And that marriage of convenience contract that Rowan was stuck in has finally run it’s course but what would this book be without Camryn dramas she brings a whole new level of craziness to this book so get ready to go on a frustrating angst filled ride The love these two felt for each other never dimmed once throughout their time apart if anything it simmered away in the background and finally ignited when they came together again It oozed off the pages      

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Book 2 in the Second Chances Duet More info. 425 stars “You’ve always had me Sprite you’ll always have me” 
From the moment I finished reading Then There was You I was dying to get my hands on this book Tessa and Rowan’s story was left in such a way I NEEDED to see what happened between them Thankfully we didn’t have to wait long I wish all authors released books this close together that have painful cliffhangers 
The timing for Tessa and Rowan to be together has never really worked out Something was always fighting against them They both had moments they didn’t make the right choices and it left scars on them both But now maybe now is their time They are in the same city the same circle and thrust back into each others lives like it was meant to be Before anything can happen between them they have to learn to trust each other again And that may prove to be difficult since there is one big secret between themThis book has that ONE THING I usually cannot stand in a book but some how some way Claire had me over looking it I think the fact that view spoiler deep down Tessa did not keep a child from the father for selfish reasons made it a bit better His ‘wife’ was a psycho and his mother is not a good person Even if I don’t fully agree with the choice I understand it much than I normally do hide spoiler

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My Way Back to You Second Chances Duet #2Coming soon There will be a double cover rev. 425 STARSARC Generously Provided by AuthorOne thing I learned in the aftermath of our love was that my heart can crack break into a million pieces and shatter like glass but it kept beatingMY WAY BACK TO YOU the conclusion of the Second Chances Duet had considerably less angst than its predecessor which I was highly grateful for I love a good angsty story but the first book bordered on torturous for me After having finished it I was left feeling absolutely no connection to Tessa or Rowan I thought Rowan’s reasons for doing what he did were lame and eye roll inducing I ended up liking Tessa’s character in this book and overall I was happy with how things turned out These two had been through enough and four years of separation was a bit excessiveYears after Rowan and Tessa were torn apart by seemingly impossible circumstances Tessa is moving back to New York with her four year old son Miles for a job promotion Rowan and Tessa have bumped into each other a few times over the years and in all that time she has kept the fact that he’s the father of her child a secret from Rowan and almost everyone except her grandmother and sister She struggled with her decision and felt extremely guilty for keeping Rowan from his son but she couldn’t risk her son being subjected to the likes of his evil wife and mother When a very important project is assigned to her at work she is forced to spend a great deal of time with Rowan since her company is using his textiles and also helping to promote one of it’s newest business endeavors When Rowan figures out Miles is his son he’s a bit shocked and hurt but Tessa is the love of his life and all he wants than anything is to be with his new familyWhile he tries to get his life in order by making his divorce with Camryn final Rowan and Tessa start to rebuild what they once had But will the unpredictable and slightly unstable soon to be ex wife go out uietly or will she do her best to keep the lovers apart for many years to comeHaving a son and building her career seemed to bring about growth for the character of Tessa I found that I could be empathetic towards her when in the first book I wasn’t really crazy about her I continued to have a hard time warming up completely to Rowan He’s still my least favorite Hero created by Claire Contreras He should have learned from his father’s mistakes rather than repeating them He also states a few times throughout this story that he wouldn’t have done things differently Having control over his company still outweighed living a blissed out life with the only woman he ever loved If he kept to that motto to the very end I definitely would have rated this book lowerHere are my overall ratings Hero 35 Heroine 4 Plot 4 Angst 3 Steam 5 Chemistry Between Heros Heroine 5MY WAY BACK TO YOU is currently availableFREE in Kindle Unlimited US UK