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review 敵人的櫻花 Ñ eBook or Kindle ePUB » A man who has come from nothing from poverty and loss finds himself a beautiful wife his dream love When she vanishes without a trace he sets up a small café in her favourite spot on the edge of the South China Sea hoping she'll returnInstead he is confronted by the man he suspects may bHe suspects may be responsible for everything he has suffered Luo Yiming a prominent businessman and philanthropist who holds the small town in his sway In the few moments the two men spend together Luo is driven madSo begins a story of desire and betrayal set against the. “As you walk down the road of happiness or sorrow it can take years to sort out what to remember and what to forget”➡️#NadirasPointOfReview My Enemy’s Cherry Tree by Wang Ting Kuo – a story of a man who has come from nothing from poverty and loss finds himself a beautiful wife his dream love She vanishes without a trace he sets up a small cafe in her favourite spot hoping she'll return He suspects Luo Yiming a prominent businessman and philanthropist may be responsible for eveything he has suffered🎁Thank you grantabooks the mysterious cover and clue cards look amazing and adds to the intrigue📚The book started off SO well The prose is melancholic poetic and the uotes are reminiscent of Haruki Murakami But somewhere along the line the story got confusing and too difficult to get into I attempted several times to restart my read even tried skimming through the pages googling about it but nope jusy didnt get what actually happened and had to file it away as a DNF📕Here's the intriguing thing about the author’s private life He began writing fiction when he was 18 and uickly took the literary world by storm only to disappear from the scene when his soon to be father in law gave him a devastating ultimatum either give up the precarious life of a writer or give up my daughter Having made his fortune Wang returned back to writing with a vengeance after a 25 year absence And with this book he won 3 of Taiwan's major literary prizes

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A man who has come from nothing from poverty and loss finds himself a beautiful wife his dream love When she vanishes without a trace he sets up a small café in her favourite spot on the edge of the South China Sea hoping she'll returnInstead he is confronted by the man. Before getting into the review I must share something The author Wang Ting Kuo was debarred by his father in law from continuing the precarious life of a writer given he wanted to marry his daughter 25 years of long hiatus helped him earn enough fortune to come back with My Enemy’s Cherry Tree which became an immediate hit among the Taiwanese literature enthusiasts This little piece of information has inspired me beyond wordsThe protagonist who is unnamed has been suffering ever since his wife iuzi disappeared and he blames the famous businessman Luo Yiming He sets up a cafe at her favourite place despite having a scanty business and waits for her What started as an intriguing literary stunner soon turned into something that became harder and harder to decipher Somewhere in the middle I became lost in the protagonist’s confusing state of mind because his hatred seemed a lot like projection What I absolutely loved though is the excellent prose and the deep and meaningful uotes“It was better to be slightly stupid than to be smart for that allowed for the possibility of learning from others unlike a clever mind that stagnate in its egotistical calculations”The cover lets off a mysterious feeling that suits well with the theme The most important thing though was the cherry tree on Luo Yiming’s yard It holds an important symbolic meaning to it which has a considerable indication on the estranged relationship between the protagonist and his nemesis And I felt what he had for his wife iuzi was pure and innocent and I could sense his desperation and longing oozing off the pages Would rate it 375 🌟 and recommend it to hardcore literature enthusiasts who need a crude taste of Taiwanese literatureAlso uite a commendable job on the translation

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敵人的櫻花Tumultuous first decade of Taiwan's 21st Century The recipient of all three of Taiwan's major literary prizes My Enemy's Cherry Tree is a story of love money and coercion in which two men who have sought to acuire something unattainable instead lose something irreplaceab. I would give it a 3755 An enemy destroyed in a dream; a cherry tree blooming at the head of the bed First foremost I would like to thank Granta Books for sending a copy way and would like to commend them for the production of this book The cover adds to the mystery so well and the polaroid pics accompanying the book gave that extra edgeLuo Yiming is one of the first few customers at a coffee shop in the locality He is about to enter when he recognizes the man behind the counter and stiffens Luo intimidated walks out The next day he attempts to jump off his building but is saved at the right time His daughter Baixiu comes to the deluded cafe and confronts the owner She realizes both of these men are haunted by their common past and while one has stayed back to fight the other can't take it any and wishes to end his painYiming is a philanthropist and is uite famous in his locality for his charity and good deeds He takes under his wing a young girl uizi to teach her photography She was often accompanied by her husband our narrator Soon uizi disappears and his husband and Yiming are left wondering  And so are we His husband opens up a cafe in the locality unsuitable for a coffee shop keeping the faith and waiting for herWhat we see further is Baixui trying to help him recover his soul and find in his heart to say the truth about the whole situation with uizi Yiming She promises to repent on her father's behalf and visits the cafe daily sitting in a corner often reading a bookWe see some amazing conversation between Baixui and him that will make us wonder the meaning of life and contemplate our own problems and insecurities She brings forth a box of things in order to reconnect him with his soul and we see our narratorprotagonist speak up his past to us; his childhood his family and uiziWhat I like about the book the writing is poetic and philosophical the mystery around what really happened to uizi why she left the way the author has incorporated the Cherry Tree into the whole story how well the author is able to depict the protagonist's desperation to find his wife and to know the reason behind her escape we can literally travel to Taipei Taichung Kaohsiung and the beach of Haikou through the writingWhat I thought it missed as much as I like a good mystery this one had uite a few loose ends I didn't uite understand the whole point of including such a long narrative as long as it was of the protagonist away from home doing the project work could've been shorter I was expecting on why and where uizi went it was left all ambiguousFor full review visit